Over 50 short hairstyle ideas to choose from


Braided bob

If you have short hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous braids for short hair. Even on short haircuts, you can braid the most beautiful braids!

You can also overcome the awkward phase between growing your hair out by braiding braids on longer locks. Don’t forget to include braids in your list of best short haircuts for creating a stylish look.

Whether it’s a sleek υpdo braid or a sloppy braid, both are suitable for different occasions.

Braided hairstyles for short hair

Braided hairstyles are very popular for formal occasions, but can often be challenging for short hair wearers. There are some hairstyles that are better suited for light or dark hair, depending on the style. There are also ideas for short hair 2024 that range from sloppy to sleek.

If you are aiming for simplicity, braided hairstyles are the way to go. Two sections of hair, a few headbands, a few hairpins and you look like you spent a lot of time braiding your hair into this stylish hairstyle.

Styling Tip – Even if you have thin hair, you can get tricky by slicking it back and twisting it to make it look longer and thicker than it really is.

Exquisite hairstyles for short hair with braids

Do you like braided hairstyles? A braid can be a beautiful decoration of any hairstyle, even if it is not very long. Do you want to braid it on the top of your head or on the side?


There are actually a huge number of ways to weave braids into short hair, creating the best styles for women. We’ve just selected a few of the most striking looks for your inspiration. Braid or plait your hair with sleek or loose curls, depending on your preference and the effect you want to achieve. Do you want your hairstyle to look more natural or more glamorous?

Braided top with short sides

Even very short hair can be decorated with braids. For this reason, many people associate braids with long, rapey-looking tresses. But in fact braids are the most flexible style that suits everyone, including short-haired girls.

To tell you the truth, we weren’t prepared for such a dramatic visual effect! The sides are shaved and the top is bright and braided. This is not a hairstyle, it’s a look that bold girls are looking for.

No matter how short your hair is, you can always create any hairstyle from a bob to a French braid.

Pixie bob with a slanted parting

Women love to adorn their pixies with long bangs that cascade down their face and give it a nice flavor. And this is another idea where you can get creative with your pixie! Separate your bangs and divide them into three strands to make a braid. Then, twist this angled section into a textured hairstyle that will look better than any accessories. Despite its simplicity, this hairstyle looks very spectacular and romantic, which will be a great addition to your evening look.

Dυtch Braids Updo

If you don’t have layers and you love miniature hairstyles, this idea will blow your mind! It’s a whole new take on dυtch braids, which we think will be a great option for short hair. It is crucial not to have layers, because they will not allow you to braid a thick, even braid. For this hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair with detergent or hair gel to make it manageable, create a middle part and then braid the side parts into a tight braid. The sleek hairstyle on the top of the head and the braids on the sides create a totally sophisticated look!

Braided Mohawk for Short Hair

Can the Mohawk be feminine? Absolutely, as women have successfully adopted it, showing the world their girly side. But can the Mohawk be unfashionable on short hair? This photo is the proof. By separating the top of your head and braiding it into a relaxed braid moving along the hairline, you will create the sexiest Mohawk braid hairstyle ever! Since the hairstyle is quite loose, we recommend applying a thick coat of hair spray.

Twisted Bob Hairstyle

When we said the bob haircut is incredibly versatile, we meant exactly that. You can style it in so many different ways. For example, when you need your hair to look elegant and neat, you can never go wrong with υpdo styling. It not only keeps your curls under control but also opens up your face, showing off its beautiful features. To give it an intricate look, twist the strands inwards and secure the ends inside the hairstyle. Twist a few strands in front of your face to give it a twist. And don’t forget to spritz your hairstyle with hairspray to keep everything in place.

Best short hairstyles with half-up hair

If you want to open up your face, opt for short half υp hairstyles. The best hairstyles you can see here will add so much carefree attitude to your look.

Half υp braided hairstyles are great for those who have a slow morning but want to look beautiful and well-groomed throughout the day.

The great thing about these hairstyles is that they are easy to style even for those who are not very good at styling. Indeed, you don’t have to spend days practicing these beautiful hairstyles and honing your skills. It will take a few times to achieve the best results.

Simple short hairstyles with hair accessories


Styling short hair is really the best thing you can think of for bobs and pixies. But what if we told you that you can style your hair even faster and look even more fashionable? Of course, this is where the right accessories come to the rescue.

Short hairstyle with a headband

If you prefer massive accessories, try complementing your everyday hairstyles with a headband. Truth be told, short hair has so much styling potential that we could get every possible accessory if it were any other way. Again, besides holding your style, this piece will allow you to perfectly match the colors of your outfit and give the look personality. Last but not least, it is a good way to add a special twist to a look.

Short hairstyle with scarf

Want your bangs to be the center of attention regardless of the weather? In this case, you can’t do without a scarf! Did you notice how different this idea is from previous pixies adorned with a scarf? This is yet another proof that there are endless ways to incorporate such a cute detail into your look. Besides, this hairstyle will help you keep your bangs neat, straight and secure when you really need them.

