36 cutest ways to make a pixie haircut with highlights for a voluminous bob


Apixie with highlights is a short haircut with color streaks for added volume. Stylish and easy to do, this hairstyle is a stunning fashion accessory you can wear every day!

Sylvie Pröd’Homme is an experienced stylist from Toronto, Canada, who proves the versatility of the pixie. She notes: “The haircut only requires careful and cautious attention. It can look soft and romantic, bold and daring, and everything in between!”

Head and face shape, hair growth line, hair type and texture are factors to consider. Contact a short hair specialist who will give you a great haircut and teach you how to care for your style.

Highlights look great in a pixie only if they are done in very thin sections. Otherwise, they can look like horrible tiger stripes on a short haircut.

If you have existing highlights but want to try a pixie, do a shadow haircut to soften the previous color.

If you already have a pixie hairstyle and want deeper highlights, go for a balayage cut for a more natural effect. Another option for blondes is to pre-brighten fυll.

Pixie curls require regular styling every four to six weeks. “If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the salon regularly, a longer length is more appropriate,” says Pröd’Homme.

After reading the expert tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pixie haircut that suits your personality.

Find even more hairstyle inspiration in this gallery. Here are the hottest ideas for pixie hairstyles with highlights!

1 OF 36 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @MILA_KRYSHCHYKHINA#1: Layered pixie with highlights

A layered pixie with highlights is the perfect hairstyle for those who want rich, low-maintenance color. A pixie is a great way to show off color and shape your hairstyle at the same time.


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