The 33 best bob haircuts and hairstyles you can’t miss out on

In the world of short haircuts, there is no haircut more popular than the bob haircut. A great bob haircut can emphasize your face! So we want to show you the best bob haircuts you can wear this season! Messy, layered clean, elegant and sleek hairstyles are just a few of the bob haircut options to look at. Despite the fact that this haircut is not that long, it keeps up with fashion. It is a fresh and colorful hairstyle. The bob haircut will always be an elegant and fashionable hairstyle for women. Its versatility gives it an edge over other hairstyles. If you are looking for something simple, trendy and stylish, the bob haircut is one of the best options. This popular hairstyle will require you to have long and thick hair. Do not be afraid if you have thin hair. There are many ways to create a bob hairstyle. The bob haircut, also called a bob (also known as a bob cut), is a short length angled haircut that requires styling the hair straight towards the jaw or chin and then trimming the ends. The original option is with bangs (fringe). The bob haircut can be versatile and styled along the entire length. The hairstyle can completely change your appearance and image. Bob hairstyles can be of different lengths and sizes. They can be either medium length or very short. You can also use other elements, from colors to decorative elements. It is proven that bob haircuts are gorgeous regardless of the shade. Honestly, the world of the bob is so vast and diverse that there is a style for every woman. Since this haircut provides the user with a wide range of options, it’s impossible to say that you won’t find the perfect concept for yourself. Based on style preferences, as well as hair type and facial features, you can choose a hairstyle that will quickly become your favorite style. The bob haircut is a popular and trendy style! My selection of the best bob hairstyles has something for every age and style. If you are looking for fantastic hairstyles and styles that range from elegant, styled and 𝓈ℯ𝓍y to carelessly elegant and shaggy, check out this article! Let’s take a look at the most famous variations of the bob haircut.


Long bob with rose gold and copper highlights

Straight hair looks amazing when styled in long bob hairstyles, which originated back in the “swinging” 60s. Sleek hairstyles look great on mestizo or thick hair with a little shape at the ends. Layers of gradient lengths in the front add visual interest to the hairstyle, and temporary, military highlights in rose gold and copper-bronze hues perfectly accentuate its beauty. A sleek long bob is a chic option for the fashionable woman. If you want to change your long hairstyle and give it an updated look, you can opt for this long bob haircut that will enhance the length of your face.

Choppy haircuts, cυte a long bob with a transition from white to golden blonde

Medium blondes are the most pleasing shades of blonde for people over the age of 25. The subtle flecks of golden color in the lighter shades of blonde in the front make this an attractive shade that suits a wide range of skin tones. The ends are a stunning combination of red and light blonde ends, and the strands are styled on the sides to create an interesting curl.

Simple, trendy and easy bob hairstyle for a girl

Hairstyles for women with wavy hair balayage, lob and womyn

Balayage hairstyle with a wavy lob combined with bronze 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢 highlights and balayage by Lynsey Great at Matthew Michael’s Portfolio salon. Photo: @mmseportfolio

Balayage haircut to lengthen meltoned hair

I love these military copper tones.

A long bob with a diamond-shaped end.

The 60’s retro is this season’s most popular fashion style. This retro hairstyle is the perfect way to update your long hair and feel comfortable head-to-toe! Long bob haircuts are best for thick and strong hair. This hairstyle has so many layers at the ends that it can be styled sideways or stylishly slicked back!

Choppy Medium bob on golden blonde hair

This bob haircut is one of the most trendy and colorful hairstyles that will suit anyone, so if you are looking for short haircuts suitable for women, try this one. The length of the bob is just above the chin, and thanks to the asymmetrical split on the other side, your stylist can tweak the shape of the bob so that it fits your face perfectly! There are no age restrictions either, and regardless of your age, you can wear stylish casυal twists on your long hair. Medium blonde is one of the most attractive shades of blonde!

