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Short wavy hair is still as popular in 2023 as it was last year. These wavy hairstyles and styles are 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, fυn, and free. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or not, you can still do one of these styles with a simple styling iron and texturizing spray.

One of the best things about these short wavy hairstyles is that they can be styled on 1-2 day old hair. So if you don’t have the time, this really is one of the best low-maintenance styles, regardless of your hair type.

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If you’re looking for the best ideas for short wavy hair, check out these photos before your next appointment with your hairdresser!

#1:Short shaggy haircut.

Pay attention to these short haircuts with bangs on a shaggy braid for an extreme look. This hairstyle is all about texture, making it perfect for those who want to show off their inner badass. Ripped layers, sharp angles and volume give this hairstyle an unusual style. It is designed to make a bold impression. Use Cυlt + King Jelly and Set Spray to emphasize the text in this style.


#2:Neck-length bob with waves and ripped ends

The neck length bob with waves and ripped ends is a soft hairstyle for girls. This elegant, yet severe hairstyle is best suited for low-maintenance clients. I recommend using a texturizing hair spray to give the bob a lush look. My favorite texturizing spray is the Nυmber 4 High Performance Hair Care Sυgar Textυrizing Spray. To make this hairstyle more suitable for you, make sure that the length is at the right place of the chin. This will allow you to achieve the most attractive effect.

#3:Short bob with waves

Try a short bob with waves. For naturally wavy hair, a hairstyle with waves in the middle of the neck is a great option. This style is easy to do at home with a product like Hairstory Undressed Hair Textυrizing Spray. Air-dry your hair, and once it’s completely dry, spritz it with hairspray or use a diffuser for faster drying.

#4:Gray Bixie with a deep side parting.

Choose a gray bixie with a deep side parting. The bixie haircut with side parting is perfect for diamond, heart and square face shapes. To keep your hair soft, use a conditioner to shape your hair. A hairstyle to inspire you to live life to the fullest, regardless of age and gray hair.


#5:Popular hairstyles with short sassy waves

Short sassy waves are a chic hairstyle! This short haircut helps to make thin and sleek curls look more lush. This haircut is short and wavy, and its length allows you to wear it both loose and straight. Wavy short haircuts are suitable for those who want to style their hair easily and require little maintenance.

#6:Short frizzy waves with a twist up.

Short fluffy waves look great with a bob style. One of the best ways to create this style is to apply a volumizing washcloth, blow dry your hair with a blow dryer and finish with a straightener. Remember to alternate the direction of the style to create texture. To maintain trimmed hair in good condition, it is best to get a haircut every 4-6 weeks.

#7:Blonde short wavy bob with layers

The short wavy bob haircut is incredible. The middle part with layers reaching to the chin line gives short wavy hair a cool beach look.

#8:Wavy platinum pixie bob.

Platinum hair looks great, but to achieve this, you need to provide your stylist with information about your hair. If your hair has been dyed with box dye, it will be very difficult to achieve this color. When coloring with box dye, the hair will turn orange. So make sure you tell your stylist about everything that was done to your hair during the consultation.

#9:Short wavy haircut without bangs

Try a short wavy haircut without bangs if you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle. Chin-length bobs look great on rosy face shapes, as they soften the jaw and emphasize the neck line. Lightly blow dry your hair with Rene Fυrterer’s Air Dry Cream.

#10:Short wavy hairstyle with text.

The best short wavy haircut with texture and highlights. This combination creates extraordinary depth as you can see in this photo. The texture in the hair allows you to emphasize the depth without making it too noticeable. Ask your stylist to use the technique of blending textures. For styling, add a smoothing cream before curling the ends and then apply a dry texturizing spray to give your hair a wavy look.

#11:Beach waves on short hair

Beach waves on short hair create texture and volume, even if your hair is naturally straight and fine. To create wavy hairstyles on short hair, be sure to use the right styling products. You may not want to do soft waves on the lower part of your hair at the back, as they create unwanted volume.

#12:Medium parting hairstyle for short wavy hair

The middle parted hairstyle for short wavy hair is a classic option that suits most face types, with the exception of the diamond shape. Separate your hair down to the middle by making a bob, then curl your hair on each side, curling away from your face and moving in a straight direction until you reach the nape of your neck. Allow the waves to cool, spritz them with a mild hair spray and then brush through the hair with a Manta Brush.

#13:Shave style for short, wavy hair

Razor cut for short wavy hair is the perfect option if you want to get more volume and texture. A razor is the tool that all stylists prefer to use to perform haircuts for short wavy hair. It also eliminates heavy and frizzy hair painlessly when chosen by those with thick hair. When styling, apply a dime-sized drop of Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame product.

#14:Bold wavy hairstyle for women over 70 years old

A bold wavy hairstyle for women over 70 gives a youthful glow and requires little hair care. A bob for wavy hair is a great choice as it allows you to lift your curls, creating the perfect shape.

#15:Pixie Wavy Hair Styling

The wavy pixie haircut is characterized by a lot of volume and texture. It is beautiful and easy to style. The wavy hairstyle for short hair looks great when asymmetry and deep side parting are added to it.

#16:Short retro hairstyle with waves

A short retro hairstyle with waves is perfect for an evening out or special event. The bob haircut with waves is best combined with styles for short wavy hair. To get this hairstyle, ask your stylist for retro Hollywood waves.

#17:Trendy blonde short hair with waves

Blonde short hair with waves showcase the beautiful matte and brightness of your hair. A short wavy bob is a classic hairstyle that suits girls of all ages. Ask your hairdresser for highlights and a straight bob with beach waves.

#18:Face curtain haircut for women over 60 years old

A face-framing curtain bangs on short hair for women over 60 is a great way to accentuate kinky sides and give your hair a fresh new look. When styling a short haircut, make a soft parting in the middle and flip it sideways to give the hairstyle a finished look.

#19:Wavy Pixie Bob

The wavy pixie bob for wavy hair is something between a bob and a pixie cut. This hairstyle will suit those who are growing out their pixie or those who are not yet ready for a pixie cut. Use a ½ to 1 inch curling iron to create gorgeous waves.

#20:Wavy short hair for women over 30 years old

Wavy short hair for women over 30 is a style that suits different face shapes. Be sure to choose a hair length that is above the collar, which will make the style more beautiful and versatile. Consider a short haircut with waves to give the look a light yet mυlty faceted look!

#21:Short French bob for thick, wavy hair

A French bob is the perfect option for thick wavy hair that needs styling. Wavy hair is best styled in a loose style with natural waves and curls to create a beach vibe.

#22:Simple styling for women over 50 years old

Women over 50 generally want a short haircut that is easy to style. A wavy hairstyle has layers and is easy and effortless to style. This hairstyle will work well for women over 50 as it will keep their hair healthy and well-maintained.

#23:Cυte Cυrtain Fringe

Short wavy haircuts with curtain fringe are a popular combination at the moment. Ask your stylist for tips on how to use razor cutting techniques to give your hair natural wave and volume. Use R E V E R I E Milk to separate and moisturize your ends. Try Mare Salt spray to add volume and texture to your hair.

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