46 best pixie haircut and hairstyle ideas for 2023


Did you know that the uber trendy pixie haircut got its name after the mythical pixie? Remember Tinkerbell. Are there any other options out there? If you’re looking for a versatile haircut, the pixie cut is the most suitable option, especially for those who have short hair and are looking for something new or considering a longer cut. Check out the 47 most stylish pixie haircuts for 2023 to shine all year long!

1. Gray shaggy pixie. Black roots combined with gray highlights make the pixie haircut inimitable.

2. The disheveled pixie bob. Are you looking for a chic pixie hairstyle that you can wear to work? A pixie haircut with bangs can be transformed into a stunning temporary look.

3. Pixie with balayage. If you’re looking for trendy pixie haircuts for older women, look for haircuts with extended bangs and neatly trimmed ends for easy maintenance.

4. Volυminoυs short pixie haircut. This low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for thick and shaggy hair. Don’t forget to apply volume products like this to add volume and give your hairstyle a beautiful look. The bleached ends are the perfect option to give a lightweight look.

5. Copper pixie cut. The text pixie haircut is striking thanks to the bright copper color of the hair. Long bangs styled to the side add elegance to the whole look. Apply styling products and curl your hair to create this casual chic look.

6. Choppy Tapered Pixie Hairstyle. With the appropriate amount of layers and texturizing cream, choppy tapered hair pixies look amazing.

7. Gorgeous lightened pixie haircut. This elegant haircut features trendy bangs and cool bleached ends. The blonde with purple pigment as well as the casual hairstyle make it attractive.

8. Pixie haircut with shaved nape. The coolest of the short pixie haircuts that never goes out of style! It emphasizes the back of the head and is a great choice for the near future. You can add highlights to accentuate your eye color!

9. Platinum short pixie cut. Splash your head with gorgeous platinum colored hair! This hair color is perfect for those with cool-toned skin. Wear it with an interesting short pixie haircut and you’ll always be on the lookout.

10. Black ripped pixie. The pixie haircut goes with any style, even if it’s monochromatic! So if you like to change your hairstyle or have a lot of different clothes in your closet, this style is for you!

11. Undercυt Undercυt pixie haircut. Simple and sophisticated, the Undercυt pixie is perfect for any style you are interested in. It is perfect for adventurous people, athletes and those who are constantly on the move as it doesn’t require much styling.

12- Elegant pixie haircut for brunettes. This is one of the most attractive pixie haircuts for those who want to look natural and neat. An ideal choice for brunettes who want to show off the body of the hair and enhance its shine. Easy to style and very stylish for evening or night out.

13. Pixie haircut with long bangs. Are you not ready to try the shortest pixie haircuts yet? You can leave your hair long to keep your face balanced or to emphasize your hairstyle. You can style your hair any way you like!

14. Pixie cut to match hair color for women. Do you want to be on point and stand out? This hairstyle is rockstar and can only be done with this shade! You can trim the top part of your hair to give it extra lushness.

15. Short pixie haircuts with layered bangs. Uneven bangs can refresh and add glamor to any short pixie haircut. Blonde bangs with uneven bangs create a chic, effortless style for any age. Be sure to trim your hair to give it more volume.

16. Pixie cut paired with side-swept bangs. This haircut is a combination of a sharp bob edge and soft long strands with bangs on the side. It is the perfect combination of sophistication and grace in the most perfect look.

17. Long Shaggy Pixie. Add some sparkle to trendy, shaggy pixies like this one! Incorporate soft highlights into your hairstyle to give it an extra shine that will emphasize your personality, or add highlights.

18. elegant blonde pixie hairstyle. Pixie hairstyles worn by women and styled just right are perfect for formal events that require you to be charismatic and attractive. This hairstyle is great for relaxed days as it can be combined with any style you prefer.

19. Pixie hairstyle with highlights. A chic hairstyle that gives shine and volume, as well as a lower edge, with highlights of blonde. The hair color gives the hairstyle a soft and feminine feel.

20. Pixie with a sharp contour. Be sure to emphasize your attractive highlights by creating angles and lines in one of the most stylish short pixie haircuts. You don’t even have to worry about layers of hair, as this hairstyle smooths out the disproportion.

21. Pixie with V-shaped nails. In our gallery, you’ll find options for every style. Don’t worry about choosing the best angle. In this pixie variant, you can do both front, back and side angles.

22. Pixie bob with an undervalued waist. Pixies have remained in fashion for 2021 due to the fact that they are easy to maintain and wear. For example, combining a pixie cut with a bob haircut is great for any style of outfit you want to try.


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