Torn pixie with bangs: haircut technique, benefits and 10 stylish ideas

Despite the fact that the pixie haircut appeared in the 60s of the last century, it still looks avant-garde and ultra-modern. Gone are the days when this hairstyle was thought to be the choice of young girls committed to grunge style. Nowadays, businesswomen, TV presenters, fashion bloggers and even elderly ladies who kept their youth in their souls are flaunting pixies.


Torn pixie haircut technique

The classic version of this haircut uses a combination of open ears, short nape and longer hair on the top and bangs. The ripped pixie is characterized by multilevel strands, thanks to which the effect of lightness and carelessness is created.

Types of bangs for a ripped pixie

Bangs can be one-sided, disintegrate on both sides, be cut in the form of an arch. Asymmetry, combined with a shaved temple on one side and elongated bangs look good.


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