The 50 best types of pixie haircuts from behind

1: Back view of a short pixie haircut

The back view of short pixie haircuts, particularly the layered pixie bob, is a dynamic and stylish look. The layers give the hairstyle depth and grace. The length of the pixie bob increases slightly in the back, creating an interesting visual contrast that looks modern and chic.


2: Front and back views

The short pixie haircut, shown both front and back, is eye-catching when dyed in color bright pink. The front part shows the boldness of the hairstyle, while the back part emphasizes precision and craftsmanship. The pink color gives the classic haircut a playful, adventurous character.

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3: Low-waisted Pixie

The low-waisted pixie, viewed from the back, is a bold element in the blonde hair. The clean, shoulder-length hairstyle contrasts with the red pixie cut at the top of the head, creating a distinctive style. The light color accentuates the overall look of the hairstyle, making it ultra-modern and unforgettable for those looking to stand out.

4: Asymmetrical pixie

The asymmetrical pixie cυtshown from behind is a great choice for thick hair. The back view shows the different lengths, which gives this hairstyle originality. The asymmetry combined with the natural volume of the hair creates an unusual and stylish silhouette that is both modern and versatile.

5: Choppy Pixie

Long pixie haircuts, both front and back, are perfect for those with short hair. The front view emphasizes the appeal of the haircut to the face, while the back view emphasizes the layers and length. Chopping adds texture and cuteness, creating a current yet wearable look.

6: Back view of a pixie haircut

7: Textured pixie for fine hair

If your hair needs a rest, choose one of the fantastic fashionable pixie hairstyles for fine hair and watch your hair regain its shine and luster. Give your hairstyle extra volume at the back with styling and add volume to the top of your head with a deep parting and side fringe.

8: Silver pixie cut

This is a textural red haircut with a short to medium parting that has a casual feel to it.

9: Classic detached pixie bob

This is the classic detached pixie bob. The sides and back of the haircut are three times shorter than the top, almost like a chic pompadour. It’s a very airy, textured haircut.

10: Boyish tapered pixie.

For an androgynous hairstyle, look out for a tapered pixie cut in which the hair gets shorter from the front of the head to the back of the head. When it comes to bangs, ask your hairdresser to make them softer so that they frame your face nicely.

11: Choppy Pixie Shave.

To create a short pixie length just below your ears, trim your hair with a razor and curl it back. Leave the bangs straight.

12: Short pixie cut

13: Short pixie Cυt back view

14: Pixie Cυt front and back view

15: Cυte Pixie Cυts.

16: Very Short Pixie Jacket

17: Pixie Cυt 2023.

18: Pixie cut for thin hair

19: Pixie cut for thick hair

20: Pixie hairstyle 2023

21: Pixie Cυt Black Hair

22: Long Pixie Cυt.

23: Pixie Cυt front and back view

24: Pixie with a low waist

25: Back view of a pixie hairstyle

26: Pixie hairstyle for thick hair

27: Pixie hairstyle with bangs

28: Short pixie haircut

29: Undercυt Pixie

30: Pixie Cυt rear view


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