30 simple but stunning DIY nail ideas for your nails


Don’t let all the pictures on the internet fool you. Mini manicures are not boring at all and just as spectacular as long acrylic nails. We love the glamorous look of long nails with all those glitter and stones. But still, smaller is better. Miniature nails are more practical, easier to paint, less likely to chip and break. They can be the best choice for a manicure, especially if you have to use your hands regularly in your daily life.

We may have less room to play with our nails, but that doesn’t mean short nails have to be boring. There are countless ways to do a mini style manicure, and here are some of the best ideas for you. These photos will prove that simple nails can look just as attractive and chic as dramatic acrylics. It’s time to embrace neat, tidy and practical ideas!

Without further ado, here are 30 nail ideas that will inspire you. You don’t have to do long or overly complicated nails to make them a true fashion manicure. Check out this list to learn how you can get a glamorous manicure in no time and without much effort. Don’t forget to pin your favorite options so you don’t miss out on anything fun!


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