Wavy pixie hairstyles with a scarf

Every girl doing pixie hairstyles should have a few hair scarves to always be able to diversify the style. With this amazing item you can not only experiment with waves, straightening, styling, but also try different ways of tying the scarf! And needless to say, how much character does it add to the look? Keeping your style and matching your hair to your look at the same time is the purpose of a hairstyle, girl!

Side-swept brow

While talking about the power of hairpins, we failed to mention one important detail. Apart from holding the style in place, hairpins and straps are what can make your brow hairstyle complete. They can also add personality to your hairstyle if you opt for those beautifully patterned hairpins.

Brυsh Up Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

While trends change and styling techniques change at the speed of light, there are some things that will always be essential to your style. And good old bobby pins, which can be used for almost any style, are one of those mυsts! With just a couple of these hairpins, you can try on the popular brυshed υp hairstyle by securing it on the sides and combing it back with a small parting. By the way, there’s no need to apply pomade or styling cream to the roots: the tips and top are ideal areas for styling, as they will hold the style while keeping the top relaxed.

Chic wavy hairstyles for short hair

Waves are everywhere, and they are anything but ordinary if you know how different ways you can style them. The good news is that short hair is an endless testing ground for different wavy styles: check out the most impressive ways to style it.

Shaggy short hairstyles for thin hair

When looking for the best short hairstyles for thin hair, there are many options. We are willing to bet that it has never occurred to you to use the words “silky”, “delicate” or “feminine” to describe your fine hair.

Short hairstyles are the best way to deal with thin hair. Since short hair is easier to maintain and long hair often looks puffy and unmanageable, they are the most popular among fine hair wearers. From Mohawks to waves, short hairstyles are unrivaled.

Short Wavy Bob

If you are the owner of sleek straight hair, then you are among those who have natural short wavy hairstyles. If you have curly or wavy hair, then you take those waves as a highlight. And all women who pay a lot of money or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to get what they consider a blessing that you have from nature.

Many women with wavy or curly hair are hesitant to cut off their locks because of possible styling problems. However, once they do, they are more often than not glad they did it.

Low-waisted A-bob

If you really want to draw attention to yourself with an edgy hairstyle, add the short undercut haircut to your list of options.

Even though these hairstyles can be a bit extreme, they are still very beautiful and stylish. With the right approach, they will suit almost any occasion and setting.

The υndercυt haircut is very popular among short haircuts for women. It has adapted to a wide range of variations that vary in length.

Your hair type can also play an important role in choosing the type of short haircut you want.

Angled Short Bob

This bob hairstyle with angled strands is a vivid example of a short and spectacular haircut. The varied length gives this hairstyle volume and lushness. The raised silhouette at the nape of the neck and the elongated short curls give this hairstyle a class character and at the same time meet the expectations of modern society.

This style can also be altered in a variety of ways to add a more intense level of depth. If you choose to shorten the bob or shape the ends, it will give the hairstyle a fresh and stylish look.


Style Tip – This hairstyle can be wild and careless with a sloppy look or it can be styled and sleek. Among the short haircut trends, the bob is one of the best options to create a new hairstyle.

Long pixie for thin hair

This pixie photo mυst be one of our favorites in the cool hairstyles category. If you look closely, you’ll see that this pixie also has a 3-dimensional effect thanks to boundless, softly added layers.

The flexible length and styling freedom of this pixie makes it one of the best short hairstyles for girls. Its styling options allow you to be stylish and 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, as well as cool and comfortable. Another advantage is the color choices that will give a fresh look to your chair.

To recreate this flirty hairstyle, take care to put a diamond-shaped brash on each layer of hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it will last longer!

Blonde balayage on a shaggy bob

These short hairstyles with shaggy hair have many options to keep you interested, but the most popular option is the ease of styling. There are a huge number of easy-to-manage hairstyles for fine hair, and that’s what makes them so desirable.

So if you’re ready to change your hairstyle by an order or two, go for a short haircut with bangs. Whether you choose side bangs or micro bangs, they add a certain look that just can’t be ignored.

Wavy layered bob

As you can see, layered hairstyles are magic that women can’t give up. They add volume to your hair, making it look groomed and sophisticated. Each layer plays its own important role in your look, saving weak and thin or unmanageable and thick curls.

Short layers make the hairstyle more textured and expressive, while long layers create the very lushness you see in this photo. And when such beauty is combined with waves, there is nothing more appealing than this voluminous look.

Shaggy Short Wolf Haircut

If you prefer short haircuts and don’t want anything too complicated, why not go for a shaggy wolf style? It’s easy to maintain and even easier to style, and the effect it gives is much stronger than the effort it requires. It’s hard to imagine this hairstyle without bangs. So keep that in mind.

Bob with a deep side parting

Mash silhouettes give the hair more body and life. Many even think it’s a salvation for fine locks, because this lushness makes all the triplets of hair less noticeable.

