25 best short haircuts for oval face


Most girls prefer to wear short fashionable haircuts just to look trendy and stylish. Very short haircuts with bangs are also popular and look best on girls with an oval face shape.

Below is one of the most fashionable haircuts of this year. It has a short length and is kept on one side of the head. Girls with straight hair like to wear this hairstyle, and it looks best on an oval face.

This is very trendy, stylish and the most popular haircut of 2013. Most of the young stylish girls prefer to wear asymmetrical haircut. It is longer in the front and too short in the back. The girl in the photo below has a very nice face oval and she looks very beautiful in this short asymmetrical haircut with a light shade of hair.

Pixie Is also a very trendy and popular haircut of this year. This haircut is very short in length. But at the same time it is trendy and stylish. The famous Hollywood celebrity Charlize Theron can wear this trendy haircut with light hair color. She looks stunning and trendy in this pixie haircut.

Bangs are a popular element of short haircuts. The best bangs look best on the faces of girls with an oval shape of the face. Bangs give the girl’s face an unusual fashionable look. Girls can wear this hairstyle with different shades of hair, but the best with bangs looks light shade.

Linda Evangelista: A famous Hollywood celebrity and also a very fashionable stylish lady. She has a beautiful oval face shape and looks great in a short trendy haircut.

Girls look better in short trendy haircuts and oval faces look more beautiful in these short hairstyles

Bob is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles among girls. It has shorter length at the back side and longer length at the front. The bob haircut is more suitable for an oval face.

Blonde hair shades are the most trendy hair shades of 2013, and most of the fashionable girls prefer to wear this hair color with unique trendy short haircuts. This hair color also looks best on an oval face.

Combed hairstyles look best on girls with an oval face.

Short fashion haircuts also look best on an oval face.


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