20 Asymmetrical Short Haircuts and Pixie Hairstyles

Asymmetrical short haircuts and pixie hairstyles have captured our imagination for a long time! This season, this style is more popular than ever, with a plethora of pixie haircuts and bright colors. If you love short pixie haircuts, you’ll love this collection of the most popular pixie hairstyles done in trendy and “cool” colors!

Cheerful colors and bright shades. Asymmetrical short haircuts and pixies


This asymmetrical pixie got an update for the upcoming season with these bright and shiny hairstyles! Straight hair with a trendy υpdo will be the perfect backdrop for this mix of orange, scarlet and copper brown colors. This hairstyle is perfect for medium-thick hair, as extra thickness is required to create the perfect style in the back. The long scarlet bangs frame the face and create a beautiful edge that emphasizes the stylish sharp ends. The extra layer of hair adds a spicy touch!

Gingerbread, asymmetrical short haircuts and pixies

It’s time for “redhead” hairstyles to stop being a snide joke for school kids and turn into a point of pride! Orange shades are breaking into the world of hairstyle fashion, as copper shades are perfect for those with swarthy skin. Orange is the latest “blonde” in this pixie hairstyle, which holds its shape thanks to a shortened nape and long layers at the top of the head. The loose red text in the hairstyle adds some class to this style!

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This beautiful silver ash blonde pixie with long hair is a stunning version of this season’s current short haircut. It suits fine hair with a shorter cut on the sides of the head and short layers on the top of the head. Short sides with short haircuts are combined with long asymmetrical hairstyles. The color is great for skin with cool tones.The pink shade reveals trendy, short layers of hair that are on the top of the head!

Long pixie Brυnette, with a ripped detail in the front – asymmetrical short haircut, pixie and hairstyles

This natural, rich brown color is a fantastic option for a richer tan or to create a look with military tones. This hairstyle is suitable for fine and chalky hair, and the center of attention is about halfway between the top of the head and the back of the hair. Fine hair is not necessarily uncommon, and every woman has fine but uneven hair like the photo above. Therefore, there is enough volume in the combed area to make a fashionable layered style. Very fine melting emphasizes the design. A neat sharp tip on the short side creates a stunning textural contrast!

Urban chic ash blonde pixie with side curls – atypical hairstyles

If you’re not happy with your own style, you can go from soft to dramatic with this stylish short “Walk on the Wild Side” hairstyle! It is suitable for all hair types, but fine hair needs a fixative so that its shape is not distorted by gravity. The hairstyle features parted hair on the sides and back with longer layers that taper towards the top, creating a fυnky flaìe shape! An open forehead and excessive height at the top of the head can “elongate” a wide or pink face or low forehead. Silver blond with a touch of gray ash is suitable for fair skin and cool tones.

Straight pixie haircut on soft beige-russet blond ‘mink’.

This light blonde blends perfectly with this model’s military skin tone because it has a soft beige-pink hue. A short, uneven edge adds a striking textural and color contrast in a media-military brown. Together with an offset parting and delicate curls framing the face, this gorgeous hairstyle creates a trendy minky look! It is suitable for diamond-shaped, oval and wide faces.

Beautiful pink and beige blonde pixie υndercυt

This is an interesting variation of the retro pixie with shaved sides that has its roots in the 1970s. With this pink-beige-brown-pink pixie, you’d never think it had been stretched out for a while to become more yellow, but this new version of υndercυt’s short hairstyle is as charming and elegant as her pearl earrings. It still has a twist – shaped curls and shaved side ends!

A classic short haircut that is perfect for long light brown hair.

This is a great haircut for the natural look of thick hair. The short haircut at the nape of the neck along the natural hair growth line creates an elegant line underneath the beautiful layered volume above. Because the layers are longer, you can easily add different textures. This easy-to-maintain hairstyle is easily adaptable to short wavy styles, and you can wear a charming hair accessory for special events. This classic hairstyle has a fashionable twist in that the hair is parted into a parting that exposes the ear and a long side parting that frames the face. It’s a great way to show off the model’s delicate tattoos!

Soft charcoal black short haircuts for hair with thick layers

If you want to hide gray hair that a black shade won’t hide, a soft charcoal-black shade is perfect for military-toned skin. Adding a gentle gray-blonde balayage halfway down the hair will give it beautiful depth and color. The side view shows off the soft diamond shape of the crown. The top of the head tapers towards the back of the head and has smooth ends. Fine hair gathered in layers and then cut creates a consistent vertical “ripple” and tapered shape.

Beautiful long pixie haircut

If you prefer natural shades of clothing, this dazzling copper pixie is the perfect option to add a twist to your style! People used to say that it’s hard to match clothes to asymmetrical hair and that green is the only color that goes with red hair! That’s not true! You can pair it with almost any color, as long as you pick the right tone. This straight, chin-length hairstyle features classic lines and layers. This pixie is easy to care for, but has huge fashion potential!


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