60+ The most fashionable layered bob haircut ideas of 2024



Layered hairstyles and bob cuts offer endless possibilities for creating a modern look. From sleek and straight to layered curls and waves, you’ll find the perfect look. Plus, adding layers can instantly add volume and texture, giving your new hairstyle an irresistible shine. Ready to dive into this hot trend? Read on for my complete guide to choosing and styling a layered bob!

Let’s first define what we mean by this. Layered bobs are jaw to chest length haircuts that are styled in layers of varying lengths. When you add layers to a bob, it creates an effect of texture, love and more volume. Now that you know what it is and what it can do, find out what you should look for in this haircut.

My top tips for choosing a layered bob:


  • Hair length: You can leave your hair length the same and add layers. However, the longer your hair is, the longer the layers should be.
  • Pros: Keep hair length and add layers to make your hairstyle look lush and expressive. Layers styled from the top of the head towards the bottom can add volume to thin and sleek hair.
  • Cons: If you want your hair to look like one length, it will take a lot of time to grow it out. This can create more styling challenges if your layers are naturally inward facing and you want to straighten them to go down.
  • Face shape: Talk to your stylist about creating layers that emphasize your face shape. They can help balance out square and rosy faces. I often recommend to my clients with elongated faces to add bangs to balance out their face shape.
  • Styling: If you have shorter layers and like to bobby pin your hair, you will have a more distinctive and trendy look.
  • Hair Type: If you have fine or thin hair, make sure that your stylist does not layer your hair. The thinner and finer your hair is, the longer the layers should be.
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    Check out these inspiring photos of the most popular bob hairstyles and haircuts of 2024!

    1 OF 64 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @LAUX.BEAUTY#1: Two-dimensional styled bob

    Layered bob cuts are a great way to give your hair extra volume. Ask your hairdresser to guide your bob to mix up the layers. This is a great way to give your hair extra volume and lift. In this case, voluminous layers go well with dark black hair. Choppy layers on a bob are a good option for melilated and red hair. This is because they will emphasize the relief, not blend in as they do with fine hair. I recommend adding some styling cream, such as IGK Beach clυb. Finish with a light oil, such as verb Ghost Oil for shine.


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