47 current ideas of the most flattering short hairstyles for round face

There are several ways to make sure that you choose the perfect hairstyle for your needs. If you are looking for short hairstyles for round face, keep in mind that these hairstyles require separates or cut layers and styles that can be styled into a ponytail. The simplest and most versatile hairstyles don’t always go with a dewy face. Below are 47 examples to choose from and show your stylist before getting a haircut.

1. Pixie bob with feathers

A tapered design with long layers of even thickness throughout creates a casual look for the girl who loves fantasy.


2. blonde pixie hairstyle with highlights

If you want to create the illusion of a larger but not rosy face, choose an afro pixie hairstyle with long bangs. Add long, subtle highlights to the blonde base.

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3. White beans with an angular haircut

It seems that this hairstyle for pink faces will soften your face and give it a stylish look.

4. Short haircut

It’s all about the details! Short and light bangs styled at the top of the head can be a good option to elongate the face.

5. Chin-length haircut

Women with a diamond-shaped face have to try to hide their face shape, but that’s not the case! Add a symmetrical look by twisting your hair back and you will look attractive.

6. Short wavy hairstyle

Tight curls don’t always look good on rosy-faced faces. If you are looking for a stylish hairstyle, opt for wavy curls.

7. Loose bob with small highlights

This trendy hairstyle is one of the most sought-after hairstyles today among the owners of pink faces. It gives the appearance of a chic girlish look, and highlights will help to refresh the shade of hair.

8. Chin-length bob with highlights

The black hair shade is suitable for people with a pink face. It makes you look slimmer and also emphasizes your face well, especially if you do a peek-a-boo hairstyle.

9. Pixie with very short bangs

Who says a short haircut isn’t 𝓈ℯ𝓍υ attractive? Check out this gorgeous pixie hairstyle by Aredrie Hepburn, it’s such a chic style!

10. Uneven bob

Choose these beautiful military tones for your long curls. Balayage with a brighter color will add a romantic appeal.

11. Short Bob

You don’t have to choose the most ordinary hair shade, even if you don’t feel well. A maiwe military shade will help you feel fresh and well-groomed.

12. Pixie bob for pink and rougher faces

Contrary to popular belief, short haircuts for a diamond-shaped face are beautiful, drawing attention away from an uneven chin and other problems you may be facing. A well-chosen short pixie bob haircut visually makes the face look slimmer.

13. Bob with melting. Bob with curtain bangs

It is worth paying attention to this short hairstyle to give it an elegant look. Messes are perfect for short hair with a thin face. They look stylish and flirty. Simply stunning!

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14. Bright Orange A-Line Hairstyle

Bright hairstyle with dark roots creates a stunning effect and emphasizes the face oval. It can completely change your appearance.

15. Layered textured bob with parted bangs and layered texture

If you’re looking for an elongated hairstyle for a rosy face and want to appear slim, try this diamond-shaped, cute beach style. Layers and highlights add volume and texture to make cheeks appear more plump.

16. Black haircut

Asian girls with pink faces can opt for a shaved bob, which is hair that is loose around the shoulders.

17. Pixie

Among all the hairstyles for short hair for native faces, the pixie is one of the most attractive. The asymmetrical bangs as well as the smooth top part will noticeably change the shape of your face, lengthening and narrowing it.

18. Dark purple bob

The inverted bob is very popular right now, and here’s why. It makes you look elegant and graceful, and it also helps to create a balanced face shape.

19. Inverted ombré bob

Create a stunning look by wearing a perfect bob that is elongated on the sides. If you want to make it more elegant, add soft highlights to the ends.

20. Hairstyles with a long top and short sides

Partially shaved haircuts suit slim women and those with a large figure well. Don’t be afraid to play with hair color or opt for a stylish black.

21. Long pixie with bangs

Looking for the right hairstyle for your rosy cheeks, this hairstyle will be just right.

22. Feathered platinum pixie

Create texture on your petite pixie by adding uneven layers to your hairstyle. They will give you the angles you need even with a short length.

23. Pixie with long bangs

Long and voluminous hairstyles, down on one side and then styled in gray. Be sure to trim the edges to make the hairstyle look as dramatic as possible.

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24. Highlighted crop with feathers

This is the perfect pixie style! Take a soft blonde balayage and style long strands of hair in different directions. You’ll get a stylish look.

25. Roυnd Face Pixie Cυt.

Boyish haircuts are perfect for short hairstyles that suit a large face as well. You can add a fringe that’s a bit oversized, then curl it, and you’re ready for a hot hairstyle!

26. Dark blonde highlights

Don’t be afraid to play with your favorite color if you have beautiful, thick hair.

27. Wavy long bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for thin or diamond-shaped faces! Make some simple waves to give your hair volume and texture.

28. Platinum blonde with a choppy bob

A hairstyle closer to the chin can be a good option for a diamond-shaped face if you opt for sloppy layers and combo hairstyles.

29. Wavy chin-length hairstyle

If you want to look slim, you can go for a hairstyle with thick bangs and sharp edges.

30. Golden Red Wavy Pixie

Make the top part of your bob, it will help you appear more pronounced. Wearing glasses with angled glasses is also an added benefit that can make your face look slimmer.

31. Shorter sides

This rock star style is unforgettable, isn’t it? The light pink color complements the overall effect.

32. Very short hairstyle for blondes

Pearl blonde looks beautiful, especially with light eyes, as you can see below. To make this hairstyle like the photo above, you just need to wear 𝓈ℯ𝓍y pixie cυt.

33. Shaggy Bean

A shaggy hairstyle with a sloppy finish is great for everyday wear. You can style your hair to get an attractive look.

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34. Layered pixie Cυt

A short haircut for a pink face can create magic when complemented with high layers. Glasses can also help you create a slimmer silhouette, depending on the shape of their frames and size. Eyeglasses with earpieces can gracefully elevate a pink face and give it a twist.

35. Light blonde highlights

OMG!!! What an amazing transformation! This photo is proof that a short haircut can make you look more elegant.

36. Blonde with straight hair

If you want to look elegant and beautiful, a wavy hairstyle with bangs is just what you need.

37. Blonde bangs

The combination of a Moorish hairstyle and a short bob is simply amazing. Don’t be afraid to cut your hair if you have a diamond-shaped face; the end result will amaze you.

38. Ragged short haircut

Do you want a Hollywood style? Layers of short pixie hair and careless bangs are the best choice you can make.

39. Wavy bob hairstyle

Here’s how you can get your pink face just right! Make a casual comb-over and style your hair in strong waves to create an elegant casual look.

40. Asymmetrical blonde bob

Dark hair is the perfect choice for pink faces with an uneven chin. It does not have to be black. A deep midnight shade can be an ideal choice.


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