Layered haircuts for short hair for ladies 40-50 years old: 12 fashion ideas

Women are beautiful and attractive at any age. Haircuts and hair color play an important role because they can rejuvenate you by a few years or, conversely, add years.

The older a woman is, the more requirements she has for her appearance, including a new haircut. Today we will look at trendy modern haircuts for ladies over 40 years old. Stay with us if you want to look spectacular and modern at any age.

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12 Pixie haircut

The pixie haircut is one of the most fashionable this season. It is especially suitable for mature ladies with soft and thin hair. Thanks to this haircut, you will maintain an extraordinarily elegant look, add volume to your hair and at the same time emphasize facial features.

A large circle of hairdressers believes this type of hairstyle works as a good lifting. The pixie haircut is easy to style and comfortable to wear.

Stylists offer older women a cascade in many variations: torn, graduated, turning into a bean, and others.


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