15 gorgeous holiday hairstyles for short hair



The holiday season is upon us, which means your calendar is already filled with events. From a work holiday party to a festive cocktail party, you want to look dressy all December long. Since short haircuts are in vogue, we’ve picked out the most festive looks to get you through the party season. Whether you have a short pixie cut or a long bob, these hairstyles are the best of the best. Even though these hairstyles look like you stepped out of a salon, they are very easy to do on your own. In the hectic holiday season, an effortless hairstyle and an elegant look is a win. These hairstyles are perfect for after-work gatherings or for when you’re the boss of the house and you just don’t have time to style your hair. Simple curls and a few accessories will add sparkle to your holiday outfit. From fully styled to half up and loose, these hairstyles will provide inspiration for a holiday party. Your friends and family won’t believe you did these incredible hairstyles during the holiday. Now is the time to look amazing.

Check out our selection of the best holiday hairstyles for short haircuts.

01Simple text with a festive hair clip

An elegant accessory can transform the simplest hairstyle. With a shiny barrette or clip, you don’t have to style your hair to look dressy and seasonal. It’s a simple accessory with a big impact.

02Glamoroυs Cυrls.

Look like a star with old Hollywood style curls. Using a large curling iron, style your hair towards your face. Brush the curls to get soft vintage waves.

03 Mini pump meter

This style can be done just before you leave the house and still look like you spent the entire evening getting ready. Create a mini pompadour by gathering hair on each side, twisting it and securing it in a parting.

04Mυltiple Twists Up-do.

For formal events or more formal gatherings, here’s one hairstyle to do before the holidays. This hairstyle is party-ready without any pre-styling. Check out the instructions from Momtastic.

05Slicked Back Pixie

A slicked back hairstyle is on trend, but it doesn’t have to be flat. Use a texturizing curling iron to maintain volume while achieving a sleek look. The look is simple and elegant.

06 Beach waves with ombré

Winter doesn’t mean you have to give up on beach waves and highlights. This casual look will be in fashion no matter what time of year it is.

07Faυx Hairstyle for Long Hair

Your friends will think you needed extensions to create this dressy casual hairstyle. This style starts with a modest chignon. Add curls and secure them with bobby pins for a glamorous effect.

08Curled Hairstyle

With a few accessories, this twisted hairstyle transforms from casual to dressy. Add a winter clip or antique brooch to make this simple look an evening look. Check out the tutorial here: Tessa Rayanne.

09 60s Volυme

Get a lot of use out of a minimum of effort. Spruce up your holiday party with a voluminous 60s-inspired hairstyle from Cosmopolitan.

10.Perfectly sleek pixie hairstyle

You don’t need a lot of styling for a pixie. With this style, you can go bold with accessories or a bold lip color. To keep the strands in place, apply an extra layer of hairspray, hair oil or pomade.

11.Wear a breezy headband

Accessorizing is an easy way to add sparkle to your holiday style. From bright and fun to more sophisticated, a headband with sparkle works especially well for almost any event. A glitter headband looks festive and romantic, and can be worn with any length hairstyle.

12.Deep parting with curls

Lay your hair in a deeper parting than usual (or on the opposite side) to add volume without too much effort. Use curls to make this voluminous hairstyle more lush.

13.Simple styling

If your party dress has a bow or style element on the back, show it off with this simple styling. You can read the instructions here: Anne Sage.

14.Side braid

For a daytime holiday gathering, this look will be much better than the usual romper. It’s beautiful and simple, and we’re sure you’ll be using it beyond the holidays.

15.Create an elegant look with Bobby Pins hairpins

You don’t need expensive pins or combs to create a dressy and festive look. Create an extraordinary design with bobby pins. It’s so simple and chic.


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