25 Best ideas for large knotless braids

#1 : Thick crochet braids without knots

Wearing thick crochet braids without knots is a stunning way to sport the knotless braid style.

#2 : Wide braids without knots in the middle of the back

The parting on these expertly crafted large knotless braids in the middle of the back is gorgeous. This allows you to style the braids however you like – up, down, in the center or to the side.

#3 : Broad, smooth box braids, waist-length

Wide, smooth box braids that go down to the waist are a great hairstyle. This style is perfect for those who want to protect their hair. You can wear them to look professional during the day and elegant at night.

Jumbo braids without knots, simple and smooth, very long

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#4 : Jumbo braids without knots, simple and elegant

Simple, knotless jumbo braids are perfect for black girls with a reserved style. As the design is minimal, the execution of simple parts and braids is essential to achieve a beautiful result. Women with coarser or heavily twisted hair are not advised to pursue this look, as it won’t last long. Because of the large sections, naturally straight or wavy hair is best suited to this elegant look.

#5 : Brick Layered Jumbo Knotless Braids

The trick to keeping individual braids in balance lies in the parting and the weight. Jumbo knotless brick braids achieve just that. They allow the braids to fall evenly around your head and spread out to distribute the weight so that they appear neither too heavy nor too light. Execution is easier for women with thick hair, as the roots should be full and smooth. Use an edge control system such as Style Factor Edge Booster and a small brush at home to reshape your little hairs around the perimeter.

Large knotless braid with center parting to frame the face

#6 : Framing large box braids

Wide, face-framing braids are ideal for black women with heart-shaped faces. They can easily be achieved with a center parting. While there’s nothing wrong with a center parting with a widow’s peak, I always suggest not forcing a center parting if the hair doesn’t want to move that way. Before braiding large sections, be sure to straighten your natural hair. That way, it won’t revert to its natural wave when the product is applied during braiding.

Medium-length knotless Big Box Braids for natural black hair

#7 : Big Box Braids without mid-length knots

Big Box knotless braids with a few mesh braids at the front are very pretty for young women. By keeping the length at bra strap level, maintenance is reduced and the braids are lightweight. For the most elegant finish, use a strong-hold gel when setting. Then use a cool or hooded hairdryer to help set the braids.

#8 : Wide, neat box braids without knots

Looking for an elegant, chic look for your next protective hairstyle? Adopt large, neat braids without knots. Notice the gradual increase in thickness from the roots and along the braid. The hair in the braid is simply fed at a slower rate and is generally easier to put in a ponytail or bun. For the finest roots, try using Loc N Gel Twists Braids Wave Edge Gel and placing it under cool air to finish.

Very long, wide, knotless braid with subtle brown highlights

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#9 : Knotless braid with subtle brown highlights

A simple choice of color can give you a knotless braid with brown highlights. Braided hair in different colors is becoming increasingly versatile. They offer a range of multiple tones in 2, 3 and 4 colors and different blends. For this particular look, look for a 1b/30 shade so that the brown blend is subtle at the roots and in the middle of the braid. It then fades to a solid brown at the ends.

#10 : Traditional large braids

For a clean, reserved braid style, consider large knotless braids. With a very “straight to the point” design, the details of execution are what make this hairstyle so beautiful. The precision of the parting, the consistent addition of hair and a seamless braid are all part of what makes this hairstyle attractive. I suggest using a professional braider for the best results.

#11 : Jumbo braids without knots

Knotless jumbo braids are another version of knotless jumbo braids. These natural-looking braids have no knot at the base, giving them a natural look. Note that the weight can be quite significant if the distribution is not uniform when the hair is added. For a lighter look, it’s best to have long, thick hair.

#12 : Extra-large knotless braids with pearls

Extra-wide knotless braids with pearls are a trendy style choice. Pearls have always been playful and elegant, and have now become an accent for adults. The extra-large sections reduce tension on the scalp, since a large amount of hair has to be smoothed into a single braid. This won’t make the hairstyle last more than a few weeks, but it’s a distinctive feature. In the evening, it’s essential to tie the braid with a silk scarf to keep the roots smooth and neat.

#13 : Panty-length loose box braids

These braids are called “loose” simply because they’re not too thick. By eliminating the chunky bits, the braids appear much lighter. They can easily be pulled into a ponytail or bun. Although they are not very thick, it is necessary to maintain them at home. It’s essential to tie the braids in the evening and avoid humidity for the roots. Use tea tree oil on your parts if they itch.

#14 : Knotless braid with curly tips for the central part

Try knotless center part braids with curly ends if you want a simple protective hairstyle. I usually advise my clients to part their hair individually in the middle. In just a few days, you’ll be able to flip the braids to either side and create the parting you want. Curly ends add a whimsical touch. They can be manipulated to create different types of curls and waves to suit your style.

Very long, thick, knotless black braids with finer tips

#15 : Thick black braids with thinner ends

Getting thick black braids is an essential technique for achieving neat, even hairstyles. In the past, braiders used fire to melt the ends together. Today, however, the hair to be braided is usually pre-stretched. This means that the ends are not cut flush, so that the braid tapers to a fine end. This technique lifts the ends and facilitates the formation of ponytails and chignons.

Very long, knotless braids with a pink accent for natural black hair

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#16 : Very long, thick braids with pink accents

Want something charming but quick? Ask your braider to make you very long thick braids with pink accents. For thick braids with large sections, it’s best to have natural hair that isn’t tightly bent like 4c or 4b. This hairstyle is also ideal for black women with relaxed hair. Straight roots require straight or almost straight hair to stay straight. To change the look, you can ask your braider to replace the pink braid with another color whenever you like.

