25 stylish gray nails that are in no way boring


1. Fly Me To The Moon

through @safinailstυdio

If gray isn’t a vibrant color, that doesn’t mean your nail art can’t be stunning. This travel inspired design is perfect for anyone who travels the world!

2. Gray & glitter

through @olootka_nailart

The best combination with gray is silver, especially if the manicure depicts silver nail art. An accent glitter nail or a glitter heart on the ring finger is a romantic take on this otherwise frosty color.

3. Gray geode

through @nails.kol

A geode is a stone with a void inside, otherwise known as a crystal. It is marble nail design is similar to geode, and it can even be enhanced with 3D glitter or Swarovski crystals.

4. Matte & metallic

through @nailsmade

Gray nails suit a velvety matte finish. In contrast, a metallic finish, like in this copper chrome, showcases the best of both worlds.

5. Painterly and pastel colors

through @nailsbypaυlin

A pastel gray shade with an accent swirl nail design is the perfect menimalist manicure.

6. Creative claws

via @thehotblend

The stiletto looks great with any nail design. A milky, jelly base like here is very on-trend, especially with a swirly color design like here.

7. Strυck gold

through @veneranailspb

Similar to a geode design, this gold leaf manicure highlights the beauty of a newly found crystal.

8. All The Silvers

through @lυcy_s_nails

This frost manicure Is perfect for the snowy holiday season. If you can’t decide between chrome, glitter or crystals, this design proves you don’t have to choose.

9. Gold plated

through @matυszewsk.a

This stunning gray nail design with bright gold edges is a great fashion manicure, especially if you love wearing gold colored rings and jewelry.

10. Watercolor

through @oshkina_diana

This mυlty layered watercolor design is perfect for frosty holiday manicure, especially for those who love silver jewelry.

11. Chromed

through @poomalowanki_iwona_wilk

For a holiday makeup look, chrome is a surefire choice. Chrome is more subdued than glitter, which can be too bright. If you’re worried about your manicure not looking chic, do a few accent nails and leave the rest gray and gorgeous.

12. Cool Coral


This nail design is similar to coral nails, and it’s a very unusual look. This bold look would also look great on a short nails.

13. Underwater

through @safinailstυdio

This intricate design is literally the stuff that nail art dreemarts are made of. It’s aυra design combined with 3D nail art and gold leaf, and it looks absolutely stunning.

14. Party favors

through @nailsrnd

This nail art looks like tiny pieces of confetti encased in nail polish, and it’s perfect for party season! It’s actually very easy to recreate this design: just choose any nail polish with large glitter and dot the entire nail area with a nail polish sponge, then apply a clear top coat.

15. Taυpally Love

through @allnailss._

Taυpe is a very chic shade of gray, and the fashion for it comes back every fall and winter season. You can even opt for taυpe. French Manicure for a sophisticated option.

16. Light shadow

through @nailsbypaυlin

Nail art is always considered colored or discreet, but that’s not necessarily the case. Instead of opting for a colored design, choose one that you like and highlight it with black.

17. Trendy French

through @mayracostanails_

Perhaps for Halloween, this trendy gold gilded French manicure would be perfect. Choose it if you’re looking for an unusual approach to a classic manicure.

18. Crescent moon

through @cristinaccalvo

This light gray manicure is like a classic manicure. It’s perfect for those who always wear denim jeans with denim!

19. Underneath the gold

through @thehotblend

Opposites attract, even in the case of nail art. Cold tones of gray set off the belligerence of gold edges and emphasize the bright colors of both.

20. Gold in quartz

via @paiwaloves

This quartz-inspired design with a black beard base is the perfect minimal nail design that will look great on any skin tone.

21. Frozen

through @matυszewsk.a

Frozen, just like in the movie. This cool-toned gray manicure with silver at the tip of the tapered edge gives the manicure a frosty look.

22. Fυtυristic & Fierce.

through @alenavbas

Since gray and blue belong to the same color scheme, they go well together in both fashion and color type. This nail art design can be replaced with any other motif of your choice, with the same rules.

23. Cute penguins

through @safinailstυdio

Intricate nail art designs are slowly going out of trend, but how can you resist the purity of this trendy motif?

24. 3D tips


3D art on nails is on trend right now, and although it takes a long time to get used to, it allows you to create a very interesting look. To complement the diamond text, opt for designs on individual nails rather than all of them.

25. Girls with golden leaves


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