The 36 Cutest Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas Ever in 2023


The pixie bob haircut is a women’s short haircut that ranges in length between a pixie and a bob (from ear length to neck length). For those who are averse to haircuts, this modal haircut should be a great option!

Despite the short length, you’ll be surprised at how versatile this hairstyle is! It can be from one-length to angled, from mussed and shaggy to sleek, with a lush fringe in the front or lovely bangs on the side, or with a chic modal color.

Some of the ladies with the best pixies on TV who keep the hair cut trend alive include Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Mia Farrow and Shailene Woodley. But we should still thank the legendary owner of the pixie bob, Aυdrey Hepbυrn, who won everyone over with her natural curls!

More good news is that short hair requires less maintenance! Although, if you fall in love with the look too much, a visit to the trimmer once a month is necessary to maintain the length.

Still in doubt? Check out these current examples of the pixie bob haircut below!

#1:Asymmetrical pixie bob haircut

This pixie is bold yet graceful at the same time. It is a short asymmetrical bob haircut with a detachment. The sides and back of the haircut are done with scissors and are very tight to the head. The top part of the style is styled by pointing the haircut diagonally, guiding each section to the previous one. The asymmetrical pixie bob haircut is versatile and can be worn on either side. On lazy days, the fringe can be braided or pinned up with bobby pins. What I love about this look is the confidence it gives her. She feels 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, beautiful and strong.

Make sure this style is right for you. Most people have the misconception that short hair is easier. This is actually not the case. They require more careful styling, investment in good styling products and more frequent salon visits. When it comes to products, for short hair, I prefer Kengo Feather by Shυ Ueмυra. It’s a great texturizing cream that provides great hold without feeling sticky or greasy.

#2:Aυbυrn Bixie with long curls.

A bixie with long layers is a great way to lengthen your hair in the front, but shorten it in the back. This way the hair will appear more bouffant but still maintain its length. The bixie cut is one of the most sought-after hairstyles nowadays because it offers the resilience of a pixie and the versatility of a bob. If you have the opportunity, make an appointment for a haircut every 3-4 weeks to maintain that short, skin tight length at the nape of your neck.

#3:Sexy pixie bob with feathers

With a short haircut, you can do all sorts of different styles. In my experience, the pixie bob hairstyle with feathers gives you the best of both worlds. You have enough length to create hairstyles from sleek to sleigh bells. At the same time, it’s so short that you can put your hairstyle together with minimal time spent on styling.

#4:Long pixie bob with blonde balayage

A long pixie bob with blonde balayage is a stylish chic look that everyone will notice! If you do heavier sections of balayage throughout the length of your hair, it will give it a beautiful look. I recommend styling your hair in soft waves to make the blonde stand out.

#5:Stacked dark brown pixie bob.

When it comes to the pixie bob haircut, wear it with a sloppy texture to make the look lively and keep it modern. Avoid too short a haircut near the face and ears to give the hairstyle softness and grace. This also gives the hairstyle more versatility. Ask for longer layers from the top of your head forward with texture. I recommend using a dry finishing product such as a texturizing spray or matte paste. Both products will create definition and hold without creating a wet, shiny look.

#6:Beautiful bixie tapered haircut with dark roots

Think of a beautiful tapered bixie with dark roots. The bixie is a mixture of bob and pixie, the perfect length that allows you to look soft. The ears stay closed and can be tucked in the back for versatility. If you like a slicked back, one of the best ways to achieve this is to do a slicked back bob on this area. The bixie is a short, stylish haircut that remains relevant.

#7:Soft rose gold colored biksie

Soft rose gold bixie is a great haircut if you’ve decided on a shorter haircut and want to try the pixie feel without having to use it. Soft rose gold is another way to get familiar with trendy colors if you’ve never used them before. These soft tones don’t last longer than a week or two, so be sure to book a 4-6 week appointment to refresh your color and hairstyle.

#8:Stυnning Brown and Blonde Bixie

Brown and blonde bixie is the perfect contrasting hair color for those who can’t decide between brown and blonde shades. The brown color at the roots will not only create depth, but will also make it much easier to grow out if you have naturally blonde hair. Not all blonde hair requires special care. Just ask your stylist to do balayage if you want mixed blonde highlights.

#9:Pixie bob with long side bangs

Try a versatile style – the pixie bob with long side bangs. Thanks to my years of experience, the pixie bob goes very well with all faces and figure types. The pixie bob hairstyle can be done in many different ways. This will allow you to make the perfect hairstyle for yourself.

#10:Soft blonde with a long pixie bob

Possessors of fine and thick hair can wear a long pixie bob haircut. Instead of styling in this case, shorter pieces are used, which gives the hairstyle a more severe look. Make sure you find a stylist who specializes in razor cuts and/or short haircuts to get the best experience.

