Wavy styles for short hair for chic ladies


1. Short bob haircut for wavy hair

An inverted bob with soft waves looks amazing on blonde hair. In addition, the ash brown roots look very natural.

2. Short wavy hair with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs can be a bit risky. Especially such short bangs are a complete outrage! If you have a cute face shape, this haircut may suit you. If you don’t like your bangs or your new haircut, you can use some bangs and scarves to create a new look.

3. Short hairstyle for thick, wavy hair

Owners of thick hair, we offer you a beautiful bob hairstyle. You can get a very stylish and cool look.

4. Short wavy hair in pixie style

5. Cυt short wavy medium length hair

6. Short cut red bob

7. short hair of the same length

8. Uneven waves

9. Short black hair

10. Short hair Lυcy Hale

11. Hair color for short hair

12. Blonde inverted bob

13. Ombre Color

14. Shorty Bob Cυt

15. Asymmetrical short haircut

16. Copper Balayage Bob

17. Beige blonde

18. Cυrly wavy hair.

19. bob with side part

20. Hair graying in brown color

21. Blυnt Cυt

22. Fine short wavy hair

23. Wavy bob with side bangs

24. Long blonde bob

25. Cυte Messy Wavy Hair


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