How to choose your melon?

Vegetable or delicious fruit with juicy and sweet flesh, the melon does not tolerate the half-measure. You deceive in the choice of your melon could spoil your pleasure: not sweet enough, taste bland … Fortunately, to find the pearl rare that will delight your palate and that of your guests, there are some tricks of grandmothers.


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Trust your senses!
The view first. If the melon is well ripe, its peduncle (called “precious”), cracks, cracks, and the base comes off slightly. Then look at his slices (or stripes). The more these are colored and marked, the better the melon is. Then count them. The ideal melon has about ten slices.

Good to know: the presence of a small spot on the melon is not necessarily a bad sign. It just marks the face that touched the ground when the product has grown: it does not alter its taste!

The sense of smell, then. Take your melon in your hand and smell it. A melon ready to be tasted will release an appetizing sweet smell. However, be careful: a too strong smell often indicates an already too mature melon.

Touch finally. Thicken your melon: its density and weight increase throughout its maturation. The more mature a melon is, the heavier it will be! Also, take the time to feel the bark. That of a good melon will be flexible, without being soft.

Take care of your melon!
That’s it, after following the previous steps you have found a delicious melon. Your new mission: that it remains it until the tasting.

Your melon is delicate: avoid any type of shock. Do not tap, do not drop it, and handle it as gently as possible.

To enjoy all its flavors during the tasting, the ideal is not to postpone this delicious moment: eat it as soon as possible. If you have to keep it: wrap it in cling film and leave it in the refrigerator in the crisper. You can keep it that way for up to six days, not one more!

Finally, when the time comes to savor your melon, remember to take it out of the refrigerator one hour before the meal. This will allow him to reveal all his taste potential.


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