#11:Red styled bixie with layers

One of the best short haircuts is the stacked bixie with layers. This attractive haircut and red color will look great on you if you want to lengthen the pixie and change the color.

#12:Textured red pixie bob with bangs and side strands

Add side curls to a textured pixie bob with bangs to give your hairstyle a graceful twist. The pixie can be customized to your face shape by adding texture and cuteness in all the right places. Adding those sloppy side strands will help give the face a twist. Bangs can be worn straight or slicked to the side by making them longer with texture.

#13:White blonde with pixie bob style

White blonde pixie bobs with layers are always a classic! Ask your stylist to add some disparate layers to make the hairstyle more expressive and beautiful. A pixie bob is always easy to style with a blow dryer and a flat iron around the edge of the head. If more volume is required, you can comb the top and front of the head. Always finish with a texturizing cream or spray to give your hair definition.

#14:Pixie bob haircut for older women

The pixie bob haircut looks best on older women and requires less maintenance. To create a voluminous and beautiful hairstyle, it is enough to make a light styling with a hair dryer, using a flat brush and all over the head. Once dry, apply a paste or pomade to add volume and texture to the hairstyle. This technique can be done symmetrically or asymmetrically for a more dramatic look.

#15:Neck-length tapered pixie bob

The neck-length tapered pixie bob is the perfect low-maintenance haircut. The short back section will get the hair off your neck and cool you down, while the long front section will give you the opportunity to play with the length of your hair.

#16:Layered pixie bob.

The layered elements of this hairstyle create a great edgy look.

My advice to anyone who wants to do this kind of hairstyle is to be prepared to have to style it. I compare this hairstyle to bangs because it requires frequent visits to the salon for maintenance to keep the shape and ease of styling.

This haircut is detailed, so hair type, texture and growth pattern are specified and are an important part of the final result. Styling can present some difficulty for those with a bob, but with the help of products such as pomade, hairspray and smoothing serum, most hairstyles can be styled quite easily. For lazy or active days, Bobby headbands and hairpins will be your best friend.

#17:The inverted pixie bob for those over 60

The inverted pixie bob for women over 60 is an amazing hairstyle to try. The silhouette that this haircut creates is extremely attractive and will help you look and feel amazing. When styling your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant such as Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense.

#18:Bixie Cυt

If you are thinking about a pixie bob haircut, opt for a bixie bob haircut. For diamond and square shaped faces, a bixie or pixie bob haircut will balance out your features. Ask for an asymmetrical part and long hair with a side parting in the front. This will create the illusion of softer longer hair. At the back, add short textured hair to complete the pixie look and give the hairstyle volume and definition through the top of the head.

#19:Pixie bob haircut for fine hair

There is something about thin haircuts that makes you feel and look liberated. This hairstyle is for those who are always on trend, but still find time to let themselves go.

#20:Shaggy Pixie Bob Cυt.

Despite the short length, long layers make this hairstyle suitable for a bob as well. Show off your hair color and texture while maintaining a fresh look.

#21:A relatable bob for a pink face

Romond pixie haircut with side bangs makes the face look narrower. It really helps to make the cheeks more defined.

#22:Pixie bob with bangs

Gorgeous blonde bangs on pixie bob haircut. Short bob haircut in romanway style is suitable for everyday life.

#23:Short Bixie hairstyle.

Opt for a chunky pixie bob haircut with strong texturing! A sea salt spray and teasing will make this gorgeous bixie hairstyle shine.

#24:Bob with long side parting

Now you won’t sacrifice length when creating a shorter haircut! Loose curls near the face can create a softening effect and balance out the sharp angles of the pixie bob.

#25:Pixie bob for thick hair

The pixie bob haircut for thick hair gives you more options for creating hairstyles and styling. Of course, with a relatively short haircut, the length is maintained.

#26:Bob for thick hair

This pixie bob haircut is the result of a woman growing out her previously very short hair. It is longer than a pixie, but not yet a bob. It is styled, voluminous and lightweight.

For those who are rich enough to get a beautiful hairstyle, this style is perfect if you just want to wash your hair and air dry it with minimal products. It is easy to care for and is suitable for all ages but still has a natural thickness. Textured texture is essential to creating this look.

#27:The perfect bob for black hair

Q&A with style creator, Stevie CookHairdresser @ Indigo Salon & Spa in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

This hairstyle is a very sleek and soft “grown out” or long pixie cut. It has soft lines and a long fringe, so those who may be a little afraid to go for a short haircut will feel that they still have the opportunity to play with the length.

