16 ideas to inspire you for a new haircut

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Watching Halle Berry’s changes, we understand that if there was an Oscar for best hairstyle, the gorgeous actress would be lost counting the awards. If you’re looking to change up your haircut, there’s no better way than to look to Halle Berry’s hairstyles for inspiration.


Casual hairstyle with long bangs

Want to show off a casual yet sexy hairstyle? Then you need to try this.

Halle Berry's hairstyles: 16 ideas that will inspire you for a new haircut

Seductive wavy hairstyle

This is the perfect combination of black and golden blonde mixed into a medium length hairstyle. Light highlights are seductive and sexy.

Halle Berry's hairstyles: 16 ideas that will inspire you for a new haircut

Afro hairstyle with layered bangs

Afro is a stunning hairstyle inspired by Halle Berry. It is best suited for naturally curly hair.

Halle Berry's hairstyles: 16 ideas that will inspire you for a new haircut

Tousled Pixie

A cheeky tousled pixie for the premiere – why not? Although the actress fits the image of a queen, she decided to play with such a daring look. She appeared with a shaggy pussy cut that completely reveals her face. The strands lie randomly creating dynamics and movement.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 5

Short pixie with layered bangs

Every time people see Halle Berry with short hair, they are witnessing a future trend in the beauty industry. Remember the layered strands that women can’t live without today? Well, this girl has been wearing them since 2014. She also doesn’t forget about bangs because she knows how flattering they can be, especially when combined with layered haircuts.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 8

This look is all about naturalness and airiness thanks to the magic of light strands that fall to one side.

Tousled Pixie

According to the actress, the messy styling of her pixie cut is what she likes most. Each strand of her hair goes in a different direction, creating a stunning, carefree look. Here the actress is in a sexy dress, which completes her tomboyish look.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 7

Faux Hawk Pixie Hairstyle

Here’s another bold hairstyle that hides the texture of Halle Berry’s curly hair. Her hair type is thick and curly, but the actress skillfully hides the nature of her hair under her favorite pixie cut.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 10

High bun

Before switching to the famous short haircut, Halle Berry liked to play with simple and minimalist hairstyles on medium-length hair. When a girl wants to look sophisticated and feminine, she styles her hair and opens her face. And this hairstyle is just that: a flawlessly smooth high bun nicely accentuates her evening outfit.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 9

Soft tousled waves with layered bangs

Yes, Halle Berry’s hair has been through a lot, and her loose waves are no exception. This hairstyle suits the actress because this vibrant hair texture looks very authentic, while the neat bangs frame the face beautifully. As a result, this hairstyle looks quite simple and there is beauty in this simplicity.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 6

Hairstyle with thin curtain bangs

Here is one of Halle Berry’s recent hairstyles that accentuates her facial features beautifully. You can always go for bangs, especially if you want to work on your face shape.

Although the actress has a beautiful face shape, she loves to highlight her features with bangs that soften the angles.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 4

Bun with wavy strands

Everyone remembers Halle Berry’s breathtaking short curly hairstyle that she showed off at the Oscars. But not all fans paid attention to the sophisticated and chic hairstyle that the star wore before the Oscars in 2007.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 1

The shiny texture of her thick hair and the small wavy strand that falls on her face is very stylish!

Straight hair with dreadlocks

This hairstyle is quite unusual due to its texture. Her hair was perfectly straight, but Holly’s creative soul couldn’t leave her hair like that, so she decided to complement the look with an unusual dreadlock.

Halle Berry hairstyles photo 2

The actress has been experimenting with her hair and changing its look for years, proving that some hairstyles are always in fashion. How she manages this is no longer a mystery!


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