100+ short hairstyles for fine hair to appear thick and voluminous

With one of these trendy short haircuts, you can transform your fine and kinky hair into stunning hair! First of all, let’s talk about what you need to know to get the most out of your next haircut if you have fine or kinky hair. I reached out to hairstylist Sarah Ante to share her tips, which I have below!

Meet the Expert

Sarah AnteSara is a master stylist with nearly 20 years of experience. You can find Sarah at her hair salon in Bexar Corenty, San Antonio, Texas.

The #1 treatment for fine hair

Sarah emphasizes that the most important rule when styling fine hair into short hairstyles is. not to add too many layers around the face. She explains, “Women with thin hair have less hair on the sides near the temples and above the ear. It’s important not to cut off too much hair in this area so you still have length on the sides, which helps create volume for fine hair styles.” Sarah recommends bobs, angled bobs and pixies for best results with fine hair.

Versatility and styling options

According to Sarah, the biggest advantage of these dresses is the versatility in styling. She says, “You can wear this slouchy dress in many different ways. I love that it can be worn either towards the face or away from the face by pinning it behind the ears. This hairstyle can be styled straight, beveled, wavy or brown.”


Sarah notes that a potential drawback to these devices is the need for regular maintenance. “You’ll likely have to make an appointment every 4-6 weeks to keep it up to date. If that’s not a good fit for your lifestyle, I recommend a longer term option.” She advises clients to consult with their stylist about the care required for their chosen style.

Clearing up misconceptions about commode

Sarah points out that many people, including stylists, may not be aware that this type of haircut requires fullness at the back of the head, near the occipital bone. “For us stylists, it’s important to determine whether or not we need to create a curl,” she says. For clients with a flat nape, Sarah advises a soft graduated style at the nape of the neck without emphasizing the flat areas.

Important questions to ask your stylist

Sarah emphasizes the importance of making sure your stylist has the right experience and knowledge before embarking on this type of service. She advises asking the following questions: “Are you comfortable doing short hair cuts? Do you have experience with the particular hairstyle I have chosen?”. Knowing that your stylist can deliver the results you want will help ensure a successful haircut.

Photos of flattering short hairstyles for thin hair

Get ready to discover your next stunning look with our gallery of short hairstyles for thin hair that will inspire you and make you think twice about visiting the salon!


#1: Layered wavy hair with highlights

Create a new short wavy bob with highlights by spritzing it with sea salt spray for texture. A deep side parting helps balance an angular face that needs softening, and adds volume to hairstyles for fine hair.


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