What you will look like in your old age


You’ve probably noticed that everyone ages differently. Some people get their first wrinkles at 30, others barely have any at 50, but the contours of their face sag.

Do you want to know what age-related changes are waiting for you and when they will appear? Then it’s time to read this article and learn about the main types of aging.

In total, there are 4 types of facial aging:

1. Tired.

This type is considered successful because all changes occur naturally. It is usually found in people with normal or dry skin, oval or diamond-shaped face.

In people with a tired type, all the stress, lack of sleep, flights are literally reflected on the face. Also, as a rule, in the morning the face looks much fresher than in the evening. By evening it becomes dull, the corners of the lips droop, all the folds become clearly visible. And every year this situation is getting worse.

The main advantage – the skin reacts very quickly to quality care and good sleep, its condition changes for the better immediately.

2. Fine-wrinkled.

The skin of people of this type is usually dry, very thin and sensitive.

On the one hand, due to the lack of moisture, the first wrinkles appear very early.

But on the other hand, under the skin there are no large fat packs, so the face does not float down, the contour remains correct.

The most important thing in caring for the fine-wrinkle type is to keep your skin moisturized.


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