22 bob haircut very short styles to try now

bob haircut very short If you’re looking to style your hair in a way that’s both on-trend and easy to style, opt for the bob haircut very short

This modern take on the classic hairstyle brings an interesting mix of boldness and elegance to any look, making it a striking choice for anyone looking to change their image.

Rather than using ordinary scissors, the razor technique involves using a straight blade to cut hair, giving a choppier look that can add volume or bounce to strands.

It’s suitable for many hair types as well as different face shapes, allowing you to personalize it, whether it’s a chic, elegant version or a messy, shaggy one.

What’s more, if you want low-maintenance hair that still looks neat and put-together, this is for you. Whether you have straight, fine hair or thick, curly locks, there’s a razor cut that’s just right for you.

In this guide, we’ll look at 22 different styles of razor-cut bobs that are on trend and worth trying today. There’s something unique about each one. Whether it’s an asymmetrical cut with a dramatic angle, a layered cut that’s soft, or even just a blunt cut with boldness in mind.

The great thing about these hairstyles is that they’re fashionable yet easy to maintain, since they require less time to style.

For anyone who’s busy but likes to maintain their style, or for those who fall somewhere in between, these razor-cut bobs bring an up-to-date twist to timeless hairstyles.

For each one, we’ll analyze what sets it apart from other styles, how to achieve the look, and tips on how best to meet its requirements.

Whether you want a whole new identity through your hair or just a few slight changes, here’s where to start. Are you ready for a few avant-garde bob hairstyles? Let’s get started!

1. Charming and sweet jaw-length bob

bob haircut very short

This haircut has a charming jaw length that nicely frames the face. Hair is cut evenly around the head with a slight gradient incorporated to add volume and movement.

This cut is perfect for someone who wants a minimalist, fashionable look that accentuates the jawline and cheekbones.

2. Pixie Mullet with soft bangs

bob haircut very short

This hairstyle combines the intelligence of a mullet with the delicacy of a pixie cut, with short feathered locks on top that taper to a slightly longer, textured back.

The soft fringe falls gracefully over the forehead, blending perfectly into the gradations on the sides.

3. Short, wavy hair with jagged ends

bob haircut very short

These bouncy hairstyles feature short, wavy strands that spread naturally in waves.

The ends are cut in a sawtooth pattern to give them a bold, modern look that’s both effortlessly youthful and elegant.

4. Bob centered orange-blonde

bob haircut very short

Extremely bold, this bob sports a vibrant orange-blonde dye job. It’s notably glossy, stopping just short of the jawline. It’s also symmetrically parted in the center, allowing facial features to be highlighted evenly.

5. Brown bob with textured tips

bob haircut very short

This bob incorporates rich brown color with textured ends for an airy feel. This hairstyle is versatile, easy to maintain and allows you to add whimsy without overpowering the hair’s natural beauty.

6. Short, voluminous, layered cut

Suitable for fine hair that wants to take on body, this cut is made up of many small layers that give plenty of volume and depth.

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All these layers flip or fan out from the roots when styled, making them look voluminous and full of body.

7. Bixie Mullet with bangs in the middle of her hair

A fusion of a bixie (a pixie combo) and a mullet cut, this is a playful, sophisticated silhouette with its half-moon fringe that gives the face a frame that modernizes traditional styles.

8. Subtle gradations and framing fringe

It’s composed of a soft, delicate overlay that accentuates the natural texture of the hair and a soft fringe that frames the face to give an impression of gentility.

This type of hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer subtle changes that stay current.

9. Tousled wavy bob with side parting

A bob cut to a versatile length, styled with a side parting to give the waves an easygoing tousled look that depicts informal elegance.

Front-facing waves on one side cascade down to frame the face.

10. Thick bob with razor-cut locks

This is the ideal cut for thick hair, with razor-cut layers that remove weight and add movement. Clean, precise lines enhance its natural texture, making it easier to handle and style.

11. Two-tone lob with chopped tips

This lob (long bob) combines two complementary tones that add depth and dimension.

On the other hand, the tips appear tousled, which adds a modern touch and works well with the smooth upper parts.

12. Layered, textured short hair

Using short layers to give volume and interest, this cut enhances the texture of fine hair, mainly thanks to the thinning techniques employed by the stylist during the cut.

The emphasis is on creating layers, resulting in dynamic looks that are both fashionable and highly practical.

13. Short shaved cut with curtain fringe

The razor technique cuts the edges of the hair cleanly, giving it a contemporary, avant-garde look. The addition of a curtain fringe gives a softer effect, lowering the frame over the eyes with grace.

14. Bob cut with short bangs

The layered bob goes from shortest at the back to longest at the front effortlessly. A short fringe works well with this type of hairstyle, enhancing its geometric appeal while adding a touch of modernity.

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15. Microstrip and long hair

This is a micro-fringe that barely touches the forehead and a smooth cut on the nape of the neck, giving you a bold, fashionable look that emphasizes the eyes and upper face.

16. Shaved fringe with a short, choppy cut

For a playful style, use razor-cut fringe to give the impression of texture and layering. In addition, thinning scissors are applied to give the impression of a floating featherweight that’s both modern and elegant.

17. Angular bob with long fringe

This type of hairstyle is known as an angled bob where it starts at the back near the nape of the neck and gradually increases towards the front.

The long fringe is swept to the side, modifying this clean cut and giving it an asymmetrical, elegant look, softening its lines.

18. Smooth hair with razor cut and barrette

This hairstyle features sharp razor lines that outline this style with precision. There’s also another element called “silver coins” that lighten certain parts of your face, helping to draw attention to facial features.

19. Bob Dimensional Bronde with soft waves

It’s a beautiful mix of blondes and brunettes in this bronde cut that falls gently around the face when lightly waved, giving you an attractive natural blonde look.

Dimensional coloring adds depth by enhancing movement and creating rich waves enhanced by a vibrant multicolor effect.

20. Feathered French bob with asymmetrical fringe

These delicate feathers give these French bobs extra unique texture when layered, and offer movement when worn as shown here.

There are also one-sided bangs that fall from one cheekbone instead of being equal on both sides of the face, giving them a distinct contemporary touch, while they are less prominent on the other side of the face, indicating individualism and therefore artistic inclination.

21. Shorter locks on messy hair

This is a bob styled to look unkempt with shorter highlights to give it volume and a messy, playful look.

It’s designed for people who want effortlessly understated, trendy and youthful hairstyles.

22. Short mini-bob with short, blunt fringe

A short bob extends only to the point just below the ears and features thick, short-cut bangs that make for an unusual avant-garde design.

The simplicity of a clean line is underlined by its precision. So it’s a perfect choice for those who want to become fashion pioneers.


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