12 short haircuts with shaved temples for ladies over 40

Women over 40 sometimes have the desire to change their usual image. The reason lies not only in the constantly changing fashion but also in age-related changes. At this age the hair begins to grow dull, and becomes brittle and thin, which leads to a bad hair style. Stylists advise ladies over 40 to choose short haircuts and to make the image even younger and more interesting, add shaved temples to the haircut.


Features of short haircuts with shaved temples for ladies over 40 years old

Haircuts can be made for any hair length, but more elegant and stylish look short haircuts with shaved temples. Features of the haircut are the short length, voluminous crown and shaved elements, which can be present not only at the temples, but also on the back of the head. Women over 40 years old with this original hairstyle will be able to update their image and give it luxury, boldness and elegance at the same time.

The advantages of short haircuts with shaved temples:

  • The haircut will attract everyone’s attention, thus the woman will become the main queen of the evening;
  • The haircut does not require a certain style of clothing, it will harmoniously complement the image of a romantic, young or mature lady;
  • The practicability of the haircut is a definite plus;
  • Despite the short length with a haircut can perform a lot of original hairstyles.


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