20 best haircuts for a short wavy bob


1: Short wavy bob

The layered short wavy bob presents a dynamic and fashionable look. Layers add texture and depth, enhancing the volume and cuteness of the bob, giving it a lively character.

2: Cυte Bob

The long bob with short wavy layers is a playful and versatile hairstyle. The slight waviness combined with the longer length creates a balanced and attractive look.

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3: Short Cυrly hairstyles

A short wavy bob haircut combined with pink hair color creates an adventurous and bright look. The pink color gives the wavy locks a vimsey hue, resulting in an eye-catching and vibrant hairstyle.

4: Thick wavy hair

A short bob cut for thick wavy hair, complemented with a dark brown color, is the perfect combination of elegance and manageability. The haircut helps to emphasize volume, while the rich color gives a sense of depth.

5: Short layered bob.

A short layered bob for wavy hair provides a 𝓈ℯ𝓍ic, sophisticated look. Layers add love and ease to the hairstyle, enhancing the natural wave and creating a style with slight waviness.

6. Short wavy bob haircut

This hairstyle is made of two separate layers. The bottom layer can be easily styled and trimmed to the desired length with a finishing bob. Either way, the top layer has wavy waves neatly styled over a contrasting smooth base. With a very light ombré on the red tips this hairstyle chic wavy bob hairstyle υndertakings relaxed elegance!

7. Cυt a thick, wavy bob.

The bob hairstyles for thin/medium jaw line length hair is definitely one of the most popular hairstyles this year! This option is slightly longer, which makes it even more appealing for fit/heart/oval faces. It’s a chic and simple short haircut option with sharp tips and chunky “split layers” under the jaw! Suitable for all ages.

8. Short and medium bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyle in “mash” style for hair. Inspired by basket weave, this unusual wavy bob haircut with overlapping layers of flat, twisted waves is styled in neat strands all over the head.

9. Short wavy bob hairstyle

Fine hair need that extra wavy volume and texture to counteract their tendency to go flat! Long, straight, fine hair benefits from body-perming on large perm crowns for a voluminous, wavy bob-type hairstyle. The reflective waves make hair look much thicker in this inside parting hairstyle bob haircuts‘ Idea for oval faces.

10. Blonde short bob

Short haircuts are very versatile, and shaggy bob haircuts with smooth waves and sharp tips can be bouncy and spectacular within minutes of styling with hot tongs. Wavy bob hairstyles with bangs, such as this delightful, glossy one bob haircut are the perfect short haircuts for yellow angular, square/long faces or massive jaw line.

11. Thick hair

12. Long inverted bob

13. Military blonde

14. Simpler Style

15. Asymmetrical inverted bob







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