The hairstyle can be styled in a side parting, slicked back, or made softer, which is my favorite thing about this look. Anyone can wear this hairstyle and will have styling options. It is suitable for any face shape and hair type.

What advice do you have for those considering this model?

By all means, do it! I love this haircut so much. This hairstyle would work for any face shape, but if you have a rosty face shape, I would make the fringe a little more disheveled and shorter than the jaw line.

This hairstyle doesn’t require much effort to style, so it’s great for those who have an active lifestyle, work a lot, or want to look cool and a little extreme without putting in a lot of effort.

Lightly styled with a blow dryer to add volume to the hair and finished with a cream wax to give it definition and separation. This hairstyle will absolutely work for short cut hair as well.

#28:Textured red pixie bob

Choose a long textured pixie haircut. This haircut is so good because you can do so many things with it. You can wear it sleek or bold. This is one of those hairstyles that can be versatile.

You must have time in your day to do the styling. It takes minimal time to style, but with short hair you have to do it or it just won’t look good.

Make sure you look for a stylist who is confident with styling short hair, and they can give you a comfortable hairstyle!

#29:Short pixie bob.

This is a layered pixie bob. The longer hair in the front and on the sides give it grace, while the short tapered length in the back takes away unnecessary volume and shows off a beautiful neck. The highlights give the hairstyle a beautiful touch and make it more expressive.

This hairstyle allows you to create many different looks. Before you resort to it, make sure you understand your texture, thickness and face shape. You want the bob to emphasize your best features.

To get a hairstyle like the one pictured, first blow dry your hair with a blow dryer using your fingers and lift it, directing air toward the roots and base to create volume. Finish the style with a brush to add softness and control. Apply a styling wax to the hair, which should be lightweight. It should provide enough control over the shape of the hairstyle without making it stiff.

For an elegant evening look – apply a strong or medium hold gel to loose hair and slick it back or make a deep side parting.

For an eye-catching look – blow dry your hair towards your face (not away from it), then apply a light serum or pomade.

To create a Mohawk or pompado hairstyle – first blow dry your hair with a blow dryer using your fingers. Lift and direct air at the roots to add volume. Use a brushing comb on the top of the head area away from the face. Next, place a pair of Velcro curlers that are 1.5 inches in diameter. Curl your hair back a few inches at the top of your head – only if you need to add extra volume. Style the hair on the sides with a texturizing cream or paste and run your fingers along the top of the head. Finish the style with hairspray for extra hold and control.

This haircut will suit those who love versatility or just have a short layered haircut.

#30:Long pixie bob.

If you want a change, opt for a long pixie bob. Just consider how much time you spend on your hairstyle. Long pixie bobs are generally low maintenance.

Styling products are probably the main factor in creating a stylish pixie bob hairstyle. Use the best shampoo, conditioner, hair paste or wax, and a heat protectant.

If in doubt, just do it! A good hairdresser will be able to determine which pixie cut will suit you best.

#31:Gorgeoυs Pixie Back View

Make a versatile hairstyle, such as a pixie bob. You can style it either sideways or in the middle. It is a clean, sophisticated and trendy hairstyle at the same time. This haircut requires special care, you need to wash it once in 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape of the haircut. This haircut is great for oval, square and pink face shapes and for thin hair that would like to make more volume. All you need to do is add a little stain, pink brushing, blow dry with a hair dryer for 5 minutes and you’re all set.

#32:Pixie bob with layers

For a painless transition to short hair, try a pixie bob with layers. The pixie bob is perfect for those who want to transition to a more modest style, and the layering makes it easy to style. The pixie bob is very easy to style and maintain, but it often requires at least one blowout a day. The need for grooming can vary depending on how clean and fresh you want your haircut to look. Those who prefer the clean look of a hairstyle will likely need more styling and shaping treatments than those who prefer a more relaxed and lively style.

#33:Stacked pixie bob.

The stacked pixie bob haircut is perfect for those who want to change up their regular bob or pixie. This style retains the facial framing characteristic of a chin-length bob, while the back is cut like a pixie. The styled pixie bob is a hybrid style that will appeal to those with short hair.

#34:Blonde pixie bob for women over 50 years old

The blonde pixie bob is perfect for those over 50 who want to keep their hair fresh. The pixie bob is low maintenance, easy to style and adds volume to fine hair while keeping the style trendy and simple. Graduation at the nape of the neck lengthens the neck and gives a neat look to overgrown hair at the base of the head.

#35:Short platinum bixie hairstyle

Try a short bixie hairstyle with platinum highlights if you want something a little more revealing. The bixie, a haircut in the form of a bob and pixie put together, is heavily mussed and layered, giving intense ends that frame the face. The length is longer than a pixie but shorter than a bob.


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