9 Hairstyles For Women Over 40 To Look 10 Years Younger

Hairstyles can make you appear older or younger. An inappropriate hairstyle can not only make you look older but also it will grab the attention toward other areas of your body that you would not like to show.
A beautiful and flattering haircut describes how your personality and taste have a groom so far at this period of age.
We have selected 10 of the best hairstyles for you to choose from to age gracefully.
These hairstyles would put you in the spotlight at first. Feel free to choose from these styles according to your desire and personality.

9 – short pixie haircuts for women

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A hairstyle is an asset for those women who are looking for adding uniqueness to their outfits and appearance.
The short pixie hairstyles are one of the great hairstyles that need the confidence to carry, and such confidence comes with age.
You can indulge in various hairstyles with tousled or slicked-back hair.

Short and Long Pixie hairstyles with bangs are the best short-cuts choices for women over 40.
You can keep the subtle bangs over your forehead to define and frame the shape of your face.

8 – Square Hairstyle with a wick on side

hair salon near meFor those women who have a square face shape, the square Hairstyle with a candle on the team would cut the rectangular face feature.
This wick on the side would hide the imperfections of your face.
For example, a square face shape has a broad forehead, which makes most of the women feel uncomfortable.
The wick on the side would cut the square shape, and it would bring attention to your smile.

7 – Warm color for dark hair

hair salon near meWhen it comes to style your hair, it does not only revolves around haircuts because hair color is an essential factor in styling your hair.
So, go for a coppery or sweep red hair color if your hair is in dark brown.
The locks of color will structure the Hairstyle with a soft and warm appearance.
Do not forget to combine this Hairstyle with a slightly wavy or mid-length haircut.
This type of haircut would go perfectly with the color change.

6 – Baby sweeping for a lighter hair

hair salon near meFor those who have light blond hair, a baby blond weep would brighten up your look.
The blond has an effect of softening the features of your face and brings the right amount of light to your appearance.
Unlike other sharp highlights, baby sweepings are beautiful highlights that add natural light that does not change the appearance of your natural hair color.
Go for a full baby highlight if you want to soften up your face and overall personality.


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