46 attractive pixie haircut ideas for blondes that are worth showing to your stylist


The popular pixie cut for blondes is a modern, versatile haircut that is eye-catching, flirty and glamorous. This type of short blonde hair gives density and volume to fine hair and takes the heaviness and puffiness out of thick locks. The pixie haircut will complement your look for any occasion, be it casual or formal.

Merideth Pedak, a hairstylist in Bellingham, WA, cites the benefits of pixie haircuts for blondes. “They are versatile, emphasize facial features and bone structure, pique the interest of others and always stay stylish,” she says.

As for styling and grooming, the pixie haircut requires high hold and light styling. According to Pedak, short haircuts like the pixie require more frequent styling to maintain shape. With a short length you’ll be styling, styling will be quick and easy.

Opt for magic texturizing products like cream, wax or clay. “They can give the style a firm hold and also give it definition to emphasize the details of the hairstyle,” she says.

Prepare for the natural shade of your roots to be your primary color when getting a pixie haircut. To maintain a lighter shade on your pixie haircut, expect frequent application and color changes.

Before getting a haircut, it’s best to schedule a consultation with your stylist. Pedak advises finding a hairstylist who is an expert in cutting short hair. They will customize the details based on your facial features, preferences, and lifestyle.

To avoid agonizing over choosing a pixie haircut, read our guide and make an informed decision.

These trendy blonde pixie looks will convince you that pixies are trending. The photos collected here will make you fall in love with your new haircut.

1 OF 46 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @VITOSATALINO_OFFICIAL#1: Light blonde pixie with bangs

Owners of a light pixie with bangs know how to have fun. A short pixie hairstyle for blondes is a playful way to balance out a heart-shaped face. Long side bangs with a slightly graduated length in the back brings them together, softening the angles, emphasizing the cheekbones and eyes and creating harmony on the face. Light and ashy blondes create a beautiful mix if done with shadowy roots, giving the color an extra glow. Be sure to ask your stylist about shampoos to help keep the color from fading between visits to the hairdresser.


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