Four Virtues Baobab Health

Originally from Africa, the baobab is known for its original form and amazing longevity. But it is also a tree that has many medicinal virtues.

Zoom on the virtues of baobab! The pulp of baobab, a natural fortifier
One of the peculiarities of the baobab is that everything that constitutes it represents an interest, in one way or another.

Thus, its wood, leaves, roots, seeds, and pulp have been used by humans for centuries. And it is with its pulp that we can strengthen ourselves.

Indeed, it contains a large number of organic acids, calcium and vitamin C. A composition that makes baobab pulp a very good fortifier that helps fight against fatigue.


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1-Protect cells in the body
Due to its high vitamin C content, baobab helps protect cells against oxidative damage. Namely that oxidative stress causes chemical oxidation of our cells, which can lead to various pathologies and accelerates aging. The baobab thus helps us to fight against these misdeeds.

2-Helps the immune system

The baobab fruit is very rich in fiber, making it a great ally for our immune system. Indeed, the high fiber content of the pulp represents prebiotic and probiotic benefits. It helps stimulate the activity of bacterial flora and improve our health.

3-Helps absorb iron

Baobab is very rich in vitamin C, it participates in better absorption of iron by the body. Iron is a very important mineral. It is thanks to him that the oxygen is fixed and circulates in the cells. In addition, iron contributes to the smooth running of the respiratory cycle of muscle cells. Let us add that iron plays a primordial role in the process of healing.


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