14 frosty nail painting ideas that are perfect for winter


If you love the winter season – and all the cold-weather activities that go along with it – you’ll definitely want to have a set of “ice” nails, a trend that has racked up more than 43 million views on TikTok that’s perfect for this time of year.

Ice nail art involves combining cool tones and crackling textures, says Koka Michelle, a celebrity nail artist. For example, you can use a dim blue nail polish with an embossed tip that gives the impression of ice, she tells Bυstle.

Creators on TikTok have perfected the art of covering fingertips with designs that look a lot like real icicles. But according to Michelle, you don’t necessarily have to do it literally. Ice nails can be covered with snowflakes to create a beautiful winter look, or you can use ice text as a background for other types of nail art. Michelle also played with this trend by applying layers of gel over a clear, ice-like nail.

Scroll down the page below to discover 14 different ice nail art designs that can serve as inspiration for the trendiest winter manicure.


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