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History of the snake tattoo

Old-school snake on the arm
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The snake has various meanings, such as. power or revivalThey vary from culture to culture. In some religions it is a sacred being, while in others it represents evil or temptation.

The snake in different cultures :

  • On the site Native American and African CulturesSnakes are associated with rain and lightning.
  • В West AfricaSnakes are used as a symbol of wisdom and are considered guardians of sacred temples.
  • В Buddhism, The Buddha in meditation is protected by a divine serpentine being.
  • В Greek MythologyThe god Asclepius is associated with the serpent. The staff of Asclepius is a stick surrounded by a serpent and is a symbol of health and medicine. It is used by health organizations around the world. Many medical services, universities, and army medical corps have included this image in their logo.

Snakes have the peculiarity of molting, which allows them to heal. This peculiarity has made this animal a symbol of rebirth and transformation.. The idea of the snake shedding its old skin resonates with many people who wish to personify change in their lives.

Snakes are also associated with the idea ofimmortalityespecially throughOuroboroswhich is one of the most popular symbols of Norse mythology. This symbol is also found in African culture Dahomeyans. It is a sign of the circle of life, as the snake is depicted winding around the Earth. В Egyptian mythology.the serpent appears in the form of a serpent god named Mehen who coils himself around the sun god Ra.

In short, the snake is an animal with many meanings, which has made it a very popular tattoo over the years. To help you with your choices, we’ve selected 100 snake tattoo designs!

The 10 best tattoo designs for two people

Snake and sword tattoo on his back
Instagram @tattooer Intat

These snake tattoos around a sword on the back, a symbol of renewal, are for a couple with a new outlook on life.

Discreet snake tattoo on arm
© Instagram @nicetattooparlor

Discreet snake tattoos on your arm as proof of love and victory for two. Simple but very elegant!

Snake tattoo for a couple
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A red and pink patterned snake as a bracelet for a woman and a gray and black snake for a man. Beautiful tattoos on the wrist!

Minimalist snake tattoo on hand
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An expression of loyalty, love and solidarity in a couple with a mini snake tattoo on your arm.

Snake and flowers tattoo on hand
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A sign of affection for others, this snake tattoo with flowers for two is very popular.

Royal cobra snake tattoo on forearm
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What’s the point of being together if you don’t protect each other? We can prove it with the royal cobra tattoo, a symbol of protection, on your forearm, as shown here.

Snake tattoo on groin and forearm
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Sublime black and white snake tattoos in the groin, a sexual symbol of fertility, and on the forearm, a symbol of strength and protection.

Snake tattoo on arm
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Take this beautiful snake tattoo for couples to engrave on your arm to express your will for success and eternal life together.

Musical note Snake tattoo on wrist
Instagram @bium Tattoo

There’s nothing more beautiful to illustrate your love for your loved one than having these mini snakes tattooed on your wrist, resembling a triangle between little strings.

Geometric snake tattoo Caduceus
© Instagram @polyc Sj

Gorgeous caduceus tattoos with geometric shapes, a sign of harmony, peace and unity for people who love each other.

Snake tattoos for women

The snake tattoo has so many positive connotations for women. A symbol of love and fertility, they wear them with pride to thank life.

Snake on forearm and hand

Multicolor floral snake tattoo on the arm
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How beautiful to see this snake tattoo with a floral inner pattern and subtle combination of colors on your forearm.

Snake and heart tattoo on arm
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Black and gray heart snake tattoo with no outline, but just shading in red on the arm.

Minimalist snake and green leaves tattoo
Instagram @bium Tattoo

Fall in love with this minimalist snake tattoo that snakes its way through green leaves in thin lines on the inside of your arm.

Floral snake tattoo on the arm
© Instagram @lookatthe Dokhwa

Creative with this bluff tattoo where we can admire a snake with the branches of a flower, a leaf and its skeletal head or even a flower with a stem and pistil shaped like a snake’s head.

Snake tattoo on shoulder and arm
© Instagram @tattooer Intat

A tattoo with a brown snake spreading across her shoulder and arm to express her attachment to life and her pride in having a baby.

Snake skin tattoo on sleeve
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Decorate your sleeve with this excellent snakeskin tattoo, a symbol of renewal associated with the phenomenon of molting, during which the snake adorns itself with new skin.

Marble snake tattoo on forearm
Instagram @inker land

A beautifully marbled snake tattoo with a predominance of black and brown on my forearm. Now that’s art!

