50 stunning short hairstyles to try at your next reception


01.Blυnt Collarbone Bob.

This is probably the most low-maintenance hairstyle in the collection. The hairstyle is one length and slightly wavy and can be worn however you like.

02.Cropped bob

Raise your long bob by a few centimeters. This not-so-common bob haircut adds a lot of volume.

03.Forehead with fringe

A lob is always appropriate for those who want a short but not overly short. To give the look an interesting look, add bangs.

04.Glass forehead

We never get tired of hairstyles that make you look instantly groomed, and this crisp and shiny lob from Texas stylist Chris Jones definitely pulls it off.

05.Windy haircut.

Give an extra twist to your pixie haircut by styling it up and away from your face.

06.Short haircut

Meet the cool girl hairstyle of the year. Nothing brightens up a lane like shagginess.

07.Stacked bob.

This is one of the most spectacular stacked hairstyles. Style it from one rooted part to another according to your taste.

08.Bob with light chin

Want to have thick ends? Leave the layering at the door. A shiny bob is always in fashion.

09.Cυrly Shag

This classic Cυrly Shag hairstyle will make anyone this year want styling and bangs. The layering gives the hairstyle an elevated look while emphasizing the face.

10.Sυbtle Stacked Bob

You can use scissors to add extra volume to your hair. Stacked layers do a lot of magic on their own.

11.Chin bob

If you want to update your current bob, ask for a layered style and extend it to your chin.

12.Classic styled bob

You can never go wrong with a classic. The styled bob will always be relevant.

13.Cυrly Lob

If you are afraid to go for a big haircut, go for a medium length hairstyle. The added texturizing element gives this hairstyle volume and uniqueness.

14.Long bob with fringe

We can’t think of a reason why we couldn’t do this iconic long fringed bob this year. It has a slight nostalgic feel to it.

15.Choppy pixie.

A very stylish pixie haircut with a straight parting. You can leave the top part long to give yourself ample styling options.

16.Layered pixie haircut

If in doubt, opt for long layers. It’s a very quick way to freshen up any length.

17.Relaxed Shoυlder Cυt.

Those who are low-maintenance will appreciate this casual style with balayage for added effect. This hairstyle looks great on any length.

18.Textural Red Alder Hairstyle

If you think dry texturizing spray is everything, then this hairstyle is for you. Shortened in the back and lengthened in the front, with slicked back bangs, it won’t be out of place.

19. Shaggy chin bob.

Blonde bobs have been in vogue, but this year we also favor more chunky haircuts. Add curtain bangs to it and you have a hairstyle that is an admirable hairstyle.

20.Fυlly Fringed Bob.

Tidy up your bob with heavy bangs. Light layering gives blonde ends a less heavy look, especially on a bob.

21.Scυlpted Crop Cυt.

Play up your natural style – whatever it may be – with a cropped pixie haircut that styles itself. Lengthen it at the top to give it more versatility.

22.Soft cut bob.

This short retro style haircut is the one we take to the salon. It emphasizes the jaw line and collarbone most effectively.

23.Layered curls

If you decide to go for a short haircut, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Let those curls be large, or make them more lush with an alder hair cut. all layers and volumes.

24.Midi with frontal fragmentation

Framing is a great option for adding extra volume and length to your hairstyle. In this hairstyle, stylist Becky Miller plays up the short hairline with lots of oomph.

25.Chunky pixie.

Make a bold statement by styling your curls into the perfect ultra-short pixie. Apply styling gel or pomade to hold it in place all day.

26.Multilayered hairstyle with fading

Create a layered style that makes the most of every strand. Ask for bangs to be styled to give your hairstyle an extra flair.

27.Forehead with Faυx bangs

Create the illusion of bangs at your next appointment by asking your stylist to add just slightly shorter bangs to the front of your face.

28.Sυbtle Straight Shag.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of curly and textured hairstyles. This option, proposed by stylist Sal Sal Salcedo, is perfect for straight-haired girls who want to make their hair look cool.

29.Pυmped-Up Cυrly Pix.

Tight curls are made for a cropped bob. Achieve gravity-defying height by giving your browns a longer shape.

30.Medium bob with concave layers

The concave layers give this hairstyle a distinctive look. We love how stylist Tim Dioumenas brings all the attention to the face in this look.

31.Thick cut bob

This look real chic. A slight gradation at the back results in a single length that perfectly frames the face.

32.Peter Pan Pixie

This haircut from stylist Rebecca Henle has a sense of life about it, and thanks to her, making a pixie cut isn’t that difficult.

33.Text Red Bob

Ask your stylist for inner layers to add extra volume to your short haircut.

34.Short hair with long bangs

Give way to cut bangs – there’s a new hairstyle in town. Stacked layers in a bob haircut with a long fringe at the front give this look by stylist Jυlie Facer a special interest.

35.Text-red razor bob.

A small amount of texture does much more than you’d expect to give volume to a bob.

36.Cropped curls.

Brown hairstylists will rarely regret adding more layers to a short haircut – it will help the brown hair to gain extra volume.

37.Smooth chin bob.

Any bob without layers or blonde can be styled in many different ways, including tucking the ends under the chin.

38.Cυrtained Bob

With a short haircut, the line between face-framing layers and bangs is very thin. Why not have long bangs that do both?

39.Cυrly Collarbone Cυt.

The length that reaches to the collarbone is a very comfortable length for those who want a not too cropped garment.

40.Chin bob

The bob is a style in its own right, so you don’t need to put much effort into creating it. To accentuate your natural hair color, use a texturizing spray.

41.extυred Crop Cυt.

Haircuts favorably shade the face. Keep the center part, and bangs are best made separate.

42.Textured bob at an angle

This is not quite a conventional bob. The angled front ends give it extra personality. Ask for more length in the front, but not too much styling in the back.

43.Cυrly Pixie

If you have decided to go for an ultra-short haircut, you can try it no matter what your text is. A bob gives an elongated look to the pixie haircut.

44.Forehead with fringe

Curtain bangs are always a big change, so you don’t even need to cut off the length of them to feel brand new.

45.Shaggy forehead

Refresh your hairstyle by adding bangs and layers. This retro hairstyle is perfect for those who need both.

46.Short bob haircut.

Those who don’t prefer a pointed bob can ask for the ends to be trimmed and bangs to be styled sideways.

47.Styled short bob

Flat hair doesn’t have to stay that way. A styled bob consists of shorter layers in the back that you can easily style with volume-enhancing products.

48.Side parted bob

Layers on a long bob are what you need for the hairstyle to unleash its most lush and voluminous potential. Side-swept bangs bring them together.

49.0Micro fringe

Refresh your short haircut by raising it a few centimeters and adding blonde bangs.

50.The low-maintenance forehead

You don’t need layers to have personality. This one length bob hairstyle makes the most of the natural textural pattern.


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