10 pixie haircuts for a chic look

Short haircuts that look very beautiful have many stylish solutions in the latest hair colors. This light blonde with a soft ash hue creates an elegant look. Long layers at the top of the head create volume and shape, while the messy trim makes for an extremely casual and stylish style!

Orange & beige-blonde asymmetrical messy pixie haircut


Another great way to add volume to a short length hairstyle is to add a little fleece to the top layer, which is longer. The idea is to add some wavy hair, but not curl it. Also, the extra curls on the hair are very easy to clean and style without much effort. The modern color design ranges from bright orange in the back to a bright copper and ends in a soft peachy blonde highlighting the top of the head!

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Wavy waves on silver-blonde hair in messy pixie hairstyle

The main distinguishing feature of this stylish short haircut is the silver blonde with a metallic tint in the colors. It is a much more sophisticated shade than the basic blonde and is suitable for skin with cool tones. It has a frituristic look, with sinuous waves and separated strands creating interesting shapes and movement.

The sides and back are shaved in a pixie style

The shaved hairstyle creates a stylish “fade” shadow on the sides and back that defines the style. The sides are adorned with a clearly defined geometric hairline pattern. This creates an artistic contrast to the ashy blonde waves above. Soft strands soften the boundaries between the shaved texture and the twisted topknot.

Qυirky qυiff on a silver-blonde short haircut

This hairstyle has many fashionable elements that reflect light and create a gorgeous short haircut. The sides and back are slim, with well-defined lines running along the back and sides. If you do long top layers with big bangs, you can effectively elongate an oval face or make a low forehead more attractive. With all the different textures, the combination of gray and silver shades remains the same in 3D fashion!

Flirty wavy hairstyle with bangs

Soft gray color and elegantly applied silver highlights make this hairstyle extremely elegant and graceful. Attractive volumes around the top of the head and artfully styled waves are the perfect combination to create gorgeous textures and patterns. The side angles are short and showcase elegant ears as well as carnation earrings. The separated strands of waves soften and smooth the face.

Chic short haircut with sleek strands near the face

This is a brand new pixie haircut unlike any I’ve seen, so congratulations to the creative stylist! It’s suitable for hair that tags in thickness, as you need the length to get the look you want. Unlike horizontal layers, stylists do a vertical layer to get tapered strands of hair across the face. When illuminated with light balayage, motion, textυre and textυre patterns are awesome!

Short and strong pixie on brunette hair

This boy’s haircut takes inspiration from trendy haircuts for men for a sleek, flattering style. It’s a very stylized representation of what you can expect in windy weather, which shows up in various types of text and live action! Long sides with tapered ends make for an extremely stylish and chic short haircut that is perfect.

Short bobs with blonde curls and pink balayage in coral colors

This asymmetrical bob with asymmetrical sides is an amazing new color, pearl blonde. It’s softer and trendier than white blond and looks great on skin with cooler tones. This effect can be achieved with fine hair.

Simple pixie with an attractive fringe

This spectacular short haircut emphasizes the eyebrows and eyes, drawing attention away from the long face. It is suitable for thick and dense brunette hair, giving it an attractive volume. The hairstyle consists of “sliced layers” that control the thick hair and make the pointed ends tapered. Strands of hair lightly slicked sideways in the bangs smooth the line, and sharp side points perfectly emphasize the chin!

Whatever your shape or skin tone, today you’ll find a playful and flattering messy-pixie hairstyle that will make your looks stand out!


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