Pink snake tattoo on forearm
Instagram @zvee. .tt

Fall in love with this colorful tattoo that’s both symbolic and cute: basic snake and crescent motifs adorned with stars and a heart on your forearm.

Snake and moon skeleton tattoo
© Instagram @tattooer Intat

This tattoo with the stroked outline of a snake skeleton and a full moon on your forearm expresses your desire to stand out from the crowd.

    Snake skin tattoo
© Pinterest

How adorable is this snakeskin tattoo, running along half of your forearm to your fingernails.

A tattoo of a snake and two hands
© Instagram @ghinkos

A combination of snake and hand motifs in a tattoo representing both solidarity and inner peace.


In front of you is a gray snake and crescent moon tattoo with a subtle astral ornament on your forearm.

Neo traditional cobra snake tattoo
Instagram @jj.neotraditional

A traditional neotraditional cobra tattoo adorned with flowers, illustrating the wearer’s protection.

Arm and wrist tattoo

Two-headed snake tattoo on wrist
Instagram @ Dr Woo

For the wise and graceful woman in you, there’s nothing better than this beautiful tattoo of a snake coiled on your wrist and its two heads spread across your arm.

Mini snake tattoo on your wrist
© Instagram @tattooer Jina

Minimalistic snake tattoo, but with a lot of meaning!

Duo snake bracelet tattoo
Instagram @bium Tattoo

Appreciate the beauty of this tattoo bracelet in the form of a duo of snakes with mini floral embellishments.

Snake and flowers tattoo on arm
© Instagram @onyo Ttt

A snake passing between the petals of a beautiful flower as a tattoo on my arm.

Minimalist snake tattoo on finger
© Instagram @joannamroman

Prudence, femininity and fertility take center stage with this superb mini snake tattoo on your finger.

5 styles of back tattoos

Snake and forbidden fruit tattoo

A typically feminine snake tattoo you can get on your back with a ripe red apple and its wilted green leaves.

Snake tattoo on dagger and roses
© Instagram @tattooer Intat

Cover your back with this stunning combination of snake, dagger, rose and ornament motifs all around.

Heart tattoo with snake and hyacinth
© Pinterest

A very expressive colorful tattoo depicting a snake and its harmful hyacinth flowers. The heart they form together shows that we always have the power to positively change the turn of events.

Snake duo yin yang tattoo
Instagram @tattooer Intat

A tattoo of two snakes forming a yin-yang symbol on the back, a sign of balance between opposing forces.

    Snake and phoenix tattoo.
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The colors and patterns chosen for this back tattoo are gorgeous.

Chest drawings.

Decorative snake duo sternum tattoo
Instagram @morganetattooing

Beautiful tattoo of snakes looking into each other’s eyes, with a crescent moon, dots, and other decorations on the sternum.

Snake tattoo on chest and abdomen
© Instagram @elsetattoo

This black and white tattoo of a snake crawling from your belly to your chest is a feminine style worth adopting.

Colorful space snake tattoo
© Instagram @eunyutattoo

How beautiful and understated is this mini space snake tattoo with a beautiful purple and blue coloring!

Snake and Peony Tattoo
© Instagram @liana Joy Tattoo

Tattoo of a snake, symbol of rebirth and peony flowers, symbol of prosperity and harmony, tattooed on my chest. Very sexy!

Green snake tattoo.

Simple originality with this long green snake tattoo under the chest. Just wow!

Snake on my leg.

Colored gradient snake tattoo
© Pinterest

Mini snake tattoo with gradient pink and dots on the foot.

Snake tattoo on leg and foot
Instagram @dalila Wolf

Marvel at the elegance of this snake tattoo with a long tail on the leg and tongue on the foot. Very feminine style!

Snake, lily and rose duo tattoo
© Pinterest

Snake and white fleur-de-lis on the left leg and another aggressive snake around a red rose, with its mouth wide open on the right leg. A tattoo full of love and affection.

Black and white snake on ankle tattoo
© Instagram @elsetattoo

How gorgeous is this black and white snake tattoo with little dots, leaves and stripes on the skin.

Minimalist snake ankle tattoo
Instagram @bium Tattoo

A small snake tattoo on my ankle that slides on a thin red cord.

Snake tattoos on other body parts

Snake and flowers on a groin tattoo

The femme fatale beauty is highlighted by this sublime snake and peony flower tattoo on her groin.

    Colorful snake and eye tattoo on her thigh
© Pinterest

Sensational new thigh tattoo with a realistic reptilian eye between two beautifully colored snakes.

© Pinterest

What woman wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable tattoo depicting a black snake sticking out its bifurcated tongue and wrapped around a rose stem?

