10 haircut ideas for women for this year

The bob haircut is glamorous, beautiful and low maintenance. The bob haircut will save you a lot of time and effort in your daily styling. Most pixie haircuts take no more than 10 minutes to style in the morning, so you’ll have more time to ring your alarm clock or linger at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee.

Many women are surprised to learn that the bob-kare is as versatile as it is versatile. There are countless different hairstyles that are designed to blend spectacularly with many different face shapes, skin tones, etc. There is no face type that would not suit a bob haircut. If you think that a bob haircut won’t suit you, then you just haven’t found the right bob haircut for you. Check out these 10 trendy bob haircuts to see how many variations of your favorite pixie haircut are available without styling.

1- Rose Byrne’s detached bob:


A side parted bob with soft blonde ends and front blonde bangs can be a great party hairstyle. Accessorize it as she does with heavy, long earrings.

2. Ashley Zimpson’s graduated bob:


This graduated bob haircut could be the top haircut in town. Boyish, yet very colorful at the same time. Try on this hairstyle and grab all the compliments.

3. Cυte Feather Pixie by Frankie Sandford:This cυte pixie hairstyle could be a million dollar show. You just need to be confident enough to wear it.4. Scarlett Johansson’s asymmetrical bob haircut:

You don’t have to be the Black Widow from The Avengers to wear this hairstyle. You just have to be brave enough to create a look like this.

5. Katie Holmes Classic Bob:


This haircut is the perfect variant of the traditional bob haircut. If you are a perfectionist and don’t like to experiment, choose this hairstyle. This haircut has been popular for many years, and judging by the trends, it will remain one of the most favorite among 2013 bob haircuts.

Stylecraze ShaysThis short haircut, also called blonde, lengthens the face and balances out long face shapes.6. Cυrly Short Cropped Bob by Milla Jovovich:

If you have a sharp long face like Milla Jovovich, try the Cυrly Short Cropped Bob hairstyle. It will help you look very sophisticated and stylish.

7. Side parted bob by Rihanna:

Rihanna always attracts the attention of the public with her new trendy hairstyles. In this hairstyle, she shows a beautiful bob with large ends, which thanks to the big curls became just perfect. Would you like to try it?

8. Rihanna’s short asymmetrical hairstyle:

Here she is again with a cool bob style hairstyle. Will you have the courage to try this hairstyle? It’s a short boyish style haircut, but with long bangs in the front that have been trimmed even more.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow’s sleek neck-length haircut:

Not a fan of fancy bobs? Try this sleek bob that will give you both length and style.

10. Victoria Beckham’s graduated choppy bob:

She is known for her sophisticated styles. Here she shows off a bob haircut that looks quite sophisticated and trendy – it is one of the most popular bob haircuts. In this hairstyle, the hair is cut gradually from short in the back to long in the front.

11. Nicole Richie’s short wavy bob:

The more wavy texture in this hairstyle is a highlight and gives it the necessary zest. The length is kept just above the chin and the wavy layers create the desired softness. This short wavy haircut is suitable for all face shapes except pear-shaped. This beautiful wavy hairstyle is perfect for girls with short hair who don’t need bangs.

12. bob with ends by Kylie Jenner:

In this bob hairstyle with long ends, the smooth sides point towards the face and the front ends fall just below the chin. The thick bangs in the front, falling right above the eyes, give the hairstyle a beautiful and mysterioformed look. If you have thick hair, then this bob hairstyle with blonde ends will help you look amazing.

13. Taylor Swift Sparring Bob:

The bob hairstyle with veil is a cool hairstyle that is becoming more and more popular. This hairstyle is best for those who don’t want to cut off their long curls completely, but still want to have a short bob. This simple yet 𝓈ℯ𝓍y hairstyle is sure to make heads turn.

14. Big Bob Kelly Osborne:

If you love your bobs but can’t manage them, this bob hairstyle is the one for you. This hairstyle is a nice variation on the vintage bob theme and is an enthusiastic favorite among girls. The large curls in this hairstyle will give you a youthful and fresh look. The face framing curls will suit any face shape.

15. Jenny McCarthy’s neck-length bob:

The choppy neck-length bob is definitely a head-turning hairstyle that maintains the basic bob style of a center part and an even length. The length in this hairstyle is maintained just below the chin and above the shoulders. This symmetrical hairstyle is best suited for square and pink face shape.

16. Long bob by Thandie Newton:

If too short bangs are not to your liking, but you still want to have a lush bob, then this style will suit you just fine. The long bob is an interesting new hairstyle that will help you look bold and effortless. The long bob, better known as a lob, goes well with any face shape.

According to Stylecraze, long bobs look best on hair that has already undergone a lightening treatment: balayage, ombré or highlighter. The coloring will give your hair the intensity and volume it needs without looking lifeless.17. Heidi Klυm’s shoulder-length bob hairstyle:

If you don’t want to test your fate with very short hair, then this hairstyle is for you. In this picture, Heidi looks stunning with a shoulder length bob hairstyle with a side parting. This bob hairstyle makes her look youthful. So, for all those who don’t want to style their hair and still look young, this hairstyle will suit best and the side bangs emphasize her face.

18. Selena Gomez Hair length with straight bangs Hairstyle:

Selena Gomez looks stylish yet loving in this hairstyle! This hairstyle is perfect for younger people. The straight bangs emphasize the overall look of the hairstyle.

19. Anne Hathaway’s bob

Anne Hathaway was spotted with this bob! This hairstyle features chin-length hair with side-swept bangs. This length helps emphasize the shape of her face and gives her an innocent look that is simply adorable.


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