23 Best fringe hairstyles right now


The glamorous ’70s style of feathered fringe is back in vogue, confirming that what once was can never really go away, only change.

This dynamic haircut features soft, light layers that beautifully frame the face, making it both versatile and fun for the wearer. Whether it’s a slight change or a radical transformation, it’ll be easy to look fresh simply by having feathered bangs.

In today’s fashion world, this fringe has been adapted to modern trends, making it suitable for all hair types, whether long or short, straight or curly.

They can soften facial features, highlight your natural bone structure and add volume to finer hair types. What’s more, this hairstyle adapts well to different environments, from the office to casual outings, giving a look that’s both elegant and relaxed.

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the 23 most popular hairstyles with feathers falling on the forehead that are currently popular with fashion designers.

Each of these styles offers a unique way to make this timeless look your own, without being too showy or too understated.

Long, flowing locks on one side, sleek locks on the other and pixie cuts on the third – these are just a few of the many ways you can enjoy feathered bangs according to your own tastes and wishes.

Wait and see how the different interpretations of this classic trend will change your overall look and turn heads wherever you go.

1. Charming short feathered fringe


This fringe is perfect for those who like a fun yet sophisticated look, and can be used with any hair texture or style.

This hairstyle adds softness to the front by layering it slightly, making it light and airy and can be used for both casual and special events. For small faces, this hairstyle brings out the eyes in a balanced way.

2. Pixie cut with feather fringe

The shaggy pixie cut is best suited to those seeking a bold, unkempt look. The combination of a shaggy pixie cut and feathered fringe creates more texture and volume in your hair.

This modernized version of the normative pixie cut is elegant while retaining its originality and freedom of action, making it low-maintenance and therefore perfect for active lifestyles.

3. Retro 90s headband

Inspired by the voluminous styles of the 1990s, this feathered fringe adds a nostalgic touch to modernity.

It’s designed for people with medium-to-long hair, as the layers are made above their face, but the crown is very voluminous due to the layered hairstyle. It goes equally well with both elegant and casual dress codes, perfect for a variety of social events.

4. Fine-haired textured bob with bangs

This particular style is ideal if you have fine or thinning hair, as there are textured cuts whose feathery bangs make the hair look fuller than it actually is.

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A precise gradient around the fringe accentuates your face and gives the illusion of fullness, accentuating facial features.

5. Graduated cut with feathered fringe

Those who want their long, flowing hairstyles to look romantic and whimsical can combine layers of feathers with a fringe.

Layers will give the impression that the hair has depth, while the fringe will soften the whole look. In terms of styling, this hairstyle offers versatility for those who need a touch of elegance in their everyday look.

6. Unique asymmetrical feathered bangs

This is an eccentric fringe style that gives a modern look. It’s best suited to people with oval or long faces, as it adds dimension to the facial structure by creating angles.

For the fashion-conscious, this asymmetry can be customized to suit their preferences, making it one of the most sought-after styles.

7. Side-swept bob with feather fringe

A timeless combination of elegance and simplicity is the use of a side-swept fringed bob with feathers. They use similar techniques to form the feathers and bob, making them even more beautiful together and perfectly contouring your face.

This hairstyle lets you switch between daytime and nighttime events, making it a good choice for a manageable hairstyle in between.

8. Elegant feathered fringe for mature blonde hair

Older women prefer this style to look softer and younger. Feathered bangs are perfect for blonde hair because they highlight the hair’s natural hue and texture, which is ideal when you want to look sophisticated without a lot of styling.

9. Delicate bangs for fine hair

For fine hair, the delicate frame around the face is created by this fine, feather-like fringe.

With light feathering, hair becomes more textured and voluminous, appearing thicker and more alive. It’s perfect for highlighting eyes and can also balance proportions.

10. Full bob with feather fringe

A touch of modernity has been added to this cut with a voluminous feathered fringe. The side fringe draws attention to the face, while the overall volume of the bob gives an elegant, symmetrical appearance.

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It’s perfect for those who want a chic, easy-to-achieve hairstyle that’s equally at home in the office or at a social gathering.

11. Long, flowing hair with feathered bangs

Long, layered hairstyles are easily softened by long feathers starting at eyebrow height, creating a huge flow in long locks.

This style is best suited to people who like long, loose locks, as it allows them to surround their face with an elegant yet discreet border.

12. Feathered fringe on medium-length hair

Fringe on mid-length hair helps to make it feel lighter rather than having too much impact on the look of the face. This style adds character to simple cuts and brings out the natural texture and shape of your mane.

13. Classic ’70s feathered fringe

Bold, feathery fringe creates fullness, best defining the style of the ’70s, reminiscent of that era.

It’s all about making a statement with thick, lush layers that frame the face and add a bit of drama to any haircut. It’s perfect for those seeking retro inspiration.

14. Bold 80s-inspired feathered fringe

Have all the excesses of the 80s with this feathery fringe that’s dramatic. They have plenty of volume and different layers that make them bold and very attractive.

Therefore, those who want a touch of nostalgia in their look should use this style.

15. Short cut with feathered fringe

This is a bold, modern look that combines a full fringe with feathering techniques. It’s particularly suited to drawing attention to the eyes and creating dimension in short haircuts.

16. Chic feathered side bangs

This means that side bangs can be styled differently depending on the occasion. They also give the person a versatile and flattering look when styled in feathers.

This fringe can be worn casually or elegantly, depending on individual preference, and will never fail to make you look out of place.

17. Easy-to-style long hair with feathered bangs

For those who want elegant hair without too much fuss, here’s a great fringe choice. This fringe blends naturally into long hair thanks to the feather technique, making it beautiful and easy to handle.

18. Modern feather curtain fringe

They offer a fresh, on-trend update to classic styles as they gently frame the face and can suit many different hairstyles and face shapes.

19. Soft bangs on a short pixie for older women

That’s because it’s practical like the first one, but it also includes a slight feathering on the front. So it’s an ideal choice for older women who want easy-to-style but fashionable hairstyles.

20. The most beautiful side-swept feathery fringe

These elegant side-swept bangs are delicately feathered and add sophistication and versatility to the look of those who wear them along with other things such as special occasions.

They define the face in a natural way and are very easy to maintain on a daily basis.

21. Textured chopped hair with feathered bangs

If you like your hair more textured, chopped hair and feathered bangs are just the thing for you. This hairstyle is ideal for creating a bold contemporary look that lets you stand out from the crowd.

22. Medium cut with soft fringe

A soft feathered fringe on medium-length hair is very balanced and attractive. The fringe adds a delicate, fragile touch to the overall hairstyle, making it suitable for both formal and informal occasions.

23. Bohemian fringe on wavy hair

The natural texture of wavy hair can be enhanced by a cascading fringe, while a feathered fringe will achieve a windy or bohemian look.

It enhances the volume and shape of naturally curly or wavy hair, and is therefore highly complementary.


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