30+ Short Pixie Haircuts


1: Short spiky hair

Show off a bold style with short spiky hair. This bold hairstyle brings a sense of excitement and individuality, perfect for those who like to make a statement.

2: Thick hair

For owners of thick hair, short pixies with uneven text can be an excellent choice. Such a style will give your image a fashionable twist, and thick hair will make the hairstyle more voluminous and expressive.

3: Short Cυte hairstyle.

Cυte and short pointed haircuts in light colors combine cuteness and zest. The blonde hair adds brightness and the sharp texture gives the hairstyle a playfulness.

4: Over 60

Short pointed haircuts are a stylish and fashionable choice for those over 60. In particular, the gray color emphasizes the elegance of the hairstyle, while the pointed text gives it a youthful flair.

5: Short hairstyle with fleece

To create a bold and trendy style, careless short hairstyles of platinum blonde are suitable. The light, bright shade combined with disheveled texture creates a bold and austere look.

6: Short haircuts for blondes

Short pointed haircuts for blondes are a trendy and stylish choice for women. The blonde color adds brightness and the pointed style adds a twist and zest.

7: Choppy Messy Short Hairstyles

Wispy, messy short choppy hairstyles, especially in pixie bob style, create a sense of volume and cuteness. The disheveled texture gives this stylish hairstyle a fashionable twist.

8: Over 50

For those over 50, short pointed haircuts in a gray shade are a trendy and age-appropriate style. The gray shade gives a sense of wisdom and the pointed texture gives a twist of youthfulness.

9: Short black pointy hairstyle

Short black pointy hairstyles can be a current and bold choice for black women. The contrast between the dark hair and the sharp text creates a bold and stylish look.

10: Short Pointy Hairstyles 2023

Short pointed haircuts will be a trendy choice in 2023, especially for those in their 40s. The layering adds depth and versatility to the hairstyle, making it even more attractive and chic.

11. Short pointy pixie Cυts.

12. Short pointed pixie hair

13. Short pixie hairstyle

14. Spiky pixie Cυt

15. Spiky Pixie hairstyle


















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