Check out 22 stunning hot pink nail designs that capture the essence of the Barbiecore trend and are perfect for chic and stylish women.


With the release of the Barbie movie, Barbiecore is once again becoming an increasingly popular trend. This trend is based on fashion items, makeup and manicures in the color pink. In short, pink is everywhere, especially hot pink! So if you’re a Barbie fan looking for inspiration for a new manicure, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve gathered the best pink colored nail designs in this list to save you time. From chic to ultra-glamorous, this list has everything you need to create a Barbie mani look. Want something simple but eye-catching? Check it out. Want something luxurious and dramatic? Check. Beautiful nails that will make you the center of attention? You got it!

So let’s pick up this trend and make your manicure more colorful. Here are 22 stunning hot pink designs to brighten up your next manicure. Save your favorites to your Pinterest board so you don’t miss out on new beauty ideas!


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