20 cute short haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair is a blessing. You can do many kinds of hairstyles with it, including various short haircuts. Almost all haircuts look good on thick and long hair, from the bob to the pixie. For this reason, many owners of thick hair are confused when choosing a new hairstyle. Don’t worry, we have gathered the 20 best short haircuts that are suitable for people with thick hair. thick hair , and these ideas will surely help you choose the best option for yourself.

1- Cυte Short Haircυt for thick hair.


Standing out from the crowd will be easier if you have this hairstyle. The front hair is slicked back, making a parting first on the side. The length of the hair at the back almost never touches the neck. Perfect for a more relaxed day.

2- Short pixie hair

This charming hairstyle is perfect for owners of thick hair. The haircut creates a playful atmosphere and always stays in fashion. The hair in this hairstyle is very short, so you can make several layers and bangs. This hairstyle is worth trying at least once in your life.

Medium length bob haircut

If you don’t want to style your hair too short, then this haircut is the best option for you. In this hairstyle, the length of the hair is kept at a medium length. The hair falls straight into curls or above the curls and frames the face in long layers. It is really a very sophisticated and artistic look.

4- Thick layered chestnut bob.

This hairstyle is most suitable for brunettes. However, if you don’t have brown hair and you want to create this hairstyle, you can always color your hair a shade of brown. In this hairstyle, the hair is styled in a bob hairstyle with layers. The hair is kept wavy and natural to make the hairstyle look casual and beautiful.

5 – Short hairstyle with strands

We all know someone who is a free spirit at heart and also a rebel. This hairstyle is perfect for them. If you want to try something unusual, do this hairstyle by complementing it with a pastel pink hair color. The hair in this hairstyle is gradually lengthened in the front and you will look bold and attractive!

6- Stylish blonde with a thick texture

To look gorgeous and stylish, you don’t need anything else than having this thickly styled blonde hairstyle. All the hair on your head will not have the same length and that is the most important thing. A low-maintenance hairstyle that is too intense and yet glamor at its peak!

7 – Unconventional length bob

8- Oυtlandish Back Shaved Blonde

9- Long hairstyle from the front side view

10- Back shaved styled bob

11-corner black gloss

12 – Blonde with side parting

13- Thick Roυnd Bob

14- Short dark charismatic hairstyle

15- Charming gray waves on the top

16- Cυte Asymmetrical Hair

17- Golden pixie

18- Wavy balayage black + brown

19 – brown glossy

20- Messy Trio – Pυrple, Brown and Black


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