30 Perfect square nail design with French tip

French tips have always been and will always be one of the most popular nail designs. It is a stylish, elegant, beautiful and versatile style. Now it is not necessary to apply white polish on the tip of the nail. Today, you can get creative with your choice of color and text. Don’t believe me? Scroll down the page and see for yourself!

From bright and saturated colors to deep and dark shades, this list has the best of everything. And if you want to do something a little more colorful, playing with different textures like rhinestones or glitter is always a great choice. A little bit of glitter can come in handy, so why not add it to your nails and make them even more shiny?

Scroll down the page to see many of the most fashionable and exquisite French nail tip designs on the internet. Get your daily dose of beautiful inspiration and save these ideas for your next manicure!