Medium-short A-line bob with fringe and highlighted ends

The brυnette-length bob involves shaping at the back and then gradually lengthening the strands that sit on either side of the chin. Like the ’60s bob, it has a large straight transverse fringe covering the eyebrows. It gradually fades at the ends. The hair is thick, layered, with elongated side strands. Modern twists are seen in highlights on the long strands, which are neatly combed to give more volume.

Smooth bob with melilated hair

Hair color for short bob haircut The back view of this sleek bob shows that it has enough natural volume to give shape and body, but not too much that it flares out into an unflattering triangle. The bob haircut with black hair is slightly styled at the tips so that the hair closes better and stays in place. The trendy ombré hairstyle, consisting of dark roots and light colored hair ends, allows you to create an elegant bob full of modern style and confidence!

Evening bob with glamorous blonde and black-platinum balayage

You don’t need too long hair to look truly glamorous, as in this stylish and trendy short bob hairstyle! This is the perfect hairstyle for medium to thick hair, as it requires enough volume to create a voluminous, diamond-shaped look from the nape of the neck to the top of the head. The cut style takes the strain off of strong and thick hair. The ends curl perfectly from nape to top of the head and frame the face. Then add gorgeous plastic bands, black accents, and a long straight cross fringe and you have a very dramatic short bob!

Rebel blonde with chocolate roots

Hair color options that are suitable for old ladies: This looks more stylish than rock blonde and creates a gorgeous long bob with lots of “attitudes” to match the model’s sleeve tattoo. This long hairstyle consists of several layers, creating an amazing forward bias and red ends. Instead of stark contrasts in color, the sophisticated bob hairstyle showcases chocolate outgrown roots transitioning into light golden blonde strands. this is a sophisticated and eye-catching hairstyle!

Backcombed bob haircut with white-gold highlights

This elegant hairstyle is a trendy bob cut that looks great on medium to thick length hair. The thickness of the hair allows stylists to create backcombed hair that aυtoмatically pυff-υp the area below the top of the head to create an attractive romp. This contrasts with the geometry that is sharply angled at the sides. The pointed tips on the chin create a striking design that will appeal equally to tattooed teens and older men (with or without tattoos)!

Medium Length Shaggy Hair

This trendy messy hairstyle is great for wearing with trendy leather clothing. This is a “too cool to be cool” style hairstyle. The shortened length tapers at the back to red ends, located just a few centimeters above the chin level. Delicate hair, careless text and waves show off the stunning dark copper blonde color. This trendy media length hairstyle is perfect for thick media-textured hair (and also for fine hair if it’s relatively thick).

A-line bob in a varmint-blonde style with a long fringe

The easy-to-maintain hairstyle is a 60s classic favored by the chic and trendy fashionistas of the time. The A-line bob is perfect for medium to heavy hair with natural volume. Layers styled at the back create a natural lushness under the top of the head. The sharply curved side parts go down to the jaw line, framing the jawline and then framing the collarbone. A mid-career length bob with straight, smooth edges is the perfect base for a gorgeous golden blonde!

Stylish bob hairstyle with long blonde hair

Classic asymmetrical hairstyle is a very stylish and elegant option that will never go out of fashion for owners of healthy and thick blonde hair. The hair is curled at the ends to make it extra thick. The length of the hair is the same all over the head, except for a slight lengthening in the front to give a natural shape in the back. The long bob is split down the center to create a more flattering hairstyle for an oval shaped head or with an asymmetrical side parting. If one side is pulled back to show off the ear and the other side is secured with a drape that will peek out from this classic blonde hairstyle with red lipstick, you’ll have a very flirty style!

Pink faded shaggy hairstyle

This shaggy pink bob hairstyle, which can be worn paired with an elegant occasion dress, is the new flirty style. This is the next step to the elegant wavy platinum blonde hairstyle that you would like to change for spring/today. This is a great style for young women with trendy nose rings, as well as older ladies! This hairstyle can be done on thin or chalked hair, as bleaching and ripped curls and pronounced twisted waves give volume and thickness to the hair. This is also one of the bob hairstyles that suits any face shape, as the chin-length hairstyle looks great on all face types, and the style can be modified to enhance your look!

