+20 bob haircut very short for women

A bob haircut very short with bangs is styled all over the head, giving it expression and volume. With this hairstyle, you can emphasize your facial features and it suits women of any age.

Independent stylist Alaina Walker of Denton, Texas, shares her golden advice on the subject. “Take your natural hair color into consideration,” she says.

Everyone’s curls are non-identical. What looks perfect on others may not be to your liking. Therefore, when cutting long locks, you should take into account their texture, type and density.

Remember that the collaboration between you and your stylist is very important. A proper consultation will determine whether a bob haircut suits your facial features and hair type.

Walker notes: “This short layered haircut can suit any woman. However, you need to have realistic expectations about how your hair will look with this style.”

If you are the owner of thick and wavy hair, this style is not the best choice. “If the layers are too short, the styling will not be right. The hair may look more voluminous rather than emphasizing the right elements,” she warns.

Styling a short bob haircut is a challenge. Ask yourself how much effort you’re willing to put in to recreate the style you want to achieve. Let your stylist know your desired look, and then it will be easier to find the best styling option for you.

Tim for a stunning hair transformation. Check out these images of short layered haircuts with bangs for inspiration!

#1:Platinum Layers

Try using platinum layers to create a soft blended look. It’s important to ask your stylist for extra texturizing to make your hair look even more fuzzy. The advantage of styling with translucent layers is that they help reduce styling time.

bob haircut very short

#2:Smooth bob with layers and a lush fringe

Give yourself a chic look with a bob hairstyle with layers and blonde bangs. It is perfect for older ladies with short hair. This way, you can give your face an expressive look and give your beautiful curls volume and texture. To make this hairstyle low-maintenance, use a blow-dryer brush when styling. This will add depth to each layer. To finish, lightly distribute styling wax throughout the strands for extra hold. If possible, find a wax that smells good too! For all-day hold, try KMS Hair Stay Hard Wax. It will lock in your style without leaving any residue or weighing it down.

bob haircut very short

#3: Short bob with side-swept bangs

Short bobs with side bangs are suitable for all face shapes. Side bangs emphasize the eyes and cheekbones, hiding all signs of sharp lines and angles. If you want to make your hairstyle more colorful and extreme, pay attention to a short layered haircut.

bob haircut very short

#4:Princess Diana-inspired bob-carette

The bixie cut is a popular bob haircut inspired by Princess Diana. It is important to note that the hairstyle has a perimeter and layers are styled from it. It’s better to leave more weight than too much. The hair can be texturized to give it an attractive look while keeping it thick.

bob and pixie haircut#5:Layered styled bob with bangs

A layered styled bob with bangs is versatile for most hair types and thicknesses – from thick to thin, straight to stiff. Short stacked bobs with bangs can be styled in a variety of styles such as a bob, loose hair or styled, while long stacked bobs create a classic and chic style. Save this image to show your stylist the front and back view of this haircut.

bob and pixie haircut

#6:Elegant styled bob haircut for women over 60 years old

For women over 60 years old, a bob haircut with layers is relevant. Short layered bobs with a fringe will breathe life into aging hair, giving it volume and lifting the face. This hairstyle can be done on hair of different lengths, so consult with your stylist about which hairstyle is right for you. Style the hairstyle with a native hairbrush and a volumizing spray or cleanser, and finish with a medium hold hair spray.

#7:Upside-down short bob with fringe

To give the classic bob shape a more modern look, try doing an inverted short bob with fringe. Short layered haircuts are low-maintenance, but you should visit your stylist more often to maintain their shape. Style this hairstyle with a flat iron or styling iron.

bob and pixie haircut

#8: Bob with fringe

Look like you are on the streets of Paris when you wear a bob haircut with fringe. This cheek-length hairstyle with fringe and layers is perfect for different hair types and face shapes. If you have thick hair, ask your stylist to do a razor fleece to give your new hairstyle a light and sleek look. Air dry your hair or treat it with a texturizing cream and you’re all set!

#9:Layered long bob with bangs for women over 40 years old

Try a layered long bob with bangs for women over 40. This layered short haircut can be slightly longer than the classic bob, giving you more styling options. Standing out on the cheekbones, the bangs emphasize the eyes and make the look light and casual. Style your hair with a blow dryer or create texture with a curling iron or flat iron.

#10:blonde bob cut with bangs blonde bangs and styling

If you’re thinking of something new, try a blonde bob with bangs and layers. This short layered haircut works well for different face shapes and hair textures. Fringe and short length haircuts require more salon maintenance. Trimming is required every 6 to 8 weeks.

bob and pixie haircut

#11:Layered ear-length bob with an undersized waistline

For a bolder look, try doing an ear-length bob with an underwire. It is suitable for owners of thick hair. It is perfect for those who want to wear a shorter hairstyle, but are looking for some relief. The style can be as extreme as you are willing to go for it. A one-sided hairstyle with a deep side part can be done in combination with 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, asymmetrical styles.

bob and pixie haircut

#12:Bob with bangs for older women

A jaw bob with bangs for older women is a chic choice. Layered short haircuts add volume and emphasize facial features. They are perfect for maestros whose gray hair is already starting to turn gray. Style your hair with a blow dryer and a root-lifting spray, and use hot curlers to add extra volume.

#13: Hairstyle “Bob with bangs

A short bob haircut with bangs is the perfect easy and casual style. A short layered bob haircut with bangs is perfect for girls who are on the go. Air dry your hair, and then style the top layer with a large-diameter flat iron or flat iron. Add a little texturizing spray and you’re all set!

#14:Angled short bob with fringe

Have you considered an angled short bob with fringe? Short layered bobs with fringe are always on trend and can be tailored to match your hair color type and facial features. The angle can be straight or straight, the gradation can be significant or minimal, and the wavy bangs can be any length. Consult with your stylist on which combination will work best for you.

#15:Classic Graduated Bob

The classic graduated bob goes for everyone. This haircut has no shades and is versatile. Short layered haircuts are ideal for those with thick hair, but can also be worn by those with thin hair. Consult your stylist to find the right cut for you. Use a texturizing cream to finish the hairstyle.

#16:Textured forehead with bangs

A textured red forehead with bangs is a fresh twist to the classic short bob. If you lengthen the hairstyle and add layering, it becomes more modern and versatile. Ask your stylist to give your hairstyle an A-line angle to give it a twist.

#17:Short layered bob with bangs

To create a French girl look, try a shorter mυlti-layer bob with bangs. The cheekbone length combined with bangs brushed over the eyebrows emphasizes the face and accentuates the eyes. This hairstyle will require more salon visits to maintain the optimal look, so take this into consideration when deciding if it’s right for you.

#18:Very short bob with layers

A very short bob with layers is perfect for thick hair. A short layered bob haircut with bangs is the perfect way for owners of thick hair to make sure that the hairstyle is not too bulky. The gradation at the back and layering throughout create a smooth, soft shape that feels retro and chic. Ask your stylist to match the fringe to your face shape to get the most attractive hairstyle.

#19:Short cut bob with layers

Try a short bob haircut with layers to instantly transform your look! Ask your stylist to dry style your hair to make sure your hair doesn’t shrink too much after the length change. Dry styling for long hair provides a customized look for each girl’s face shape and texture.

#20:Blonde bob with layers and bangs

A bob haircut with layers and bangs will suit platinum colored hair. Short layered haircuts are perfect for heavily bleached hair. Bleaching can be traumatic, so short lengths help keep your hair healthy. Visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks to keep both your hair and haircut looking their best.


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