48 Stylish pixie bob haircuts for unique length and style



A long pixie bob is a short haircut that is somewhere between the nape of the neck and the nape of the neck. The texture of your hair is a key factor in deciding if a long pixie bob is right for you. Stylist Jennifer DeJesures of Westfield, N.J., says it’s the best option for thin-haired girls. Layers create lift and give curls the illusion of density and volume.

Always have time to style and visit the salon for maintenance. De Jesurs explains, “This is one of those styles that loses its shape very quickly. If you don’t have time for styling and salon visits, this hairstyle may not work for you.”

As a high-maintenance haircut, you mυ should trim it to keep it looking its best at all times. You can take about four to six weeks between visits, depending on how fast your strands are growing.

De Jesurs notes that pixies are not suitable for styling, especially on straight curls. If you don’t have perfect waves, it may take less time to style.

Be prepared for your upcoming salon visit. Choose your favorite option from these inspiring looks!

1 OF 48 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @LARA_STELMASHUK#1: Thick long bixie by Volυminoυs

This thick, voluminous, long bixie is a great update to the classic French bob. The bixie haircut is also an elegant transitional option if you want to grow out your pixie cut. Ask your stylist to create a graduated line around the perimeter to give the hairstyle a lush look. The textured hairline gives this pixie bob haircut a soft and extremely feminine feel.


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