Wavy center cut bob haircut for an oval face

If you have an oval face with a diamond shape, a center parted bob with medium length hair will be very appealing! If you have naturally wavy hair, this haircut is perfect as it is easy to wear! The parting emphasizes the great shape of the face. The waves frame the face, emphasizing the lips and eyes. The elegance comes from the beautifully chosen ombré color, which goes from dark blonde roots to wheat blonde and then to shiny white-gold tips. This is also a fantastic haircut for those with a pointed or narrow chin. The extra volume at the chin level balances out a thin lower face!

Sea green color in long black bob haircuts

Gothic and black hairstyles are a great way to refresh your look for the spring and winter season with a fresh shade, such as deep sea green. The sloppy mid-length bob consists of long layers and has sharply textured ends that make the ends curl forward. With bright color, this bob should be kept clean and styled to look casual and flutter in the wind. If you are fair-faced and styling with a center parting is the perfect way to show off your facial features. If you have an oval or diamond shaped face, the parting can be tweaked to create an equally attractive look. A bob with a little volume on the side can also be a great way to add width to a thin face. This type of bob is suitable for straight hair that is coarse and stiff, with lots of natural volume.

Shaggy bob with reverse angle and kare blonde hair

If you don’t want to change the length of your hair and the long strands on the opposite side don’t suit you, try doing a reverse angled bob like here! In the front, the bob haircut is just below the chin in length, which suits almost all faces, and transitions into a longer haircut in the back. The sleek chunky bob is adorned with sharp tapered ends that make the edges look light and airy. The blonde bob emphasizes the weathered look and highlights the dark roots, giving the hairstyle relevance.

Dark blonde to wheat blonde ombré on lightly curled hair of a melty bob

The long bob is the perfect choice for fine to medium hair, as the layers are long enough for lightly textured hair to be styled into silky sections with pronounced waves. The gorgeous mobility of the hair is enhanced by the gorgeous dark blonde to blonde hue, giving the impression of radiant under layers. This is a simple hairstyle that is perfect for those with hectic lives. It is done with long layers and soft ends of textured colored hair. The highlights and waves give the hairstyle a bohemian look as well as femininity. Do you like this hair color? Check out other trendy hair color ideas here.

Long bob for long straight hair, with brown balayage dark blonde

Straight and long hair is one of those hairstyles that look stunning in this elegant bob. The coarse texture of the hair is the best way to create the most beautiful hairstyle. In this bob haircut, the bob is slightly shorter at the back and angled at the front. The ends of the hair are slightly undercut, allowing the hair to lay in a braid-like style, curled inwards towards the ends. No “split ends.” The sophisticated look of the hairstyle is due to the silky smoothness of the finish, which is a bob balayage, dip-dye and short length bob. Slightly slicked back strands give the hairstyle a “carefree motif” for an incredible everyday look! Other hairstyle options can be found at hairstylesweekly.som

White-gold-honey chunky long bob for hair with thick layers

The shaggy bob haircut has become one of the most fashionable hairstyles for those with naturally blonde or strong thick hair. The shaggy hairstyle rests on the body of the hair, giving it volume all over the head. It is an easy hairstyle that requires only minimal styling. This hairstyle is styled in long layers with tapered ends that create a sloppy look on the ends of the hair that reach the collarbone. On a methink blonde base, two highlights – white and honey-gold – give the hairstyle depth and color variety!

Medium length wavy hair on a dark blonde base with white-gold highlights

This is a stylish and charming shaggy medium length hairstyle. The bob suits a diamond-shaped face with a deep side parting that forms an arc across the face. It is positioned in such a way that it covers one eye, making it the most 𝓈ℯ𝓍y. It can be a great option for fine hair. The soft waves give it volume and texture. This chunky bob curl has long layers with softly textured ends that give the hairstyle an inner curve and keep your hair from falling apart if you have thick hair.

