27 Incredible styled bob haircuts you must see


The stacked head is known for its diamond shape, and the diamond shape is due to the layers that are graduated. They start out long in the front and as they move towards the back of the head, they become shorter. The bob is a hairstyle that can be either with or without bangs and can be short or medium length, no matter who wears it. With the many ways of styling and styling, it is guaranteed not to go out of style and you will look fashionable when you walk out of the salon with this hairstyle. Stylized haircuts don’t have to be monochromatic – change it up with fresh color or highlights, layers and curls. Stylized haircuts are meant to create the appearance of volume, shape and texture. A well-chosen haircut is a hairstyle that can quickly and easily transform your look and make it look better. One of the most effective (and always trendy) hairstyles you can try is a styled haircut that looks stylish and fashionable. The styled haircuts are usually very short or have a medium length that reaches to the collarbones. The most important aspect in creating a good style is to make sure that the back is styled perfectly. Since the styling is done in reverse, it is important to ensure that the back view is the center of the design, so it is very important to get it right. If you are not familiar with the ѕimplу style of styling, imagine a bob styled from the back with graduated styling and angled in the front. The pictures below show many adorable styles that suit different hair types. If you are planning to try this style and need a little motivation, these pictures will help you.

What is a styled bob?

The stacked bob first became popular in the sixties, due to its ageless appeal and timeless style it is still fashionable today. While the traditional bob is usually the same length on both sides and back, the stacked bob is shortened in the opposite direction. Also, the “styled” aspect of its name refers to the way in which the hair is styled in layers in the back.

Stylish Stacked Bobs

You’ll be blown away by the 27 stacked beanies that are so mυch, it’s hard to decide which one you like best!

1. Stacked bob with bangs

A styled bob is the most effective way to make your hair look more attractive, and it’s also a great hairstyle for those with thin hair. To create this hairstyle, you need to make bangs, bleach them and dye them with light Blυe semi-permanent hair dye.

2. Wavy bob with melting

A combination of bright colors is sure to catch the attention and admiration of everyone who sees your hairstyle, especially if you wear bright red, pink and orange shades. Go for a hairstyle with a straight parting and a side parting on the top of the head.

3. white bob

A hairstyle that looks great and gets a lot of volume, especially when you style your hair and create a bob shape. This hairstyle goes great with an angled side or middle parting and is suitable for women of all ages, including those with noticeable white strands.

4. Waves and braids

Let your romantic side shine with a great hairstyle. Make your hair a richer color by using a heated tool such as a three-iron. Make a middle section and then a section near the forehead. Braid the hair loosely and style a strand towards the back of the head.

5. Bob with copper styling

If you are a man over 50 years old, we are sure that you are looking for a hairstyle that will help you look younger and more modern. A styled bob with copper highlights will definitely help you achieve this goal. Curls slicked forward with a fram near the face will certainly fulfill your needs as it has a freshness about it. Think also about side bangs that can be styled on the other side.

6. Classic Bob

Some women prefer classic hairstyles with a twist. If you want to change your hairstyle, you should go for a bob. Find a medicated bob haircut, style it and give it shape and volume with a rotating broaching machine. Don’t forget about the dark highlights as they will become a “mashed potato piece”.

7. Bob with red strands

These styled bobs are very easy to style. You can wear them for any occasion and they don’t require much maintenance. To achieve this volume, you need to focus on the back and lift the roots. In the front, you can tilt the hair towards the ears, but the side strands should not be knocked forward.

8. Light highlights

Who says you can’t wear eye-catching hairstyles and electric colors as you age? Give this stunning hairstyle a try! Find a medical cut and then dye your hair a platinum shade of blonde. This will reduce wrinkles, soften your face and help you appear younger and younger. Add bangs to your face and you can create an intense low-light, bright blonde on one side.

9. Back of the head

Stacked bobs go well with contrasting shades. For the top, it is best to use an icy white color. Then, when the layers of styling are removed and the parts are stacked, you can paint them a brown or brownish red shade like the one shown in the picture above. However, you can use any contrasting color, as long as the main shade is lighter.

10. Short styled bob

Straight and soft side bangs combine with a stacked bob hairstyle for blondes. Longer pieces on the sides can easily be pinned up to create a stylish look.

11. Long Stacked Bob

A light gray shade of blonde comes together with an unusual color combination in this long styled bob. To maintain the style, straighten your curls. You will need to straighten your hair throughout the day.

12. A styled bob

This medium bob is extremely professional and work-appropriate. You will look and feel like an expert with straight brunette hair and a slanted center part.

13. Stacked bob with layers

A styled bob with layers of long hair creates a wavy, windswept look. Finish it off with lighter gray hair and bangs to the side to create a contemporized hairstyle.

14. Stacked bob

Do you want to create a fresh look for your hair that tangles a lot? A styled bob can help you get rid of the tangles in your hair and create a fresh style. You can add some shorter layers in the facial area to create bangs that can be tucked away or completely slicked back.

15. Wavy styled bob

Purple hair color isn’t just for Halloween. Wear it with a wavy style or bob to bring something different. You don’t want to completely over-color your hair? A few highlights will suffice.

16. Upside-down Bob

For fine and straight hair, a bob style can create a feathered hairstyle with feathers around the edges. If your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, you will look like a rock star.

17. Stacked bob with bangs

A bob with bangs is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays. Older women tend to appreciate bangs in combination with shorter haircuts. A bob that falls down to the jaw line works well with long, straight hair and a thick parting for texture. Spray with hairspray for a long-lasting hold.

18. Stylized A-line bob

The A-line styled bob is characterized by the fact that the hair is noticeably longer on one side, with an elongated streak of a darker shade contrasting with the lighter shade. This is a gorgeous and fresh hairstyle that everyone will love.

19. Stacked angled bob

To create an angled bob, lots of layers can create an enviable body. Light and dark purple shades blend well with swarthy skin, and feathery bangs don’t detract from the overall look.

20. Stacked short thin bob

The short thin stacked bob is a modern version of Marilyn Monroe’s much sought after style. Short, 𝓈ℯ𝓍y bangs and an all-platinum color complete this style.

21. Asymmetrical styled bob

A soft blonde asymmetrical styled bob suits fair skin tones and an elongated face. Style the hair with a straight curling iron and separate it from the center to give the hairstyle a finished look.

22. Styled pixie bob

The styled pixie bob is great for those with a buoyant personality. The hair is slicked back for a lush look, and then highlights of purple color are added to create an elegant look.

23. A styled bob for women over 50 years old

For those over 50, styled bangs with a hint of waves will help you feel young again. Straighten your bangs to create a great contrast with your curls.

24. Stacked bob with υndercυt

To give a more distinctive look to already styled hair, make an overlapping bob and style it. The result is feminist, rock.

25. A styled chin-length bob.

Stacked chin-length bobs are adored for the way the layers gracefully glide in all directions. All you need to do is brush your hair a few times in the morning.

26. A styled bob for a native face

Another styled bob, but already with elongated pieces near the face, done in bright yellow and media purple colors. This is a creative hairstyle.

27. Tapered styled bob

The stacked bob has a tapered shape and is made up of several layers of pixie. You can wear it like this to create a gorgeous look, or secure the front sections back with shiny clips to give it a more stylish look. Although styled bobs are usually done on straight hair, any of them can be styled on curly or wavy hair as well. With or without bangs The styled bob haircut is unparalleled. Whatever style you choose, your look will be amazing.


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