Heart and snake tattoo on thigh

Colorful gradient snake zigzagging around a heart tattoo on my thigh. Very eye-catching!

Snake and flowers tattoo on hip and thigh
© Instagram @tritoan 7th

Aesthetic and stunning – so many positive adjectives to describe this snake and flower tattoo on my hip and thigh.

    Realistic red cobra and eye tattoo on thigh
© Instagram @one Million. Tattoos

Tattoo of a red royal cobra, sign of nobility, revealing a woman’s realistic eyes.

Cobra snake tattoo on thigh and leg
© Instagram @saskiapatrice

Sexy black and white royal cobra tattoo that extends from hip to leg. Sexy and very meaningful!

Snake and ruby tattoo under the collarbone
© Instagram @tattooist Coldy

The snake wrapped around the ruby under the collarbone are both signs of protection, energy and strength.

3d snake tattoo on collarbone

The deceptive realism of this snake tattoo that seems to go through the skin at the collarbone.

Snake tattoo on chest and arm
© Instagram @izavisualiza

A very original snake tattoo on my arm with an open mouth, body slung over my shoulder, and a tail following the curve under my chest.

Coastal snake skeleton tattoo
© Pinterest

Sublimate your coastline with this mysterious and artistic snake skeleton tattoo.

Snake and camellia tattoo on your collarbone and shoulder
© Instagram @onyo Ttt

Colorful tattoo with a snake passing between flowers, leaves and stems of a camellia on her shoulder and collarbone.

45 snake tattoo designs for men

Men really like the snake motif in tattoos. It is a symbol of strength, courage and ambition.

The most beautiful snake tattoos on the forearm

Snake skin flap tattoo on forearm
© Instagram @tattooer Intat

Getting a snake skin flap tattoo on your forearm, as shown here, illustrates your desire for change, for a new life.

Snake and skull tattoo
© Instagram @seoulinktattoo

An intriguing snake tattoo connecting a trio of skulls on her forearm, a symbol of renewal and mortality.

Cobra snake tattoo on forearm
© Instagram @tai9a

Cobra tattoo, seen from behind and in profile, for the protector in you.

A tattoo of a snake and a naked woman
© Instagram @pawelindulski

A naked woman with her legs embedded in the body of a long black snake who is in awe of her beauty. A very expressive tattoo!

Flower snake tattoo on arm
© Instagram @martinabilli Illustration

A tattoo mixing strength and tenderness in a slightly wild setting with a snake and flowers being held.

Tattoo duo of a tricolor snake
© Instagram @mirkosata

A tattoo of two intertwined snakes, one representing a woman with a white and pink pattern on her red skin, and the other illustrating a man with his black and white coloring.

Shredded snake skin tattoo
© Pinterest

The change everyone aspires to or has experienced can be demonstrated by this scrap snakeskin tattoo.

Black and white snake tattoo.
© Instagram @mirkosata

Who wouldn’t be seduced by this gorgeous snake tattoo on her forearm, featuring an amazingly eye-catching coloring.

Snake and crescent moon tattoo
© Instagram @elsetattoo

Beautiful snake tattoo with impressive detail on the skin and a crescent moon lurking behind it.

Snake and monkey tattoo
© Instagram @matthewjamestattoo

A strong and cunning man will not hesitate to get a snake and monkey tattoo on his forearm, as shown here.

Gray snake and colored roses tattoo
© Pinterest

A revealing tattoo of masculine softness and delicacy, done in the form of a gray-skinned snake with beautiful multicolored flowers inside.

Twisted snake duo tattoo
© Pinterest

A beautiful tattoo consisting of a duo of a black and white snake, with the same pacing but different skin patterns and opposite directions.

Ouroboros snake duo forearm tattoo
© Pinterest

If you believe in life after death and the principle of immortality is close to your heart, wear this red and black tattoo with a duo of snake-horns.

Arm tattoo

Tattoo with several snakes and a woman
© Pinterest

Tattoo with multiple snakes around a realistic female face with a bloody mouth and left eye on a black and fiery red background.

Floral snake and anatomical heart tattoo
© Instagram @minustattoo

This hand drawing brings together all the qualities of a man: a flowery heart full of tenderness, and a snake around it to denote his aggressive and protective side.

Black snake and gold spear tattoo
Instagram @jiro Painter

So many messages are encapsulated in this tattoo of a snake circling a golden spear under a full moon.

