10 beautiful pixie hairstyles and haircuts

This new collection of pixie haircuts for blondes and brunettes showcases cutting-edge techniques and eye-catching hairstyles. You can also see the latest colors of the season – gorgeous and bohemian!

1- Transforming the bob into pixie hairstyles and haircuts


First of all, I would like to point out that in my opinion, both options look amazing. However, the model was looking for a shorter haircut and got an elegant pixie. The asymmetry of the hairstyle makes it more fashionable, and the false hair with a neat long layer creates a chic look! The model’s hairstyle looks amazing with a pixie curl, beige-blonde and with the addition of golden blonde balayage on the parting.

2. Glamorous platinum blonde pixie hairstyles and haircuts

This is a stunning short haircut that looks very beautiful and elegant. The height below the top of the head transitions at the nape of the neck into a forward curve. This is emphasized by a bright tattoo in the form of a black rose, which is visible on the model’s neck. The waves on the sides give the hairstyle an amazing volume and appeal, and the pointed side points emphasize the gorgeous cheekbones. Military gold and cool white balayage give an amazing three-dimensional depth of color!

3. Stylish pixie hairstyles in female style

This basic hairstyle is filled with new and interesting elements that give it a fashionable twist for spring and summer. The straight line going from ear to ear and going down to a neat neckline looks stylish and precise. Stacked sideways on the top of the head as well as the nape of the neck is one of the best options for short length hair. Notice the shadowy haircut in the first picture, which resembles the shape of the hair in the second picture. The deeper side part creates a trendy asymmetrical look.

4. Black and white fairies with trendy hairstyles and haircuts

This pixie hairstyle is artistic and creates a bohemian style look to attract υniqυe client. It focuses on different textures and patterns to give a new expressive look. The back is an angled black letter V pointing downward to a gorgeous black flower tattoo on the back of the head. On the sides is a contrasting shaved cut followed by layered sections of hair. The ash blonde top has great height and bouncy volume thanks to the high straight waves.

5. Modern silver blonde hairstyle, trendy and stylish with shaved hairs

Haircuts for women were first introduced in the 1970s in connection with the UK Pυnk Movement. The idea was to break away from conventional notions of beauty and create a fresh trend towards severe shapes and eye-catching “natural” shades. However, just as the ocean smooths out the rocks, fashion tends to smooth out the most extreme trends to create a third style that is something in between the extremes. This lavender and silver shell is simply adorable!

6. Cool layered hairstyle with long bangs and a shaved nape of the neck

The colorist did a great job of highlighting the beautiful light eyes of this beauty. The white-blonde with light tones is perfect for skin with neutral or cool tones. This shade works well for thin and fine hair, as its thickness creates a dramatic effect without requiring “big hair”. I love how this hairstyle combines tattoos in the hair. The long frontal bangs have an elegant curve and are sometimes separated to make the line softer!

7. Straight haircut in a coffee-dark style with straight lines

Straight haircuts are great for showing off great bone structure. It’s also one of the easiest ways to maintain and emphasize an elegant style! The lines are geometric, but there are many softening characteristics within the shape. For example, the blurred parts give the side part a softer finish. In addition, strands separated by bangs that diverge to the sides break up the fringe, making the hair look lighter without being too heavy.

8. Short hair with a semi-brown hue is revitalized by blonde balayage with a golden hue

Vertical highlights perfectly complement the natural tone of a light to medium blonde base color. They also add depth to the color, creating a more pronounced look. Plus, lots of interesting text as well as reflected light. Hair styled behind the ear creates a casual, skirted style suitable for ladies of all ages. Asymmetrically styled hair balances different face shapes so well that it is one of the most sought-after short haircuts!

9. Natural black hair and a beautiful tapered side profile

Black curly or coarse hair requires steady hands and stylists who understand how to make the most of this type. Layers of vertically arranged strands are folded into a long V-shaped hairstyle. This completely gets rid of brittle and split ends. Thus, this charming side parted pixie has a delicate finish and the hairline prevents it from covering the already low forehead.

10. Strongly tapered side-swept blonde asymmetrical short haircut, with a brunette back of the head

This short haircut with wavy, thinned sides looks cool and reminiscent of trendy “street” hairstyles for blondes. The shade is a soft, light blonde compared to the stiff platinum blonde of the early season However, thinned sides are not the most attractive style, according to the maestros. A thin strip of brown along the back of the head also seems a bit outdated to the makers. However, the slicked back top is high and voluminous, which can’t help but make you feel good!


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