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Fashion is the most capricious lady who sets us stylish trends. Everything that was irrelevant yesterday is gaining popularity again today. In the article we will talk about the “half” coloring, which many stars have already tried, and you can do it yourself at home.


How to make “half” staining at home

As the name implies, hair is dyed in two different colors, while one side can be left in its natural color. To make the coloring, you need to very evenly and accurately divide the strands into two equal sides, the parting must be separated, starting from the bridge of the nose. After one part of the hair must be tightly tightened with an elastic band and removed so as not to accidentally dye it.

Usually ladies choose contrasting shades for half coloring. If the difference between the colors is not too noticeable, then the effect of staining will be completely lost.

If you have dark hair, then achieving beauty in the style of half coloring will not work the first time. To do this, you will have to lighten one side, and only then paint it in a bright shade.

Next, the staining process begins, be sure to cover the painted part with foil so that it does not touch the other side.

And one more important point. Rinse your hair one at a time after coloring. If mixed, it may not come out the shade that you planned.

Trendy shades for “half” staining

To get a trendy look, choose the brightest shades for coloring. As stylists note, the most popular color of this summer is light green. You can choose yellow, blue, pink for half-coloring, red shades are also suitable. Along with the last color, you can choose chestnut staining on one side.

If you want to do a half coloring in a salon, then you can choose more complex shades and techniques. For example, an extract from a natural color to a brighter and more extravagant one will look very nice. You can even try to make light green roots, make the ends of the hair pink with a stretch.

Summer is a great time for bold experiments. It is in this season that bright coloring is again relevant. If you want to get the most juicy and noticeable image, then choose the trendy half coloring with the brightest shades.

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