Take it off immediately, or what pants have become anti-trends

Thin skinnies.

In the list of anti-trends fashion connoisseurs also wrote down thin skinny pants, which cut resembles leggings. To take as an example of a celebrity, who wears skinnies, is dangerous. To wear such, there are high requirements to the figure. Among the disadvantages of skeinny are that they do not hold their shape and do not hide skin problems. Therefore, to evaluate them at the highest score even in the star image is a rarity. Instead of skinnies you can choose loose jeans or lightweight sports pants with a classic fit, as in the photo below.

Вместо скинни можно выбрать свободные джинсы или легкие спортивные штаны классической посадки


Instead of skinnies you can choose loose jeans or lightweight pants with a classic fit

Mom jeans.

These pants feel like they were pulled out of a mom’s closet, hence the name. The convenience of Mom jeans led to their increased popularity in the 70’s and 80’s. Now it’s an outdated model that will create extra volume in your hips and make your legs look shorter. Fashion experts have no confidence that these jeans won’t come back into trend. But in the meantime, make room for more current styles.


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