41+ Reasons why Shellac nail design is the manicure you need right now


Finding the right manicure and nail design is a real struggle. All of us have faced setbacks. The color doesn’t look the same as in the bottle, it chips or rubs off within hours of application. You go for those beautiful acrylics or gels only to have your real nails fade underneath. Why in the current year are we still dealing with this!

If you are new to using shellac polish, you are in for a surprise. Shellac is a half gel, half lacquer from Creative Nail Design (CND) that is an essential part of any manicure. A Shellac manicure consists of three steps (base coat, color coat, and top coat) that are cured with UV or LED light, making it instantly dry. You may have heard of a “gel manicure” (not to be confused with gels, which are a type of false nails). In fact, a “gel manicure” is simply a manicure with Shellac polish!

When it comes to new manicure trends (like short tomb nails), CND Shellac can’t be beat. It gives you the best of both worlds because it provides a thick, shiny manicure that lasts up to 14 days like the best artificial nails, but doesn’t thin or damage your natural nails like artificial nails do. Unlike acrylics or gels, CND Shellac can’t make your artificial nails longer, but it will give you a great protective manicure on your natural length.

Shellac lacquer can be purchased at a nail salon and can also be purchased for DIY manicures. At the salon or hommes, try to opt for LED lights to reduce your exposure to UV light, which over time can cause age spots and skin damage on your hands.

Ready to get a manicure? Here are 50 stunning Shellac nail design ideas to inspire your manicure style in 2023.


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