26 inspiring short hair balayage ideas to make you feel like a celebrity


Balayage experiments on short hair can look much more severe than on long hair. Dimmer highlights make hair look expensive and difficult to maintain. Balayage is a technique that can be done freehand, where the stylist applies shades to the hair in an unintended way, giving it the look of natural brushed hair. It’s worth a try, and here’s the reason why! Check out these short length hair color options to look stunning, gorgeous and modern. Don’t resort to the old-fashioned foil hair highlighting technique from the salon near your home!

1. Short dark hair with light highlights

Give your skin a natural glow without the need for excessive bleaching. Beach waves flavored with honey details give your hair a modern twist.

2. Light highlights

Light highlights and a few blondes with a few highlights. A natural blonde hair shade is perfectly matched with a few highlights. You will notice that you are always the center of attention.

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Not only blondes can be the most fashionable. Here is a fantastic combination of bright colors for brunettes. With reddish balayage highlights and scrapbooking, you can get the results you want without much effort.

4. Dirty blonde hair with balayage

Dirty blonde hair with balayage. Great for people with dark hair. Get a hairstyle that will never get old and will be an eye-catcher. Get ready for lots of styling from your favorite man!

5. Cinnamon balayage for short hair

Do you have soft brown hair? It’s time to emphasize its lightness and milky feel! Add some sophistication to your style by adorning your hair with elegant braids. This is a great option to add depth to your hair and also make your eyes shine!

6. Bυrgυndy bob with balayage.

The inverted wavy hairstyle is a classic style that never gets old. How about freshening it up by adding highlights in a bυrgυndy color? This method will add a touch of mystery to your look.

7. Royal gray balayage

Royal gray balayage on the forehead. These days, celebrities and models often appear with gray hair. Gray hairstyles are now in fashion! You can look stylish if you choose shades of gray that suit you and blend them seamlessly with your natural hair shade.

8. Balayage

Balayage Highlights and Lowlights for short hair. A little lightening on brown hair can create a stunning look. To accentuate the mυlty tone of the color, do some curls and curls with randomness to create an impressive look.

9. Short blonde with balayage

It’s time to accept that you have been dreaming of a blonde hairstyle for short hair for a long time. All plans must be realized, especially when it comes to creating the perfect look.

10. Black layers and balayage

Highlighted short hair looks charming and sophisticated on women of different ages. If you want your hairstyle to be trendy and original, add some layers and curl your hair.

11. shadow shade and balayage

Balayage on short hair is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to frequent beauty salons. If you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle, opt for a combination of balayage and shadow root.

12. Hair with balayage

Balayage is one of the oldest hair color ideas for hair lacking texture. Watch your hair transform into a stunning, eye-catching hairstyle!

13. Honey Blonde Balayage

Short length hair color options are not suitable for the bright contrasting highlights of balayage. Choose honey, amber and vanilla blond with a gradient. Enjoy the result!

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14. The shortest brown-meltoned blonde with dark roots

Change your hairstyle with bent waves to maximize the volume of your natural hair. This hairstyle will give an extra chic look and make you feel relaxed enough to wear it every day.

15. Partial Blonde Balayage

Give yourself an outstanding balayage qυeen. on short hair, with partial highlights. Make the front strands of hair lighter to frame the face and visually add length.

16. Brown balayage on short hair

Bronzed hair owners don’t have to opt for radical transitions and bright shades. If you prefer to stick to a basic style, opt for understated gradients that incorporate different shades such as chestnυt, cinnamon and aυbυrn.

17. Purple balayage for short hair

Purple balayage remains relevant in today’s world. The pink shade of balayage is no longer as prominent as it was in the past, but it can still make a person look current and fashionable. Want to choose the perfect companion for yourself?

18. Blonde on ash

Ash color gives depth and natural shine. It can be combined with light blonde balayage and you will get an elegant look. This look goes well with different hairstyles!

19. Choppy Cυt and balayage.

One of the most spectacular color options for short hair is balayage with partial face framing. If you’re looking to change up your style, pair it with a layered hairstyle to complete a rebellious look.

20. Shaggy bob with balayage effect

Balayage of short dark curls is the best option for trendy fashionistas. The best part about it is that it allows you to modify it however you want. For example, you can try this champagne blonde.

21. Voluminous balayage

One of the best ways to create an easy style for fine hair wearers is to add catfish highlights of balayage to the hairstyle. This style works equally well on straight, wavy and curly hair. Give it a try!

22. Partial balayage for short hair

Another fantastic idea for owners of dark hair and brown eyes. Get the perfect natural look with a little coloring. Could it be any more beautiful?

23. Glazed caramel balayage

Short blonde hair with blonde highlights is an easy way to style your hair and still look great! To look your best, opt for military shades such as caramel or amber.

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24. Facial balayage for short dark hair

Do you want to look full and voluminous? These shaggy curls won’t ruin any look, regardless of the dress code. Add a twist to your outfit by making highlights on your face and giving your skin more radiance.

25. Short shaved hairstyles with balayage

Are you looking for an exciting, flirty and dazzling style? Make your look more appealing by shaving your sides in an asymmetrical style. This haircut and highlights will take your style to new heights!

26. Bleach blonde with balayage and side bangs

If you prefer to keep your hair short, no need to worry – you can still make an impact with asymmetrical balayage. Whether you are a blonde or not, this style will make you look healthy and radiant.


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