Large knotless braid for black women's hair, hip length

#17 : Hip-length, knotless box braids

Let yourself be seduced by these hip-length knotless box braids. Although they’re not traditional box braids, the box parting allows these knotless braids to qualify as box braids. Remember, the longer the braid, the heavier it will be. It’s essential that you ask an experienced braider to strategically taper the ends. This maintains consistency while taking weight off the ends. To make things easier for braiders, long hair, such as 56″ and longer, is available on the market ready for braiding.

#18 : Large Chunky Box Braids

Large chunky box braids are an option for women who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the chair. They’re also perfect for women whose heads are a little tender. Since individuals can turn either way, versatility is unlimited. What’s more, they suit all face shapes. Make sure braids aren’t too thick. You don’t want the weight to hurt your neck.

#19 : Long and wide goddess braids

You can make a bold yet sweet statement with long, wide goddess braids. Neatness is the trick to achieving such a dazzling look with minimal design. A precision parting with neat braids highlights knotless braids. For added spice, style your hair with goddess curls. Finish the ends with human hair curls and add the curls to the overall braids. You’re sure to turn heads with this protective hairstyle!

#20 : Long, knotless braids in red copper

Feel like tapping into your red side? Think long knotless braids in copper red. Look for reference 350 in the braided hair section for this color, or ask your braider. This rich copper tone is very chic and compares to that of a shiny new coin. Embrace the color even more by placing your hair fully tucked in so that the color is clearly visible. Use flexible chopsticks dipped in hot water to curl the ends. Don’t forget to remove the chopsticks once the ends have cooled, so as not to lose too many curls.

#21 : Brown knotless braids with dark roots

Knotless braids are flat braids with natural hair that shines at the roots. Your choice of brown hair from the middle of the strand to the ends is a great choice for a simplistic braid style. Knotless braids tend to be a great choice for their flexible styling options and variety of ways to wear them. Brown, such as #30, is most popular for its rich, charming tones. Ask your braider to tuck in your natural hair while braiding down. This way, most of your natural color is hidden and protected.

Long, wide braids without knots, styled in the center, with smooth edges

#22 : Large centered braid with smooth edges

For a bold braided look, make large braids with smooth edges to balance the hard and soft look. Baby-hair patterns are very popular in braid styles. They can look great thanks to the many ways they can be waved and combed. Ask your braider to leave out the short hair around your perimeter and let your imagination run wild. Your natural hair should first be straightened to get the large, smoothest sections. This way, when a fixing product is applied, your natural hair won’t revert so quickly to its natural curl at the base. Try Style Factor Edge Booster and a small comb and brush for edge maintenance.

Waist braided golden brown without knots, large box braided style

#23 : Box Braided Style golden brown

For women with warm complexions who want a braided look, try a golden-brown box braid. The #27 is a popular color that can sometimes look a little washed out. Mixing #30 and #27 for a custom blend is one of my tips for spicing up extensions. To make your braids as protective as possible, always ask your braider to place your natural hair under the braided hair. This way, your hair is not subjected to heat and natural factors that could damage it.

Medium-length knotless braids with spiral curls

#24 : Knotless braids with spiral curls

A simple, androgynous braid style is knotless braids with spiral curls. By using short braids or cutting just past the length of your natural hair, these knotless braids look even more natural. They match the color and length of your natural hair. Because it’s voluminous and wide, it’s best to press your roots before using a straightening product. This allows knot-free hair to lie flat before slowly returning to its natural curl shape. Maintain hair at home by wearing a cap at night and avoiding steam and water.

Knotless wide braids with curly ends, chest length, for black women

#25 : Large knotless braids with curly tips

Let yourself be seduced by these large, knotless braids with curly ends, crafted with precision. For this simple braid to be beautiful, you need a precision parting and a clean, consistent braid downwards. In general, neat box braids have a large knot at the base. But box braids have evolved. They are now installed using the “feed-in” technique on individual braids. This makes them look like your natural hair at the roots. For curly ends, use perms or flexible rods in the size of your choice. The advantage of most braids is that you can always manipulate the ends in warm water. So you can wear smooth or curly ends whenever you like.

Are you considering big, knotless braids? This style is all the rage, as it offers an elegant, tension-free look, perfect for those with 4b-4c hair types. We caught up with Shivonne Brown, a seasoned braiding expert, to get the lowdown. Shivonne’s experience and advice will guide you in choosing this style, preparing your hair and keeping your braids fresh.

“When it comes to big, knot-free braids, the best solution is for those with 4b-4c hair types,” explains Shivonne. If your hair is between 10 cm and shoulder-length, you’re in luck. However, Shivonne advises against this style if you’re looking for longevity. “Big, knot-free locks usually last three weeks if they’re well cared for. For those with fine hair, Shivonne warns, “This style can be a little heavy for finer hair types.”

Preparing for the braiding session is essential. “Large, knot-free braids take between two and two-and-a-half hours,” explains Shivonne, depending on factors such as the volume of your hair and the desired length of your braids. For preparation, start with clean, conditioned and detangled hair. “Use a wide-tooth comb and work from ends to roots. Before drying with minimal heat, apply a thermoprotective spray to avoid damaging your hair.

To keep your braids looking beautiful, you need to maintain them properly. Shivonne recommends using light oils every other day to keep hair moisturized. “Be gentle to avoid tension,” she adds. For styling, “use beads and accessories to make them your own”. As large, knotless braids are a tension-free style, feel free to wear them in a bun or let them hang freely, styling as you please.


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