30 gorgeous hairstyles with side parts


A side parted bob is any hairstyle with a parting on one side. The parting can be loose or strong enough to allow for a more open side, or it can be sewn in or weaved with closure. A bob with a parting emphasizes one side and is a great way to show off a weave, style or just your best side. It is bob haircuts with a side parting that make the hairstyle look energetic, modern and more vibrant! I’m in love with this hairstyle, and it’s relevant this season for women with different hair types and all ages. If you have thick or thin hair, side bobs are a hairstyle that suits every woman. Side parts act as a curtain that reveals your beautiful face to the extent you like. By varying the depth of the side part, you can contour your facial features in a way that emphasizes the best features and hides others. Side part hairstyles can be made of hair of any color and texture, can be stitched or braided. Even though the middle part of the hair has been having a momentum in the last few years, we know that the bob and the side part go together like a bun and bread. If you’re looking to freshen up your hairstyle before the new year and want to start the year by styling your hair on one side? We’ve rounded up all the best side parted hairstyle options, from blonde and short to shoulder-length wavy.

1. bob with a copper side part and a tempting fringe

The classic chin-length bob can be a great choice for owners of fine hair. It is very easy to style and looks great on women of any age, shape and build.

2. Wavy bob with a deep side parting

If a straight bob hairstyle is not good enough, you can give your hair an elongated wave. If your hair is naturally straight, use a large-bar tongs and after it cools down, brush your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you can apply a serum to give it elasticity and then make sure to comb it out.

3. bob with side part and beach waves

What we love about the side part is that it looks simple and elegant. Tuck your hair on top of your head, flip it to one side and voila! No one will guess you’ve just been to the salon.

4. French bob with a side parting

This delightful hairstyle is perfect for those who have naturally curly and wavy hair. The main thing in creating the perfect hairstyle for curly women is to find a hairdresser suitable for this type of hair. In order to achieve this kind of hairstyle, you need to thin out your hair in some places, or perhaps style it properly with υndercυt.

5: Long bob with side parting

The lob hairstyle, also known as a long bob, looks good on those with long hair. If you want a more groomed look, create a few curls with a flat iron or tongs and then slick your hair to the left or right.

#6 Chin-length blonde bob with side bangs

Shorter in the back and longer in the front This classic bob gives υs a distinctly 90s look. Focus on highlights to create a trendy and modern style.

#7: Short bob in “ice blonde” color.

Side parted bobs are adorable and perfect for emphasizing your strengths. This style is truly elegant and soft. It’s all about the style of the wavy bob. We suggest using a wide-tipped flat iron or a straightening iron with the gentlest setting possible (you don’t want to get curls that are too tight!).

#8 Asymmetrical bob with a side part

The deep side parting is the main center point of the asymmetrical bob. Since there is usually more on the opposite side of the hairstyle, the parting remains in the same place.

9: Blonde bob with side parting

Precise haircuts are the most effective, especially for the bob. A straight and perfectly straight bob looks like a masterpiece. In addition, it is easy to style, it is enough even just to dissolve it.

#10: Ginger bob haircut with a side part

The iconic bob hairstyle with a side part is an ideal option. This haircut is very adaptable to any face shape and texture. Owners of a square or pink face shape will especially suit the side parted haircut.

#11: Ultra-short bob with side parting

A slight turn of the hair to the left or right can transform an entire look. This is especially easy to achieve with short hair, as in the case of this beautiful blonde haircut.

#12: Blonde bob with side bangs

If you are afraid that a haircut with a sharp edge will make you look unnatural, accentuate the haircut with long wavy curls. The hair on your head will remain the same length, but you can emphasize your face.

#13: Collarbone-length bob with a side parting

If you’re trying shorter haircuts or trying to grow out your curls, check out this simple shoulder-length bob hairstyle. It’s so simple and chic. It looks great in both straight and wavy versions.

#14: Side parted blonde.

Perhaps the most effective method of creating a bob-like hairstyle is to naturally relax the hair. Most people’s natural hairstyle is slightly off-center – mostly to the left, but it can also happen to the right.

#15: Bob hairstyles with bangs

Perfect for oval face shape wearers Ribbed bob haircuts are great for creating a bold look. Combine this hairstyle with strawberry blonde balayage and get ready for lots of attention.

#16: Bob hairstyle with a parted bob

We are amazed at the versatility of this hairstyle. It can be worn straight or wavy. You can also go for a middle parting or even a side parting. A few small changes can create a whole new hairstyle.

#17: Textured Bob Hairstyle

If you think bobs are always sleek and neat, the photo above doesn’t support that opinion. Make your hair tight with a conditioner to help dry your hair and create the hairstyle.

#18: Asymmetrical bob with a deep parting

If you are a fan of the bob hairstyle, we understand that it can get boring over time. But you don’t have to grow your hair out to change the style, at least not all of it. Make one side longer to make the hairstyle more modern.

#19: Side parted bob hairstyle

Are you not ready for a big haircut? Try this side parted bob hairstyle to get a feel and determine if you like this new style.

20: French side parted bob

French bobs are simply the best! Choose a chin-length to showcase a long neck and emphasize your most striking facial features.

#21: Single length side part bob

Simple and easy to modify, the bob haircut suits everyone. If you have a diamond-shaped face, we suggest sliding the bob to one side and then styling it with a blow dryer and an oval brush to add volume.

#22: Side parting hairstyle

Make a deep side parting and soft red waves. This hairstyle is great for a party or a night out with friends. Apply a matte paste and secure with a strong hold hairspray.

#23: Long layered bob

If you like a voluminous hairstyle but don’t like your hair too long, you can ask your stylist to help you create layers. You heard me right. Bobs don’t have to be snaggy, they have to be customized and tailored to your preferences.

#24: Bob with bangs

Do you love your bob but want a change? Try doing a long fringe on the side and styling the bob on the side. Things can change dramatically, which is exactly the goal we all want to achieve.

#25: Side parted bob with a graduated bob.

This sleek gradation style is perfect for those who have naturally straight hair. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done even if you have naturally straight hair.

#26: Side parted bob

A long frontal parting is the perfect way to make your hairstyle stand out and make it more sophisticated. With an angled side parting and a flowing fringe, this hairstyle will go well with a variety of face types.

#27: Classic bob with a longer front and shorter back

This elegant side parted bob inspired by the 2000s is a favorite hairstyle. The pastel lilac cashmere is gorgeous everywhere you look.

#28: Bob haircut with a deep side parting

Smooth hair slicked back on the left side and textured on the right side – this hairstyle is chic and beautiful. The more pronormalized the side part is, the more voluminous it will be.

#29: Layered forehead haircut

Leave your hair the same length and ask your hairdresser to add a few layers in the front. This will help freshen up dry ends that blondes often struggle with. It can also add a beautiful twist to the face.

#30: Hollywood wave bob.

This hairstyle may seem complicated, but it’s actually incredibly easy to do. Use a 25-28mm curling iron and curl all of your hair in the same way. Allow the hair to cool and then gently brush it until it is stiff. Of course, this hairstyle looks best when combined with a side parting.

We hope you’ve found some side parting hairstyle ideas for your next salon visit. It’s even easier – next time you want to style your hair, just flip it to the other side. Enjoy!


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