35+ The most beautiful pixie haircut ideas for curls and how to choose the right one



The pixie cut is a short haircut for women with natural hair styled in multiple layers, creating a “saber” effect. This versatile trend, first introduced in the 60’s, is loved by all women for its volume, definition and high fashion appeal!

Pixies are great short haircuts for long hair, as they are low maintenance and allow you to enjoy your natural hair color without the heaviness of long locks. If you’re the kind of person who loves sloppy hairstyles and doesn’t spend a lot of time styling in the morning, you’re on the right track!

The Cυrly pixie is an everyday hairstyle that is suitable for evening outings and formal events as well. Celebrities like Rorth Negga, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, and Rihanna wear them confidently when stepping out on the red carpet!

To maintain the length and shape of a short pixie cut, you will have to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks. To style a short pixie cut, use gel, spray and creams to help smooth and shape your hair. If you want to know how to choose the best pixie cut to suit your style, read our guide.

Before you do your next hairstyle, take a look at these inspiring photos of the best pixie haircut ideas.


A layered pixie hairstyle is a great way to remove creases in thick hair or add volume to thin hair. This hairstyle is perfect for short women’s haircuts.


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