Snake and tiger tattoo.
© Instagram @arang Eleven

Combination of snake and tiger motifs with almost the same coloring, both are signs of strength, aggression and protection. Beautiful tattoo!

Endless snake tattoo.
© Instagram @tattoo Grain


Snake and David statue tattoo
Instagram @edit Paints

Artistic tattoo with the head of a statue of David split in two and a gold snake embedded inside.

© Instagram @ghinkos

A life lesson in pictures in this tattoo illustrating Hercules’ struggle with the serpent.

Black mamba snake tattoo
© Instagram @ghinkos

Tattoo of a black mamba with half her body as a skeleton under a radiant sun. Very impressive!

Snake and frog tattoo
© Pinterest

The frog, symbol of transformation and resurrection, and the snake, symbol of immortality, are colorful tattoos with strong undertones on the arm.

Snake and leaf tattoo on shoulder
© Instagram @mnsantanatattoo

A sublime black and gray tattoo of a snake running through the foliage in thin lines on my shoulder.

Snake tattoo on shoulder and arm
© Instagram @phillygtattoos

There’s nothing scarier than seeing an aggressive snake ready to swallow its prey. You can put this image as a tattoo on your shoulder or arm to show your spiritual and physical strength.

Multicolored snakes on a tattoo on your sleeve
© Instagram @inker land

Beautiful multicolor graphic snake print on the sleeve.

Mini long snake tattoo.
© Pinterest

A long, wiry snake in an armband tattoo, with its head spreading across the forearm and its tail extending down the arm.

© Instagram @natattoostudio

Realistic female face in profile with a graphic cheek print between two vicious snake heads.

Jellyfish Snake Portrait Tattoo
© Pinterest

Decorate this partial tattoo of Medusa with her beautiful eyes, a symbol of vigilance, in a rectangular portrait on your arm.

Snake on thigh, leg and calf

Tattoo on the body of a green python snake
© Instagram @onnieolearytattoo

A tattoo of a green python with part of its body and tail sticking out of a black diamond frame on its calf.

Medusa snake tattoo on the thigh
© Pinterest

Protect yourself from all harm by wearing this beautiful Medusa tattoo on your thigh.

Blacktattoo Abstract Snake
© Pinterest

An unusual blacktattoo with an abstract snake on the leg. Sublime!

    Snake and apple leg tattoo
© Pinterest

A person who knows the difference between good and evil would easily be seduced by this tattoo depicting a barely bitten red apple perched on the coiled body of a snake.

Blacktattoo Mamba
© Instagram @nessaurelia

Pay tribute to your favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant, and show your strength of character by getting this black mamba tattoo on your thigh. Very inspiring!

Snake with skull tattoo.
Instagram @delicz.ttt

Those who love risk will recognize themselves in this tattoo of a skull bordered by a snake on their leg, a symbol of courage.

Red cobra tattoo with snake
Instagram @fred.bertoli

Succumb to the allure of this royal cobra tattoo on your thigh and leg with bite marks.

Framed snake tattoo
© Pinterest

Impressive realistic snake tattoo with a perfectly visible top and bifurcated tongue on a shaded background.

Two-tone tattoo of a snake and a woman
© Pinterest

Duo tattoo of a snake and a woman in green on a black background with prominent tongues and a zipper eye on the calf. Awesome!

Tattoos on other body parts

Minimalist tattoo on the leg in the form of a snake and a circle
Instagram @w Inkstudio

Minimalist tattoo of a brown snake with its head sticking out of the circle of life on the foot.

Snake head tattoo on arm
© Pinterest

Snake head with open big mouth on hand and wrist. A tattoo for every taste!

Red snake tattoo on hand and wrist
© Instagram @mirkosata

Red snake tattoo on your arm and wrist for the reckless man in you.

    Jellyfish Coast Tattoo
© Pinterest

An imposing, significant and majestic coastal tattoo with Medusa and snakes on her head.

A snake tattoo on the coast
© Instagram @tinnacaballero

Still a coastal snake tattoo, but this time with its black and white coloring, impressive details of scales and stripes on its body, and a thin split tongue.

Asclepius stick snake tattoo
© Instagram @thedavidcote

Animated snake tattoo around the invisible staff of Asclepius on my back. Great tattoo!

Minimalist 3d snake tattoo on his collarbone

Mini snake tattoo on your collarbone, with a dazzling 3D effect!

Snake, cobra and woman tattoo on chest
© Instagram @matthewjamestattoo

A beautiful tattoo for breast enlargement, with a royal cobra and other snakes, characteristic of Medusa’s beauty and unstoppable power.


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