45 images for choosing a cool pixie haircut


No wonder women love the pixie haircut! The short hair can look great on any face shape, and it really does. It’s easy to style – you’ll be able to pull it off in no time. This haircut goes well with classic, gray, pastel and electric colors. Even celebrities have started to give up long hair on red carpets and wear stylish pixie haircuts. The choppy pixie is the real proof that you don’t have to have long hair to be stylish and graceful. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the 47 photos below.

1. Bright Light Pixie. Short pixie haircuts are trend leaders because you can create a very fresh look with them.

2. Short pixie haircut for thin hair. We know it’s not easy to give up your hairstyle, but once you do, you’ll never go back.

3. Brυnette spiky pixie. Give your face a beautiful flavor with a short, straight, parted haircut. It will emphasize your face and make all of its best features stand out.

4. Frizzy braids. This pυnk style hairstyle is created with hair wax and spray. Twist the hair a little and create spikes in all directions.

5. Tomboy hairstyle. Gray color goes to all girls with cold skin tones, and if you have light eyes, then this hairstyle is a MUST.

6. Pixie haircut with bangs. Long bangs completely change this pixie haircut!

7. Pixie haircut with long bangs. Such a stunning short hairstyle! This Andrew Hepburn style hairstyle will make you feel glamorous.

8. Pixie bob for thick hair. Get a pixie hairstyle with soft blonde highlights and styling.

9. Highlighted pixie haircut. Want an even more spectacular hairstyle? Color is the key! Create such colorful highlights on the bangs and in all the long layers and you will fall in love with this new hairstyle.

10. Long Pixie. If you don’t have the thickest hair, opt for a pixie for fine hair and a shiny color that will make you shine for all occasions.

11. Short gray hair. If you have a light skin tone, gray dye is perfect for a short pixie haircut. Give it a try, we guarantee you’ll love it!

12. Long Pixie Shag hairstyle with side strands. This rock style hairstyle will make you feel young and rebellious. Try doing a gray-blonde balayage to accentuate your long hair.

13. Curled ends. Pixie curls are beautiful and require little effort! Just use a spray or hair wax to fix the hairstyle and style the strands. And you’re all set!

14. Raven Black Pixie Haircυt. One of the best things about cropped hairstyles is that they emphasize the face in an amazing way.

15. Gray hair. If you still want to style your hair, choose a pixie cut with long top layers and bangs. You’ll be able to create several different looks for special occasions.

16. Short pixie haircut. Doesn’t it look very spectacular? This amazing gray color gives a great texture and makes it stand out anywhere.

17. Pixie with short feathered crown. Make a crown with short feathers, and leave the side strands long and ripped. Slicked to one side bangs will favorably emphasize the face.

18. Pixie with shaved sides. Try going for a French fringe and styling your hair to one side. Isn’t it easy to get the look of a tomcat?

19. Tapered pixie with highlights. You can look very stylish with a tapered pixie haircut with highlights! Tuck your bangs over your forehead and curl them to one side to create an even more impressive effect.

20. Pixie with a long bottom part. Keep your natural root color, and apply a warm blonde style balayage on long layers for a statement dimensional style.

21. Stylish tapered pixie haircut. Elegant and stylish! Use hair wax to give your hair more texture and you’re all set.

22. Choppy asymmetrical pixie. If you are a girl not inclined to conservatism, this hairstyle is for you! Create such asymmetrical lines, and shape the top part of your hair with a razor.

23. Choppy layered pixie hairstyle. Red color for fair skin will favorably shade the face, and you will get a natural, girlish, fresh look.

24. Pixie haircut. White is a very difficult color to get, but if you go to a professional hair salon, you will get it effortlessly.

25. Asymmetrical pixie with shaved lines. Combine a pale mauve color with an asymmetrical haircut. Create as many lines as you want on both sides.

26. Bright white pixie Cυt. Want to get this fantastic hairstyle? Get a tapered pixie cut, dye it your favorite color and use a flat iron to create soft waves in the front.

27. Very short androgynous haircut. Who says short hair isn’t 𝓈ℯ𝓍y? This is proof that a faded pixie can make your look outstanding.

28. Pastel purple hair. This is a very good example of an edgy hairstyle. Short layered choppy hairstyles allow you to make your hair more voluminous. And if you choose an interesting color, the effect will be incredibly chic.

29. Choppy layers. Lots and lots of layers! This is what you need to get a textured look that can be both rebellious and elegant at the same time.

30. The inverted pixie bob. Choppy bobs are everywhere right now. Those who don’t have them, want to have them! Don’t be afraid to cut your curls, check out this look and you’ll see that it’s the perfect combination of style and color!

31. Choppy pixie with long bangs. To create a rock star look, you can choose a pastel light color and leave the long bangs slicked to one side.

32. Pixie hairstyle with baby bangs. Create a fancy diamond-shaped bob at the back, do a balayage to highlight the face, and make the bangs very short.

33. Very short pixie haircut. Who doesn’t want to wash their hair and forget about styling? With this short pixie, all you have to do is blow dry your hair for less than 5 minutes and you’re all set.

34. Dark pixie. With a dark color, your hair will look more textured and voluminous. Use v-shaped layers to give your hair volume.

35. Blonde pixie with dark roots. Create a beautiful gradient by making the roots dark and coloring the long strands platinum blonde.

36. White blonde pixie Cυt. This incredibly voluminous pixie haircut can be made even more spectacular if you opt for a gorgeous cool blonde with silver accents.

37. Delicate pixie hairstyle with an undercut. Add a little spice to your pixie hairstyle with a silver hue.

38. Dramatic pixie cut. If you want to make a basic pixie haircut more dramatic, go for a razor cut complete with uneven text.

39. Black asymmetrical pixie haircut. Depending on how you style it, you can get a beaυtifυl pυnk hairstyle or an elegant look. Earrings and tattoos can change the look.

40. Pixie blonde. Layer with a flat iron and you’ll emphasize the texture of the hairstyle. Get an extremely chic hairstyle with two layers.

41. Long layered pixie. The side strands are the main highlight of this hairstyle. Combined with dark blonde color, this hairstyle looks simply stunning.


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