The 25 best braided bob styles


1: Braided bob

The back view of the bob braids gives a new perspective on the curl-free hairstyle. These neatly braided pigtails hang straight down from the bobs, creating a clean, geometric silhouette that emphasizes the craftsmanship of this sophisticated hairstyle.

2: Cornichon braids.

Chin-length bob root braids on dark skin create a striking contrast and a bold, empathetic aesthetic. Intricate bob braids attract light, drawing attention to the craftsmanship of each braid.

3: Shoemaker length

This shoulder-length hairstyle is adorned with pink and blonde braids and finished with a side braid for an unusual look. The vibrant color combination gives the traditional bob a playful and trendy look, making it a bold and lively fashion trend.

4: Braids

Dark blondes can show off their professional style with “box” braids for a longer length bob. Box braids create a voluminous textured hairstyle that looks not only stylish but also secure, striking a balance between traditional character and modern chic.

5: Side braids

A blonde updo adorned with side braids offers an unexpected twist to a classic style. The light hue emphasizes the braid details, and the side braids add an interesting visual element, creating an unusual, stylish look.

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