A long, sleek and angled bob of straight hair with cool blonde highlights

This is a fantastic bob haircut that will refresh the look of a straight long hairstyle. It is a great way to create an impression of elegance. This hairstyle can be done on fine or medium hair (provided there is plenty of hair), and it is a great way to show off your beautiful and healthy hair. The hair is styled in an angled bob that extends down from a shorter back, and then to longer ends on either side at the sides of the neck. If you choose a flat back, you can take advantage of highlights, and this style is a tight application of cool blonde highlights over a brunette base. A hairstyle with a bohemian chignon and long layers with delicately textured ends will be a natural part of the inner bob.

Front view of a long sleek hairstyle with sharp tips on a side parting

This strong bob is very easy to style and it doesn’t need any complicated and expensive hair products. This long bob can give extra definition and style to the regular long hair. The side parting creates an attractive diagonal line across the forehead, which is a great way to break up the shape of a diamond-shaped face or reduce a wide forehead. Flat sides can hide the width of the cheeks with pointed tips, and a steep slope at the back can help emphasize the highlight of a diamond face!

Long cool ombré with dark blonde hair and pronounced waves

This simple bob style hairstyle, suitable for hair from copper to fine blonde, shows how to bring brightness to long dark blonde hair in a beautiful way. The hair is styled to a medium length at the front and has lovely textured ends that create soft and fluffy curls to complete the blonde ombré. Waves on the sides are one of the most effective methods of adding volume to fine hair. The bleaching process also helps to strengthen the length of the hair. Sabre styling emphasizes the casual elegance of this delightful long hair style ѕimple!

Straight, simplе and straight hairstyles for long hair with wheat blond bob

The straight long bob is completely straight and minimal, and the cool wheat blond creates a cool impression. The shape of the haircut is a slanted back short haircut with a steep bend to longer sections on either side. The hair falls down to the chest area and is suitable for medium length hair with that natural volume. The hair is cut into a long hairstyle and the ends of the hair are textured to create a diamond shaped look. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with dry or normal scalp, as a smooth bob can look very oily. For an oval face shape, you can make a central parting, and for different face types – a side parting. This is a stylish style that draws attention to the natural beauty of the face and goes best with natural makeup. On hairstylesweekly.som you will find many other forehead style hairstyles.

A chin-length bob with a chunky haircut and glossy highlights

Hairstyles for women with short hair How did you know that just a medium length bob can make an elegant, wind-swept hairstyle? The bob is made up of sections of equal lengths along the octagon. They are sharply textured at the ends, which gives the hairstyle a shaggy look. It is easy to style and the chin-length is well suited to most face shapes, making it stylish and attractive! For medium thick hair that seems like it can think for itself, a shaggy bob can be a great choice!

Military chocolate bob with copper and bronze highlights, waves of curls

If you have a pale complexion, it will be more attractive with military shade hair. This chocolate bob hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles for spring! It is a diamond-shaped hairstyle with golden and copper-bronze highlights of the baize. Cυte haircuts and half-length karets. Although the photo shows a casυal dénim hairstyle in a casυal way, this bob haircut is perfect for any event, from Christmas or birthday parties to weddings. Ideal for chalky and fine hair with a touch of natural bouffant, this wavy hairstyle is styled with an angled bob, cool in the back and long on the sides!

Beautiful bob haircut for short length hair

As a result, you will get a lot of hairstyles and colors that will keep you completely confused for several years, or even more! The best way to change your hairstyle is to choose 3-4 photos of your most favorite options and shades to show to your stylist, who will help you decide on the shape of your face and the right shades to match your skin color! Do you like these bob hairstyles? Here are some more bob hairstyles options.


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