In fact, the shorter your hair is, the more attractive it looks: the layers are more saturated in color, the waves are more bouncy, the curls are more voluminous. Just look at how amazing your hair looks if you spray it with sea salt spray. Let them air dry and style them sideways. Yes, it’s worth a try.

Side parted pixie with a low waist.

This idea is suitable for bold women who don’t shy away from being different. It shows that a pixie not only opens up the face, but can also create a very dramatic and wavy look.

How do you like the contrast in lengths? Clean, short sides are partially hidden by the careless waves of your pixie with a side parting. If you show up in public with this hairstyle, be prepared to resort to the most favorable styling products.

Layered pixie bob with pink highlights

You already know how powerful trendy silhouettes and layers look. So how do you unleash their beauty by giving yourself a seductive pixie bob?

This haircut will give you a slightly asymmetrical body, adding more volume to the top of your head. As for the color, those soft pink highlights that brightly transition into dark roots can beautify any hairstyle, and yours will be no exception.

Wavy pixie with wavy texture


We can’t help but compare waves and pixies to cheese and wine: they go so well together that they have become an enduring trend. And while today’s short-haired women prefer to always look great with waves, pixies just take the biscuit!

There is a huge variety of hairstyles for short hair. To date, there are several options that you can’t go wrong with. And here’s a recipe: style your hair in layers and then go over each layer with a styling wand. Voila!

Textured bob with babylights.


Do you know how to make short hair styling for women really enjoyable? First of all, you need to make a bob. In addition, you can do a layered style to give your hair extra manageability. Last but not least, get a sea salt spray. In fact, for women’s short haircuts, one spray is the best weapon to combat the flat and dull look once and for all!

Styling Tip: When your hair is a little discolored, coat it with a sea salt spray, combing it through to give it more texture.

Peach wavy style for short hair


Short haircuts of women look so fabulous that it seems as if they have stepped out of a painting. And it’s no wonder, because the short hairstyles that women choose are a canvas for realizing their fantasies! If you apply an artistic approach to your short hair, you will turn it into a real work of art!

For fine hair, there is nothing better than a style where the short hair at the back becomes longer as you move towards the front. Combined with a soft pink shade and slight waves, your look will be simply unparalleled.

Wavy wavy and icy blonde bob

Everyone’s favorite “messy” style has many facets. Depending on the products you use and the type of layers you use, you can create a completely unique look while following the trends. Here you can see how the latest trends come together beautifully, giving life to new classics. Ice and platinum shades will never go out of style, as will messy styles and the classic short bob. Together, these three elements form a Harmony that will definitely make heads turn.

Styling Tip: To make the waves perfectly defined, apply a wave phoam before blow drying your hair. Then blow dry them with a hair dryer while twisting your hair with the other hand. After that, take a styling wand and lightly run it through your hair.

Best Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair – Lob


If you have naturally wavy hair or prefer to curl it, you can still go for a shorter hairstyle. The waves will give your beautiful curls volume and grace.

Simply wash your curls with detergent and then treat them with conditioner as usual. Lightly dry with a towel.

Then apply a shine enhancer – choose the brand you prefer, but preferably one that also provides heat protection.

This way, you will not only shape your curls, but also keep them shiny and healthy. Dry your curls with a blow dryer, twisting them with your fingertips. Finish the style with hairspray, although this step is not necessary as hairspray does not provide any extra hold.

Styled short haircuts for long hair

The volume that brown hair can add to a short haircut has no rivals. You won’t need any styling products to boost the volume to the skies! But if you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can always add volume. Today, there are many hair volumizing products available for everyone. In addition, to achieve the most gorgeous hair will be useful thermal devices. Only use them with caution, that is, do not overheat the curls. If you want to make styling without heating, then you can always use good old curlers for hair. Perhaps, styling with them will take longer, but it is the safest option.


Bob hairstyles with waves

Waves can be different depending on whether you use tools before styling. The tools you use, as well as the styling method, determine how your waves will look. Here, the waves are not just stormy, but very voluminous. And that’s because a volumizing moυsse was used to create this style before styling. As for the wave shape, you can recreate it by making a pass with a large-toothed styling wand, waving your hair towards your face.

Wavy bob with parted bangs

While thin hair is considered a problem by everyone, thin bangs are the latest fashion trend. Now, when you want to give yourself a twist, you don’t necessarily need to do thick bangs. Making thick bangs will not only make the overall length less dense, but it will also overcompensate your face too much. Therefore, modern stylists create bangs from a soft, light layer of hair, which refreshes the silhouette, but does not hide the face. Last but not least, there’s nothing better than a wavy bob with thinned bangs!

Every woman is in a constant search for new beautiful hairstyles. Whether you choose a basic pixie cut or a bob haircut, this season you have plenty of options to find your perfect style.

The best women’s short haircuts for women range from edgy to sleek and bold and are constantly evolving. Expand your hair horizons and take a step towards a whole new look this season.


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